The Core Desire

What is the desire
the desire
for your clients?

For my women, it is
the significance, 
the impact, 
the bliss,
the freedom,
the unconditional benevolent love.

This is ACTUALLY what is behind the the desire to succeed in business, the desire to be make serious money, the desire to live really well & have a ton of time & energy.

When your clients come to you... 
what is it that they are 'really' looking for?

What is the desire BEHIND the desire they lead with?

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Urban pulse


"No man steps into the same river twice" - Heraclitus

What a city, San Francisco! The mecca of progress.

Or some would argue 'regress', as the young Incubator techies zoom their focus on screens and plug out of the world of the flesh & blood on the street.

Ah, I believe it's only a stage. I have seen the world of online to be highly connective.  

'connection' is everything

being raw, vulnerable, open wide
yet tasteful & relevant

is possible, everywhere, even online.







Heading to San Francisco today. A4M Functional Cardiology Conference & Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Fellowship Exam.

Good Quality Lucid Medicine. 

I like lucidity. Very much. 

We are multi-dimensional beings and medicine must reflect that.

Treat yourself to quality functional medicine, only. Do not settle for the 'standard of care', the general standard is not utilizing the laws of true metabolic physiology. 

I will be offering a series of courses in the years to come, that will help you navigate your physiology effortlessly, as you design your lives for significance. We are NOT interested in making our health a part-time job, nope, not here. In fact, we are designing for radical life extension here, beyond 150.

BIO-DESIGN is the name of the game, my more sophisticated version of bio-hacking. We are refined women here, we do not hack, we DESIGN.

'Wherever the Art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity' - Hippocrates


blissDesigned Programs

blissDesigned™ was created our of a die-hard NECESSITY.

I was looking to design a holding space for
support for women, so they can live their HIGHEST life, on all levels.

I have worked with thousands of corporate & entrepreneurial women over the years, as a high-level executive coach
and as an anti-aging & regenerative medicine doctor.

What I have found is that A WOMAN is powerfully multidimensional
and always lives HEALTHIEST when she is ALIGNED
to her most AUTHENTIC self
In ALL areas:
in her business
in her life
and in her physical & metaphysical wellness

I designed the blissDesigned mentorship programs so I can be of HIGHEST service as well, to women globally.

My high-level EXPERTISE & my DEEP DEEP CARE are the gems.
These are non-negotiable when a woman is designing for the REAL DEAL
for what TRULY MATTERS. 

I have 3 powerful programs active at this time: 

1-MONTH One-One mentorship via e-mail, $1250

1-DAY One-One INTENSIVES, $3500 Hawaii, cities in USA/Canada and Europe

4 MONTH One-One High-Level Mentorship Signature Program, $5500

TOGETHER, we DIVE DEEP into YOUR LIFE, in terms of: 


We work together to...
• Deepen your confidence & trust that you've got what it takes, NOW
• Get your subconscious mind ONBOARD with your conscious desires & vision
• Stop the spinning & overwhelm and build an indestructible trust in yourself
• Help you Go Pro, to be a leader that fuels inspiration in others, to lead yourself first
• Deepen your trust in abundance  (lack mentality is highly inefficient & unhelpful)


We work together to...
• Create services and offerings that harness the power of your genius and give you financial freedom
• Polish your vision, your mission & your values so that they are perfectly aligned & your offerings astonish your clients
• Get real clarity on your brand design, your business design & their impeccable alignment to your purposeful "WHY"
• Identify who you serve best, how to organically attract more of your ideal clients so that making impact is a real joySimplify the systems, refine the process. 
• We slice open all areas of your business to DESIGN for flow & ease


We work together to...
• Clarify your ideal life & health, to a precision
• Identify your pain points, what keeps you up at night, what worries you between your thoughts, what renders you physically & emotionally drained, overwhelmed, labile, foggy & stuck at times
• Re-pair & Re-set physiology, so that the body and mind work FOR you, FOR your soul
• Learn how to bio-design (feminine bio-hacking) & learn where to find the high quality answers swiftly


We work together to...
• Create a community of women and visionary leaders that have your back, that support you
• Locate the key online platforms where your clients & the key influencers are
• Harness the power of connection to fuel your clarity, your confidence & your online and offline visibility
• Define in detail the impact you want to have in your own life and on the communities around you and in the world
• Create a strategy that gets you visible & in organic relationship with key influencers, we get you known & seen!

THIS is true mentorship.
THIS is true medicine.

I would LOVE to know what you think!

Have a close look at the powerful testimonials:

Schedule in a call with me you would like to talk about any of it. I am here to support you & ALWAYS up for a good deep convo.

MUAH. Bisous. Denisa



Life loves MOMENTUM

Get out of your OWN way.
The only thing in the way is YOU.

I hear that a LOT
A LOT in the executive & entrepreneurial circles.

But what does it actually mean?

I am ME
Living me as most genuinely & powerfully as I can
How the hell do I get out of my OWN WAY?

You mean the 'resistance'?
the ego
the excuses
the unworthiness
the fear
the inadequacy
the doubt
the sarcasm
the reality
the servitude

You mean the SMALL me?

You are asking the naive ME to step aside
& allow the HIGHER VERSION to take the reigns.

You are asking me to put my big girl pants on and grow up?

Anything else?

Most of us here ARE ALREADY successful on some level or another, we are seasoned. 
We know intimately the financial & investment resilience life takes. 
We are already making an impact on so many levels, already running businesses & supporting families. 
We know what is meaningful & significant. We are intelligent, resilient, resourceful & bold already. We listen with our hearts.

But what we must remember is that at anytime we are faced with
a NEW shift
a challenge
a NEW design
an uplevel
a call to INNOVATION!
a call to go higher, bigger, deeper

All those MEDIOCRITIES rise up, the excuses, the fears, they ALL flood back in, no matter HOW genuinely & powerfully we are already living.

For some of us, they rise up & go within minutes, the seasoned women.

For some of us, they linger for a while, and you have to ‘work through’ them, ‘sit’ with them, ‘process’. The transforming women.

For some, they freeze us into an ice age, until we heat up again. The women of the Thaw.

The key to know is that the blocks will ALWAYS be coming up.
Non stop.
Never ending story.

They are your safety valve.

You just have to have your hand on it, resist the pressure to close. 
Resist the resistance.
OPEN that valve & let the conviction flood you fast.

A good coach activates this dormant strength in you swiftly. 
THAT is high up in the job description of a mentor, in fact:
to help you turn that 'valve to innovation' wide open
& move with you, propel you forward.

Life loves MOMENTUM. 

'Getting out of your OWN way', what does that actually mean to you?

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Design for Amplitude

The key to ACCELERATION is to
KNOW what is already working for you
WHY it is working
and HOW to amplify it.

Like this set of HAIR. 
I just turned 43 and this is the mane on my head. It’s definitely working fine.

Two years ago, my hair was NOT ON. It was greying fast & falling out & simply not growing or re-growing. The hair was bad. It was the least of my worries, to be honest.

But let me tell you, as I began designing for the ALIGNED path, creating blissDesigned & setting my OWN standards, within 4 months my 20’s MANE came back in FULL FORCE.

Makes sense. In chinese medicine, the hair is a direct reflection of the condition of our Blood, Liver and Kidneys. In integrative medicine, the adrenals, thyroid & your hormones design this gorgeous appendage. 
If you live a life of
on call to life 24/7
all those organs & glands starve & you age fast. 
That hair goes first.

This is serious business, yeah?
I do not care how emancipated you are
but you do LOVE a good head of hair.

A TIME always comes to ALIGN RIGHT. 
For women, it seems to arrive STRONG in the late 30s & early 40s most frequently. 
This is the time we finally begin to KNOW ourselves.
We become CLEAR on what really what is really SIGNIFICANT to us.
We see where our greatest IMPACT lies. 
We enter our zone of GENIUS, as they say.

Now careful, if you do not step into this calling, this phoenix rising, your hair does not stand a chance and neither do the mitochondria, the batteries of life. Rust & degeneration are always lurking on the horizon. 
Stalling? Not doing your thing? NEXT!
Biology is like that.

SO what is the point here?

get BOLD

and GO IN
in full FAITH

DESIGN for the LIFE that you MUST LIVE.

Your business, your life, your body (& your hair) depend on this alignment
on this laser focused
clarity of ACTION.

This is WHY I do what I do.
Nothing brings me more satisfaction that helping incredible women design for THE REAL.

A woman lives HEALTHIEST when she is aligned with her GENIUS in ALL areas: 
in her soul-sourced business
in her life
& in her overall physical & metaphysical wellness.

I am here to support you, IGNITE YOU if needed!

I wanna see those headshots shine a good MANE within 6 months.

It’s Monday! What are you doing to design for THIS?

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PS: Oooh, I have gotten a lot of questions about the hair... so let me dive in deeper: 
- the hair is NOT necessary for survival, so it will be last to receive adequate nutrient load. 
- Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Low Progesterone & other hormone deficiencies, damaged mitochondrial function & detox mechanisms, heavy metal load in the body, immune dysregulation... basically anything that stresses your body will damage hair quality.
- STRESS of ALL KIND, physiological & metaphysical. 
- Identify your deep pain, what wakes you up at night, what sits just NOT RIGHT with you... with each painful thought, you lose a hair or grey a hair, we could say. Unless you have SUPER ROBUST KIDNEY QI, which is inherited
- I go into this in detail with women I work with. We do some lab tests to get to the bottom of WHAT is exactly off physiologically. 
- In addition, we design a Killer MINDSET, Quality TIME & ENERGY design, life you get LIT UP about, brilliant SOUL-sourced work that serves up robust financial freedom, powerful community & connective daily life... some of the key factors loves!!! 
Cheers to Great Hair... btw nails are up the same metabolic alley.

Radical Life

Alright high achieving soul-powered women leaders!

It's HIGH time for the REAL good FUN to begin.

It's REGENERATIVE SATURDAYS, where we talk about rebooting, rejuvenating, regenerating.

is everything. 
The research is clear: the high performance athlete that regenerates well is the one that wins the game, the high-achieving CEO that has a powerful self-care routine is the one that shows up VIBRANT & makes SOUND decisions.
We ALL know where burnout leads. 

So as you know, I am MAD about women succeeding, women leading powerful soul-sourced lives, creating HIGHLY refined lives for themselves.

I am also an anti-aging & regenerative medicine doctor, 
so the physical vessel is pivotal.
The business, the life, the health are ALL a part of the SIGNIFICANCE equation.

Without YOU, there is no business, no life.
Without being lit up, aligned, living your authentic masterpiece, 
there is no health.
It's all a beautiful feedback loop.

SO, this week I will be diving DEEP into the difference between


The difference between living long and very long.

Feel into this: 
150 years ago, the average lifespan was 49. 
How old are you now?

We have come a LONG way, clearly due to medical enhancement: vaccines, surgical hygiene and sterilization. Due to industrial innovation, sanitization.

Now we are at the brink of a new innovative era in longevity. Living to 150
and beyond is not so unreal anymore. This is FOR REAL medicine ahead.

SO I want to leave you with this question: 

If you knew you were going to live to 150 or beyond, how would you begin changing up 

your life
your soul-powered business
your body 

Tell me the first thing you are thinking.

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Design a Name

TODAY I turn 43 and I am launching my newly designed LAST NAME.

I have been writing prose & poetry for years now. All along, I have been feeling a need for a lighter name, something that aligns to that creative flow that is so so blissful, something really soul-sourced.

I have been re-designing my last name for about 6 months now. Have gone through A LOT of versions. I finally arrived at one that aligns so right, that is numerologically and Japanese Kanji powerful. And one I will NEVER want to change again, no matter what comes at me.


Ren is the root of my daughter's name, SUIREN, and means LOTUS.
Sen is the root of my son's name, SENMARU, and means SAGE - the wisdom meaning of sage, the sage old wise sensei living in the mountains.
The name connects me to my greatest loves forever.

Rensen also has a danish-design feel to it, and you KNOW how I LOVE good design.

Phew! There! Done, it's official.



When we get BOLD
we dive in
and the GEMS present themselves
on a platter


is a state of trust
backed by worthiness, masterful skill, by benevolence

BOLD to me is an indestructible trust in ourselves, a state of self-efficacy, backed by evidence (from self or mentors) 
an unwavering trust in mastery (your capability to rise to face courage) 
& in the universe (that design that is set in motion before time)

In the schema of parallel universes: that you can quantum leap to the vibration you actually need, the precise design that is aligned, the one that the universe wanted for you ALL ALONG. 


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photography: Kristin Kuba


Powerful Voices

'My voice gives voice to others'

This is the throat chakra affirmation my kids utter before bed,
We go through all the chakras, put a touch of aroma oil on each,
and ground them in their power. 
They love this one, the voice one, in particular. 
They always smile sweetly here. 
They know.

SPEAKING of giving a VOICE to others. 

Conscious Magazine Issue #4 is OUT today. 

I read this magazine to get centered, to get connected. 
I live in the midst of the Pacific, there can be times
I can just forget that the rest of the world exists.
I read this and I am back in, amongst colleagues.  
Real Quality content. 

Give it a go: http://consciousmagazine.coConscious Magazine

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Design for THAT love

Meet me
at the bridge
straight spine
rugged chin
in your custom shoes


Could this be considered a poem?
lol, it is poetry Sundays today... but I am feeling this vision of the DESIGNED man, and it is so simple, straight up: 

my pillar
my wild
my soul-powered genius

To match this man, I must also be

my pillar
my wild
my soul-powered genius

We DESIGN for the LIFE & the LOVE we 'must' live. 
It's that diehard necessity that makes this ALL happen in reality. 

Tell us, WHO is the man that is your MAD CRAZY perfect design?
Is he by your side today?

If you LOVE a woman, what is this powerful beauty like?

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I LOVE intensives.
Those LONG full-on days where you dive-in

I am just setting dates for my intensives for this year:

San Francisco
San Diego

I look at this list and I am blown away... wow, how have I pulled THIS together? I know it is a lot, but it feels so light.
What else would I be doing. 

2 years ago, ALL I wanted is to do is get out of the office setting. 
I LOVED my patients, LOVED my profession. But I had to get real, I was just not designed for the cave. 

Now I am down to 1.5 days a week in the clinical setting with 'patients' - who are in fact high-achieving powerful women, loving the boutique regenerative medicine. We meet in a room with an open window, sound of birds. 
That is ALL, 1.5 days.

The rest of my time, I DESIGN in open air.

And the best is: I meet with women all over the world, incredible women. 
MAD about these women! 

Together, we DESIGN:
that true message, for that true meaning that is your legacy
the true service that lights you up, that feels so right, so eternal
that completion, that sign of relief that you have arrived, that dissolution


I am so inspired by this work I am doing with blissDesigned. 
Regenerative medicine is strong, 
but Mentorship like this is the TRUE service, the true impact. 

This is where the genius is given FEET.
This is where the woman really begins to LIVE.

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When life LIFES you

We ALL have stages in life
during which we FREEZE our passions

The necessities, the duties, the musts
devotion, life, reality

So many sound reasons for this normal
autonomic benevolence

Then one fine day
life just LIFES YOU so hard
spins you at the speed of a Mimic
so fast
that the accommodating ice finally cracks
wide open

Yes, only several years ago
the blows were real, the knees buckled, face down

It was not the HEAT of the Hawaiian sunshine that melted the ice
it was a broken heart and a closed business

None of it made any logical sense
I am a tremendous woman
a highly intelligent & caring doctor
I was told 

The universe would just not have any of what I was doing
She would not have me in a dark cave
She would not have me at a desk, from room to room to room
The muse was starving

ALL the servitude
ALL the lamentations

She heard me loud and clear
I did not KNOW that I wanted OUT
but YOU all did
the collective heart

LIFE just
LIFED me hard!

I was on the street
intelligent, loving, powerful
on the street

The Ice Age was OVER
It was time for the REAL HOT blood to flood in

So, years later, I am here... 
SO SO SO honored to begin unwrapping the layers
here with you
are WE not just the firkin' crazy REAL DEAL here?
survivors fragrant raw




NO ONE around here is walking around being FAKE or HIDING anything.

We are all living GOOD SOLID lives.
Creating MEANINGFUL safety for our families.
DEVOTED, helping as much as we can, as best as we can.

I believe we are ALL genuinely doing our the BEST with what we've got.

So one day, a rather intriguing friend told me out of the blue:

"Denisa, you are much more AUTHENTIC now..."

Say what? More "authentic"? 
I was taken aback.
I had no response for her. I stood there in shock.

What did she MEAN? Was I being fabricated or fraudulent before?

I could not make sense of it.
I have always considered myself OPEN, SINCERE, TRUE, FOR REAL, DEDICATED.
Her comment did not sit right.
She had definitely planted a very uncomfortable SEED in me.

It all gradually got clearer when I began to see that I have been
letting LIFE
That I had become Chief Everything Officer, on call to life 24/7.

The NEEDS of the life around me had become priority.
I was quietly suffering, forgot my freedom, a martyr in the making. 
I was certainly OFF CENTER by the time I opened my eyes.

The "authenticity" she was referring to was
the DEVOTION & CLARITY to the woman I TRULY needed to live, to show up as in the world.

When we start living from our core
and we DROP the grotesque & depleting servitude
sensitive folks pick up on it swiftly

Anyone been to see the Kung Fu Panda 3? 
It's ALL about this yo!
You cannot do TRUE KUNG FU, you cannot COMMAND Qi unless you are TUNED INTO the truly YOU.

ALIGNMENT is everything. 
For every creature, it appears.

Authenticity, how do YOU define it? I had a clearly messed up understanding of it for a moment back then.
Alignment, so KEY yeah?


Your Resilience

February is my MOST favorite month.
It's about LOVE & the birthday.
I LOVE THE WINTER, snowy winter, hard COLD winter!!!

Yup I said it. I love the fresh, the crisp air. That nipping pain. 

I grew up the the Tatra mountains as a kiddo and even lived years in the rugged -20C 10 months of the year down-to-earth freezing Newfoundland.
I KNOW the COLD real intimately. 

I now live in Hawaii, yes, it is 25C all year round.
I am certainly NOT complaining, 
but the mindset & metabolically ACTIVATING EDGE is missing. 
The COLD literally encodes your DNA for resilience. 
I take cold adaptation seriously.

I get my cold fix here & there, where I can
in the morning shower (in-house attempt) 
freediving in the cold depths (our life on earth began in the cold oceans, ancestral attempt) 
I get up to Mauna Kea Volcano at 4,205 m (13,796 ft) above sea level once a month or so (low temp plus low O2 stimulates brain regeneration, so metabolic attempt you could say, and SUPER SUPER spiritually nourishing place) 

There are three PROS I recommend highly for you to follow, if you are interested in powering up that COLD chemistry for your BOLD life.

1. Jack Kruse, CA neurosurgeon and huge proponent of cold thermogenesis, his work is highly complicated, so listen to Ben interview him herehere:…/cold-thermogenesis-h…/

2. Ben Greenfield, a good buddy of mine & US's TOP cutting-edge fitness colleague of ours here…/burning-more-fat-wit…/

3. Wim Hof, Amsterdam's ICEMAN
here is his free mini-course... this is a guy I am planning to study with soon, yup, that intensive is on the bucket list

Well, what can I say, Camus said something of this sort already

Life is to be LIVED at the point of TEARS.

We are HERE to live FULL FORCE, on all fronts.

To the Hawaiians, living in the DEAD COLD winter is considered INSANITY!

You may already be living on the edge, not even realizing it. 
OWN it!
Straight up RESILIENCE. 

What do you think of the COLD?