Design for Amplitude

The key to ACCELERATION is to
KNOW what is already working for you
WHY it is working
and HOW to amplify it.

Like this set of HAIR. 
I just turned 43 and this is the mane on my head. It’s definitely working fine.

Two years ago, my hair was NOT ON. It was greying fast & falling out & simply not growing or re-growing. The hair was bad. It was the least of my worries, to be honest.

But let me tell you, as I began designing for the ALIGNED path, creating blissDesigned & setting my OWN standards, within 4 months my 20’s MANE came back in FULL FORCE.

Makes sense. In chinese medicine, the hair is a direct reflection of the condition of our Blood, Liver and Kidneys. In integrative medicine, the adrenals, thyroid & your hormones design this gorgeous appendage. 
If you live a life of
on call to life 24/7
all those organs & glands starve & you age fast. 
That hair goes first.

This is serious business, yeah?
I do not care how emancipated you are
but you do LOVE a good head of hair.

A TIME always comes to ALIGN RIGHT. 
For women, it seems to arrive STRONG in the late 30s & early 40s most frequently. 
This is the time we finally begin to KNOW ourselves.
We become CLEAR on what really what is really SIGNIFICANT to us.
We see where our greatest IMPACT lies. 
We enter our zone of GENIUS, as they say.

Now careful, if you do not step into this calling, this phoenix rising, your hair does not stand a chance and neither do the mitochondria, the batteries of life. Rust & degeneration are always lurking on the horizon. 
Stalling? Not doing your thing? NEXT!
Biology is like that.

SO what is the point here?

get BOLD

and GO IN
in full FAITH

DESIGN for the LIFE that you MUST LIVE.

Your business, your life, your body (& your hair) depend on this alignment
on this laser focused
clarity of ACTION.

This is WHY I do what I do.
Nothing brings me more satisfaction that helping incredible women design for THE REAL.

A woman lives HEALTHIEST when she is aligned with her GENIUS in ALL areas: 
in her soul-sourced business
in her life
& in her overall physical & metaphysical wellness.

I am here to support you, IGNITE YOU if needed!

I wanna see those headshots shine a good MANE within 6 months.

It’s Monday! What are you doing to design for THIS?

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PS: Oooh, I have gotten a lot of questions about the hair... so let me dive in deeper: 
- the hair is NOT necessary for survival, so it will be last to receive adequate nutrient load. 
- Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Low Progesterone & other hormone deficiencies, damaged mitochondrial function & detox mechanisms, heavy metal load in the body, immune dysregulation... basically anything that stresses your body will damage hair quality.
- STRESS of ALL KIND, physiological & metaphysical. 
- Identify your deep pain, what wakes you up at night, what sits just NOT RIGHT with you... with each painful thought, you lose a hair or grey a hair, we could say. Unless you have SUPER ROBUST KIDNEY QI, which is inherited
- I go into this in detail with women I work with. We do some lab tests to get to the bottom of WHAT is exactly off physiologically. 
- In addition, we design a Killer MINDSET, Quality TIME & ENERGY design, life you get LIT UP about, brilliant SOUL-sourced work that serves up robust financial freedom, powerful community & connective daily life... some of the key factors loves!!! 
Cheers to Great Hair... btw nails are up the same metabolic alley.

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