Your Resilience

February is my MOST favorite month.
It's about LOVE & the birthday.
I LOVE THE WINTER, snowy winter, hard COLD winter!!!

Yup I said it. I love the fresh, the crisp air. That nipping pain. 

I grew up the the Tatra mountains as a kiddo and even lived years in the rugged -20C 10 months of the year down-to-earth freezing Newfoundland.
I KNOW the COLD real intimately. 

I now live in Hawaii, yes, it is 25C all year round.
I am certainly NOT complaining, 
but the mindset & metabolically ACTIVATING EDGE is missing. 
The COLD literally encodes your DNA for resilience. 
I take cold adaptation seriously.

I get my cold fix here & there, where I can
in the morning shower (in-house attempt) 
freediving in the cold depths (our life on earth began in the cold oceans, ancestral attempt) 
I get up to Mauna Kea Volcano at 4,205 m (13,796 ft) above sea level once a month or so (low temp plus low O2 stimulates brain regeneration, so metabolic attempt you could say, and SUPER SUPER spiritually nourishing place) 

There are three PROS I recommend highly for you to follow, if you are interested in powering up that COLD chemistry for your BOLD life.

1. Jack Kruse, CA neurosurgeon and huge proponent of cold thermogenesis, his work is highly complicated, so listen to Ben interview him herehere:…/cold-thermogenesis-h…/

2. Ben Greenfield, a good buddy of mine & US's TOP cutting-edge fitness colleague of ours here…/burning-more-fat-wit…/

3. Wim Hof, Amsterdam's ICEMAN
here is his free mini-course... this is a guy I am planning to study with soon, yup, that intensive is on the bucket list

Well, what can I say, Camus said something of this sort already

Life is to be LIVED at the point of TEARS.

We are HERE to live FULL FORCE, on all fronts.

To the Hawaiians, living in the DEAD COLD winter is considered INSANITY!

You may already be living on the edge, not even realizing it. 
OWN it!
Straight up RESILIENCE. 

What do you think of the COLD?



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