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Alright high achieving soul-powered women leaders!

It's HIGH time for the REAL good FUN to begin.

It's REGENERATIVE SATURDAYS, where we talk about rebooting, rejuvenating, regenerating.

is everything. 
The research is clear: the high performance athlete that regenerates well is the one that wins the game, the high-achieving CEO that has a powerful self-care routine is the one that shows up VIBRANT & makes SOUND decisions.
We ALL know where burnout leads. 

So as you know, I am MAD about women succeeding, women leading powerful soul-sourced lives, creating HIGHLY refined lives for themselves.

I am also an anti-aging & regenerative medicine doctor, 
so the physical vessel is pivotal.
The business, the life, the health are ALL a part of the SIGNIFICANCE equation.

Without YOU, there is no business, no life.
Without being lit up, aligned, living your authentic masterpiece, 
there is no health.
It's all a beautiful feedback loop.

SO, this week I will be diving DEEP into the difference between


The difference between living long and very long.

Feel into this: 
150 years ago, the average lifespan was 49. 
How old are you now?

We have come a LONG way, clearly due to medical enhancement: vaccines, surgical hygiene and sterilization. Due to industrial innovation, sanitization.

Now we are at the brink of a new innovative era in longevity. Living to 150
and beyond is not so unreal anymore. This is FOR REAL medicine ahead.

SO I want to leave you with this question: 

If you knew you were going to live to 150 or beyond, how would you begin changing up 

your life
your soul-powered business
your body 

Tell me the first thing you are thinking.

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