blissDesigned Programs

blissDesigned™ was created our of a die-hard NECESSITY.

I was looking to design a holding space for
support for women, so they can live their HIGHEST life, on all levels.

I have worked with thousands of corporate & entrepreneurial women over the years, as a high-level executive coach
and as an anti-aging & regenerative medicine doctor.

What I have found is that A WOMAN is powerfully multidimensional
and always lives HEALTHIEST when she is ALIGNED
to her most AUTHENTIC self
In ALL areas:
in her business
in her life
and in her physical & metaphysical wellness

I designed the blissDesigned mentorship programs so I can be of HIGHEST service as well, to women globally.

My high-level EXPERTISE & my DEEP DEEP CARE are the gems.
These are non-negotiable when a woman is designing for the REAL DEAL
for what TRULY MATTERS. 

I have 3 powerful programs active at this time: 

1-MONTH One-One mentorship via e-mail, $1250

1-DAY One-One INTENSIVES, $3500 Hawaii, cities in USA/Canada and Europe

4 MONTH One-One High-Level Mentorship Signature Program, $5500

TOGETHER, we DIVE DEEP into YOUR LIFE, in terms of: 


We work together to...
• Deepen your confidence & trust that you've got what it takes, NOW
• Get your subconscious mind ONBOARD with your conscious desires & vision
• Stop the spinning & overwhelm and build an indestructible trust in yourself
• Help you Go Pro, to be a leader that fuels inspiration in others, to lead yourself first
• Deepen your trust in abundance  (lack mentality is highly inefficient & unhelpful)


We work together to...
• Create services and offerings that harness the power of your genius and give you financial freedom
• Polish your vision, your mission & your values so that they are perfectly aligned & your offerings astonish your clients
• Get real clarity on your brand design, your business design & their impeccable alignment to your purposeful "WHY"
• Identify who you serve best, how to organically attract more of your ideal clients so that making impact is a real joySimplify the systems, refine the process. 
• We slice open all areas of your business to DESIGN for flow & ease


We work together to...
• Clarify your ideal life & health, to a precision
• Identify your pain points, what keeps you up at night, what worries you between your thoughts, what renders you physically & emotionally drained, overwhelmed, labile, foggy & stuck at times
• Re-pair & Re-set physiology, so that the body and mind work FOR you, FOR your soul
• Learn how to bio-design (feminine bio-hacking) & learn where to find the high quality answers swiftly


We work together to...
• Create a community of women and visionary leaders that have your back, that support you
• Locate the key online platforms where your clients & the key influencers are
• Harness the power of connection to fuel your clarity, your confidence & your online and offline visibility
• Define in detail the impact you want to have in your own life and on the communities around you and in the world
• Create a strategy that gets you visible & in organic relationship with key influencers, we get you known & seen!

THIS is true mentorship.
THIS is true medicine.

I would LOVE to know what you think!

Have a close look at the powerful testimonials:

Schedule in a call with me you would like to talk about any of it. I am here to support you & ALWAYS up for a good deep convo.

MUAH. Bisous. Denisa



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