Heading to San Francisco today. A4M Functional Cardiology Conference & Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Fellowship Exam.

Good Quality Lucid Medicine. 

I like lucidity. Very much. 

We are multi-dimensional beings and medicine must reflect that.

Treat yourself to quality functional medicine, only. Do not settle for the 'standard of care', the general standard is not utilizing the laws of true metabolic physiology. 

I will be offering a series of courses in the years to come, that will help you navigate your physiology effortlessly, as you design your lives for significance. We are NOT interested in making our health a part-time job, nope, not here. In fact, we are designing for radical life extension here, beyond 150.

BIO-DESIGN is the name of the game, my more sophisticated version of bio-hacking. We are refined women here, we do not hack, we DESIGN.

'Wherever the Art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity' - Hippocrates

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