When life LIFES you

We ALL have stages in life
during which we FREEZE our passions

The necessities, the duties, the musts
devotion, life, reality

So many sound reasons for this normal
autonomic benevolence

Then one fine day
life just LIFES YOU so hard
spins you at the speed of a Mimic
so fast
that the accommodating ice finally cracks
wide open

Yes, only several years ago
the blows were real, the knees buckled, face down

It was not the HEAT of the Hawaiian sunshine that melted the ice
it was a broken heart and a closed business

None of it made any logical sense
I am a tremendous woman
a highly intelligent & caring doctor
I was told 

The universe would just not have any of what I was doing
She would not have me in a dark cave
She would not have me at a desk, from room to room to room
The muse was starving

ALL the servitude
ALL the lamentations

She heard me loud and clear
I did not KNOW that I wanted OUT
but YOU all did
the collective heart

LIFE just
LIFED me hard!

I was on the street
intelligent, loving, powerful
on the street

The Ice Age was OVER
It was time for the REAL HOT blood to flood in

So, years later, I am here... 
SO SO SO honored to begin unwrapping the layers
here with you
are WE not just the firkin' crazy REAL DEAL here?
survivors fragrant raw


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