Life loves MOMENTUM

Get out of your OWN way.
The only thing in the way is YOU.

I hear that a LOT
A LOT in the executive & entrepreneurial circles.

But what does it actually mean?

I am ME
Living me as most genuinely & powerfully as I can
How the hell do I get out of my OWN WAY?

You mean the 'resistance'?
the ego
the excuses
the unworthiness
the fear
the inadequacy
the doubt
the sarcasm
the reality
the servitude

You mean the SMALL me?

You are asking the naive ME to step aside
& allow the HIGHER VERSION to take the reigns.

You are asking me to put my big girl pants on and grow up?

Anything else?

Most of us here ARE ALREADY successful on some level or another, we are seasoned. 
We know intimately the financial & investment resilience life takes. 
We are already making an impact on so many levels, already running businesses & supporting families. 
We know what is meaningful & significant. We are intelligent, resilient, resourceful & bold already. We listen with our hearts.

But what we must remember is that at anytime we are faced with
a NEW shift
a challenge
a NEW design
an uplevel
a call to INNOVATION!
a call to go higher, bigger, deeper

All those MEDIOCRITIES rise up, the excuses, the fears, they ALL flood back in, no matter HOW genuinely & powerfully we are already living.

For some of us, they rise up & go within minutes, the seasoned women.

For some of us, they linger for a while, and you have to ‘work through’ them, ‘sit’ with them, ‘process’. The transforming women.

For some, they freeze us into an ice age, until we heat up again. The women of the Thaw.

The key to know is that the blocks will ALWAYS be coming up.
Non stop.
Never ending story.

They are your safety valve.

You just have to have your hand on it, resist the pressure to close. 
Resist the resistance.
OPEN that valve & let the conviction flood you fast.

A good coach activates this dormant strength in you swiftly. 
THAT is high up in the job description of a mentor, in fact:
to help you turn that 'valve to innovation' wide open
& move with you, propel you forward.

Life loves MOMENTUM. 

'Getting out of your OWN way', what does that actually mean to you?

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