Design a Name

TODAY I turn 43 and I am launching my newly designed LAST NAME.

I have been writing prose & poetry for years now. All along, I have been feeling a need for a lighter name, something that aligns to that creative flow that is so so blissful, something really soul-sourced.

I have been re-designing my last name for about 6 months now. Have gone through A LOT of versions. I finally arrived at one that aligns so right, that is numerologically and Japanese Kanji powerful. And one I will NEVER want to change again, no matter what comes at me.


Ren is the root of my daughter's name, SUIREN, and means LOTUS.
Sen is the root of my son's name, SENMARU, and means SAGE - the wisdom meaning of sage, the sage old wise sensei living in the mountains.
The name connects me to my greatest loves forever.

Rensen also has a danish-design feel to it, and you KNOW how I LOVE good design.

Phew! There! Done, it's official.


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