NO ONE around here is walking around being FAKE or HIDING anything.

We are all living GOOD SOLID lives.
Creating MEANINGFUL safety for our families.
DEVOTED, helping as much as we can, as best as we can.

I believe we are ALL genuinely doing our the BEST with what we've got.

So one day, a rather intriguing friend told me out of the blue:

"Denisa, you are much more AUTHENTIC now..."

Say what? More "authentic"? 
I was taken aback.
I had no response for her. I stood there in shock.

What did she MEAN? Was I being fabricated or fraudulent before?

I could not make sense of it.
I have always considered myself OPEN, SINCERE, TRUE, FOR REAL, DEDICATED.
Her comment did not sit right.
She had definitely planted a very uncomfortable SEED in me.

It all gradually got clearer when I began to see that I have been
letting LIFE
That I had become Chief Everything Officer, on call to life 24/7.

The NEEDS of the life around me had become priority.
I was quietly suffering, forgot my freedom, a martyr in the making. 
I was certainly OFF CENTER by the time I opened my eyes.

The "authenticity" she was referring to was
the DEVOTION & CLARITY to the woman I TRULY needed to live, to show up as in the world.

When we start living from our core
and we DROP the grotesque & depleting servitude
sensitive folks pick up on it swiftly

Anyone been to see the Kung Fu Panda 3? 
It's ALL about this yo!
You cannot do TRUE KUNG FU, you cannot COMMAND Qi unless you are TUNED INTO the truly YOU.

ALIGNMENT is everything. 
For every creature, it appears.

Authenticity, how do YOU define it? I had a clearly messed up understanding of it for a moment back then.
Alignment, so KEY yeah?


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