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0 – 250
• Highly dominated by 3rd Dimension (3D) / 3rd Density thinking, acting and being
• Lower mind / personality / ego is fully in control
• Greed, victim mentality, fight, struggle, domination, control, fear and blame energy is prevalent
• Primary focus is money, power, personal success, fame, sex, safety on all levels
• Only service-to-self oriented, all motivated for self and ego-based reality
• Physical, emotional and mental disease is common
• Low to no awareness or belief in Spirituality and Spirit; displayed knowledge is a mask
• Many energy vampires reside in this bandwidth

250 – 450
• Still dominated by 3rd Dimension / 3rd Density thinking, acting and being, but less intensely so
• The lower mind is still fully in control, but there is an awareness of the higher mind
• A knowledge, an interest and a gentle awareness of Spirituality and Spirit start emerging
• A general understanding of the connection between thoughts, emotions and health is present
• The service-to-self and ego-based reality still dominates, yet service-to-others shows up
• Energy vampires start becoming aware of their behavior and emotional entanglements
• A drive for self-healing emerges and creates growth in consciousness

450 – 550
• 5th Dimension (5D) / 4th Density awareness through thinking, acting, being is ignited
• More awareness around creating freedom in life and options for this open up
• Deeper self-love and love of life are experienced, increasing one’s already high Love Quotient
• Love & Knowledge based Spirituality more so than embodied wisdom
• The drive for self-healing is intensified and creates a growth in consciousness
• Spirituality in life and connection with the Spirit Realms and Mother Gaia grows
• A level of Mastery or status in areas of life is attained, leading to identity attachment &
• spiritual ego
• Divine Union, Masculine (Doing) & Feminine (Being) Energy balance, becomes of interest

550 – 600
• The 550 threshold is a strong barrier to break through called ‘The Guru Complex’
• To break through from 550 to 600, it takes a deep willingness & commitment to your Spirit,
• while letting go of 3D attachments: money, reputation, success, identity to an extent
• Many or most spiritual teachers & even very humble people dedicated to spiritual practice get
stuck at 550, as a very deep level of trust and surrender is necessary for a true “breaking”
through to the 600 level
• A deeper interest in freedom in all areas of life becomes apparent, coming to a place in the
heart where the need for freedom from expectations of the external world is the only option
moving forward
• Physical, mental and emotional healing is a primary focus and becomes a must
• Spirituality in life and a connection with the Spirit Realms, Mother Gaia and nature grows
• A deeper level of Divine Union, Masculine & Feminine Energy Balance, becomes a focus
• Energetic Management (holding, managing and claiming their energetic space), including
clearing & protection, becomes a focus
• Higher Communication abilities open up more strongly, even if already present
• Death of certain attachments in 3D; new beginnings, a whole new world opens up at the 600 level
• If the Soul does not listen to the messages from their Presence there may be many challenges
to assist them to “break” free of the ego’s fears, including disease, financial struggle, upheaval in relationships
Many leaps of faith are necessary to trust the journey of letting go

600 – 700
• Freedom in all areas of life is a primary objective, including stepping away from 9-to-5 jobs
• Detachment from the money, success, sex and slavery of the 3D matrix is sought
• A more permanent split between 3rd Density (3D) and 4th Density (5D) is created through
 clear choices, a deeper unplugging from 3D
• Choices to detach from certain family members and friends are made based on frequency
• Awareness of Pranic Nourishment and stronger interest in a vegetarian-vegan-raw food
• Holistic Natural Living, including living in nature, homeschooling children, eco-living
• A drive for simplification creates waves of decluttering and detachment in many areas of life,
including a clarification of true wants and needs for genuine fulfillment & joy
• A high level of Divine Union, Masculine & Feminine Energy balance, becomes a focus
• Higher level Energetic Management, including clearing & protection, becomes a focus
• Very high willingness to change and to learn new ways of being are necessary and vital to shift
through this consciousness bandwidth
• Higher Communication abilities open up more powerfully than already present
• The need to serve Humanity & the Earth deepens
• More Light Quotient (Universal Truth) grounds to balance with an already compassionate
heart, lessening martyrdom/self-sacrifice for others and maintaining clean energetic boundaries

700 – 900
• Reaching the 700 level is a gateway threshold for Ascension to 4th Density**
• A strongly 5th Dimension / 4th Density oriented life is created and lived everyday
• Pranic Nourishment becomes an option and a vegetarian-vegan lifestyle is the norm
• Choices to detach from family and friends based on frequency resonance to focus on the
Presence Path
• Holistic Natural Living, including living in natural eco settings, becomes the preferred option
• Deeper and more intense waves of decluttering and detachment, fears of lack & loss are
• Socializing becomes less frequent and only frequency resonant events are sought out
• Holistic Life is primarily Mission-based and service-to-others becomes most fulfilling & deeply
• A higher and higher level of Divine Union is achieved in one’s expressions and creations
• High level Energetic Management, including clearing & protection, is necessary
• Higher Communication abilities become more powerful and more of them open up
• Lucid states of Awareness and Consciousness as Time & Space and Space & Time start
• overlapping; including experiencing multiple timelines, timeline & future potentialities and
• feeling through the illusions of the Earth ‘bubble’ projections and reality
• The Initiation necessary to complete in this phase is trusting Light (Truth) & having a deep faith
• that they are fully supported with all their True Needs met, no matter how it appears
• Choices are made with full commitment to serve, listening to the Guidance from their
• Presence/Spirit
• A Soul/Spirit-Infused Personality (ego), working together in harmony, surrender, trust and faith
• High levels of mental, emotional and physical health
• Synchronicity, harmony, joy, peace, grace and bliss are experienced deeply and often

900 – 1000
• Alignment with Highest Potential Timeline as guided by Spirit, a deep excitement for life
• Many deep Blessings are experienced on a daily basis, including natural manifestation
• Living an Enlightened and Ascended Life fully guided and embodied by Spirit/God Presence
• Full Pranic Nourishment becomes an option, with the remembering that all can be received
• from Spirit and via Cosmic Energy
• Deep, full continual connection to Spirit and bringing one’s Mission into manifestation
• Life is lead simply in Service, with all True Needs always being met
• Socializing becomes less frequent and time is spent with frequency resonant Souls; the
• primary focus is embodying Presence in service as it brings the highest joy and fulfillment
• Life is Mission-based and is all about being the vessel for Spirit-guided creations
• Divine Union is the natural state of being within Self and within relationship
• Mastery of the state of BEing, embracing the powerful Feminine Presence
• Mastery level Energetic Management, including clearing & protection, is key
• Higher Communication abilities, powerfully anchored in this realm and ever-expanding
• Leaders and Teachers of the New 4th Density Earth

repost from divineheart/com



“Being Completely involved in an activity for its own sake.”

- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi   

The flow triggers are ways of driving our attention into the now, or as researchers call it, 


This “Deep Now” is a state of present heightened focus, in the Zone, in the Pocket. And what is becoming more commonly known and what I personally refer to it as “The Flow State”.   Why?, because when you’re in IT, that’s the best word to describe the sense.

The following flow triggers comes from research undertaken by the Flow Genome Project lead by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal.  

There are 4 groups of Flow Trigger: (4) Psychological; (3) Environmental; (9) Social and; (1) Creative.

By including some, or all, of these triggers, you can push yourself into a state of peak performance. Your performance will increase, whatever sports you are in, and your creativity, innovation, learning and memory will all be enhanced. You will become happier!


Psychological Triggers

These are internal strategies that draw attention into the NOW, and keep you there.

Intensely Focused Attention – One of the primary purposes of flow state is to help you focus on a particular task, however, to hack into the flow state in the first place, you must be in a position that allows you to strongly focus your attention to your goals. This also means, multi-tasking is out. Flow demands singular and solitude action.

Clear Goals – When you have clear goals, your mind doesn’t have to wonder what to do next. You know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Also, don’t focus on the finish line, focus on running the race, the NOW, the present moment. Many are getting distracted by their past, future, or self. Focus on the clarity of your goals. It gives you certainty.

Immediate Feedback – This trigger is a partner of clear goals. Clear goals tells us what we’re doing, immediate feedback tells us how to do it better. If we know how to improve performance in real time, the mind doesn’t go off in search of clues for betterment.

The Challenge/Skill Ratio – You may have heard about the concept of stress curve where there is a scale of low stress and low performance. At the other end, is the high stress and low performance but in the middle of the scale is the optimal level of stress correlating to peak performance. The Flow Challenge/Skill ratio exists near (but not on) the midline between boredom and anxiety. We need a progressive balance between boredom and anxiety or tension and relaxation. If you can keep yourself in that sweet spot, then you can drive attention into the present and maximize the amount of flow in your sports career.


Environmental Triggers

These flow triggers are all external. Triggers that surround you physically, and drive you deeper into the zone.

High Consequences – If your neck is on the line then you are driven into the zone. An athlete, big wave surfer for example, may need to drop into a 50 foot wave to pull this trigger. But the shy guys may only need to cross the room and speak to an attractive woman to pull this trigger. This doesn’t always mean physical danger, this can also be emotional, mental and social risk. You must be willing to take risks. It’s that sense of adventure and potential for failure that will drive you.

Rich Environment – This means an environment with lots of novelty, unpredictability and complexity. Novelty means surrounding yourself with a rich environment that involves finding things that will catch and keep your attention. Unpredictability means being able to step outside your comfort zone and facing the unknown. While complexity means increasing the depth and breadth of your knowledge by seeking out information from many different sources or view points.

Deep Embodiment – This means total physical awareness. When you can harness the power of your whole body paying attention to the task at hand, you will feel unstoppable. This also means paying attention to multiple sensory streams at once. Not only our 5 senses but also our proprioception and vestibular awareness.



Social Triggers

We have been focusing on triggers that affect an individual, external and internal. Now we will examine the triggers that a group might use in order to get into the zone as a group - also called Group Flow.

Serious Concentration – In extreme sports for example, concentration is highly required or injury or even death could happen. You need to be aware of your teammates and opponents. If they lose focus and start thinking about what it is for dinner, or other things, they’ll quickly be overrun. It can also help to ensure that everyone has their maximum attention to the here and now. Blocking off other distractions.

Shared, Clear Goals – Groups need to be clear about what their collective goal is in order for the flow state to be achieved. Group flow is a progressive balancing act. Creating a goal that provides enough focus so each team member can tell when they are close to a solution, but one that is open enough for creativity to exist.

Good Communication – A group flow needs constant communication. Conversation must flow forward. Listen closely on what being said, accept it, and build upon it. Nothing blocks flow more than ignoring or negating a group member.

Familiarity – A sports team may compose of a group with different languages, cultures and belief but everyone needs to be familiar with each other. Everyone needs to share a common language, a shared knowledge base and communication style based on unspoken understandings. There must be unity, in thoughts and in action. Everyone must be on the same page, and, when novel insights arise, momentum is not lost due to the need for lengthy explanation.

Equal Participation and Skill Level – When you have a team with equal role in the project, flow is most likely to happen in your group. Teamwork is the key, and everyone must be involved. All members should have similar skill levels.

Risk – It applies to groups in the same way that it applies to individuals. When there is an element of risk, people are more motivated to work hard, and make things happen. Without challenges, the tasks may appear boring. There’s also no creativity without failure, and there’s no group flow without the risk of failure. This risk can’t be just physical, it also applies to mental, creative, etc.

Sense of Control – It’s important to combine autonomy (being free to do what you want) with competence (being good at what you do) in group flow. Whatever the sports situation you are in, getting to choose your own challenges and having the necessary skills to surmount them is beneficial.

Close Listening – When you are listening closely to the present conversation, your responses will flow, and conversation will progress naturally. Innovation shouldn’t be blocked in a group flow. But if one or more team members are talking simultaneously, you keep yourselves away from listening to what is really said and working from there.

Always Say Yes – Now, don’t mistake this for always saying yes to everything. This means that interactions should be additive more than argumentative. This element is about being open to try new things, even if they sound like a bad idea. All input into the group should be additive, not negative. The goal is the momentum, togetherness, and innovation that comes from intensifying each other’s ideas and actions.


Creative Trigger

“Creativity triggers flow, then flow enhances creativity.” 

There are two major components of Creative Trigger:

Pattern Recognition – the brain’s ability to break down existing patterns, colors, data, shapes, movements, sounds, concepts, successes, risks, failures, etc., and create new ideas using those patterns by linking new ideas, and

Risk-Taking – the courage to bring those new ideas into the world. Will the new concept be well received or will it be scanned? All creativity requires an element of risk and courage.



reposted from Wilson Meloncelli - Hacking FLOW 




the cost of the wrong timelines

is far too great

the cost of the relevant ones

far too sweet


my point here is based on a multiverse version of reality

in this perspective, there are infinite versions of the life you could live in this body

literally, infinite

so then what version do you get to live out?

the most relevant one to you

to your mindset

who you believe you are

the programs that you are choosing to run on a day to day basis


moment to moment

you are Merely choosing relevance



if the lifeline you are living is not up to par to you

then another one may be of much more relevance to you

it's all about getting in touch with who you are

and who you are meant at the deepest core

to be

to be becoming

it's all about relevance


why is it important to Choose



well, the cost of the wrong timelines is just too great

the cost to your happiness, to your health, to your prosperity, to your success, to your bliss, to your loved ones, to your beloved

feel into how this affects every piece of you and everyone around you

the cost is just too great

aligning to your most flow-based, blissDesigned YOU+ is truly lifesaving

saving a life

your life

and all the resulting suffering around you

what does the most perfect timeline look like?

- to you

drop into that 

this is the timeline that nourishes your bliss, your ecstasis, your erotic soul, your health, your prosperity, your perfect loving

and what is the cost of that perfect timeline?

the suffering you, the irrelevant you, the old you

the beautiful past or future you that no longer needs to be



timelines come and go

at every split of a moment

you come and go

every split of a moment

what a beautiful freedom you have



So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

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10620419_10153542124881051_5620527649522954308_o 2.jpg

when you feel the Gentle brush

of an angel's wing

just listen

i used to think it was lessons that I needed to learn
that whenever I messed up or failed
or whenever I felt abandoned or forsaken
it was some lesson I needed to learn
so that - I can evolve, awaken, ascend further up the scale
of wise, holy, kinder

now i see it differently - deep inside we all know
there are no lessons to be learned along this path
there isn't a reprimand
it's simply

not an evaluation type of feedback
simply a course correcting
a gentle nudge
a pull, sometimes a shove - face down
so that you can FEEL
that no, this is not it
not aligned for you
your cosmic imprint is asking something
different of you

now, who is giving the feedback? that is the great mystery
your inner core energy, your soul
the Universe, the Source, Gods, the SIM designers
inter-dimensional forces
your highest ascended xD future self
infinite creator, awareness, consciousness
doesn't really matter

the point here is - there are no lessons
there is nothing to teach here
you need no instruction

it's simply feedback

when you feel life this way
you step into sovereign frequency much more gracefully
you cease to blame and lament
a cosmic elegance sets in - the victim dissolves
and there, you touch on that infinite freedom
we all share
you touch on our collective bliss


So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

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we are storied beings

creating intricate fact from fiction

from day one



yes, we are deeply storied creatures

when you get hurt, you learn life is not to be trusted

when you fall, you get up and become cautious

flying is for the birds, not you

since the day you could begin to comprehend

what is happening to you in this life, you began writing novels upon novels

dramatic stuff

every event became a story of such significance

and now,  now you've got epic volumes of this WISDOM STUFF

story after story


your understanding



all perfectly catalogued under the heading



our entire lives are sown together from these powerful compositions we create in our minds and our hearts

they all matter so much

we protect them like our most prized possessions

everywhere we go, we understand life THIS WAY

and when we come upon a new situation, we open a page in the book and find it under some heading we've already written about at the age of  7

when we get triggered, we react and recoil

or sometimes, lash out

our story tells us to

'it's not right, it's not to be trusted, it's not acceptable, it's not loving, it's not enough'

we are such storied beings

laden with all the dusty volumes of our pain and abandon

oh, loves



of your Inner thoughts


release the narration that is weighing you down

your story of broken love

your story of failed attempts time and time again

your story of forskadeness, unworth, shame

these volumes are heavy shadows, strong blocking frequencies to your true love, to your freedom


you cannot fly

with all this sticky wisdom soaking your wings


burn them ALL - one by one or in one raging fire

start clean, fresh, blank slate

it's why the sages all look like they were born yesterday

pure, clean

their memory simply - benign data


sweetness, I want this lightness for you!

so after the burn, from here on - write nothing more

only one simple 3 liner of a poem


I am love

I am abundance

I am free



So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

We are here to design our precious lives for real significance, for true impact and for that intelligent grounding completing bliss, the home frequency.  Join me for my







your task is not to seek for love
but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself
that you have built against it
— rumi

you already are complete

full perfection

your mind

your body

your love

your prosperity

all are free and open-wide to expand infinitely

everyday, moment to moment

there is nothing to fix, nothing to transform, nothing to up/level

there are no levels

you are the full complete package!

your only work in this incarnation is to remove the barriers you have built up 

we've built these up - well, for myriad reasons - mostly to sculpt a well/adapted personality

all the walls and standards and expectations - hindrances, blocks, limitations

you've designed all these, along the way, to protect a 'sound' person - your person - you

but you are done with that


the mind | release it from all beliefs and frequencies that are slowing or blocking your freedom

the body | supplements, hormones, meds, work/outs do nothing if you don't keep out the dampness in your physiology, the toxic load, the inflammation strangulating nutrient absorbtion - don't add, remove first

the love | well rumi above says it all - find and keep dissolving the boundaries you have against it - YOU loving YOU first! - neutralize daily all the loathing, defeating and sabotage - all that non/loving in you

the prosperity | that lack/poverty programming is so deeply ingrained in our DNA, our ancestors all suffered with survival, this is so so normal - our journey here is to lift the barriers to abundance - there is no lack in the universe 

you are complete


perfect already

our evolution is simply about dissolving all the boundaries 

she wanted freedom
so she freed them all
— rensen


So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

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fear and excitement

the two darling children of the past

and the future

fear & excitement, two sides of the same coin
the coin of expectation
they are energetically and neurophysiologically super similar

fear is yin, contractive - essentially protective
excitement is yang, expansive - it's there to MOVE YOU as well
they are simply
qualities of expectation
offspring of the past and the future

i always wondered, if I came across a black bear on my forest runs
would I freeze on the spot with fear
same in the ocean
when I swim out 1km into the deep pacific for the freediving lines
if I see a tiger, would I freak out?
could I keep my cool
it'd probably be much easier to turn that existential fear into excitement!
fear and excitability are physiologically almost identical
so then, the question is - could I turn terrifying fear into a lunatic's excitement
expect a rockin' positive outcome

exagerated circumstances, but seriously
on a day to day basis, we do not face a black bear, nor a tiger shark
our fears are simply: 'me expecting the worst' on dry land

it comes from our bodies partly
fear, energetically stems from kidney yin energy
most women walk around with pretty severe kidney yin deficiency
adrenal fatigue, overwhelm, weight gain, bloating, water retention
and if you've got dampness, mucus, homeostatic and hormonal imbalances, and a toxic load (which 99% of us do) - you WILL FEEL FEAR, period
very very very normal

if this is the case, then your best ally is your MIND and your HEART and your FREQUENCY
you've gotta OVERRIDE the physical burden
rise above the vessel so-to-speak

you are the creator of your experience
the designer of your vibration
from moment to moment to moment
keep turning fear into excitement - they are energetically SUPER CLOSE!
much easier to do
than trying to calm yourself down and sit on a cushion

it's how I turned my life around
turning fear into excitement
like a mad woman
until the day, I began learning to let OUTCOMES GO
letting expectations just be visions



So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

We are here to design our precious lives for real significance, for true impact and for that intelligent grounding completing bliss, the home frequency.  Join me for my ALL NEW VIDEO SERIES.


IMAGE Ocean Ramsey




you freeing you

me freeing me

all in a day's collaboration 

the process of awakening is meant for this one purpose only: 
to free you, to free me, to free us all
we know the burden we all carry, we get it
no one likes the gravity

freeing you
from the endless deliberation, the confusing agendas in your head
from the shadows that protect that sweet/child capricious ego
from all the reasons why we should close again
ah, closing the heart - the heaviest of all chains

this life is all about - me freeing me
you freeing you, and a healthy collaboration in all this

free to choose abundance, prosperity, love, health, happiness, all that we all viscerally desire

well, you are in fact free already to choose all that, you just don't feel it remotely the percentage of the time you deserve to feel it

What are some of the BLOCKS to our freedom?


who are you? are you the thousands of voices in your head, or are you the silence of awareness behind all the chatter

this is a key question to decipher for yourself, daily - it's critical to hear all the voices and see them as separate members of the ego repertoire, the voices are mere objects - and you are not the objects - you are the one who hears the voices

this piece of wisdom is covered in all wisdom traditions - your identity is NOT in the content of your mind, it's in the silence - huge step towards freedom when you tune into this


all the low frequencies bathing in our primal fears - the limitations, the shames, the guilts, the judgements, the expectations, the traumas, the entropy 

seeing the shadows is the key piece, seeing is light and we know what happens to shadow when light hits it, gone - just like that - low frequencies are catalysts to our awakening, see the seed of freedom in every pain, in every darkness - huge step towards freedom when this SWITCH turns ON


in pain, we recoil or we lash out, naturally - but once the pain subsides, we protect

closing the heart is the most potent protection mechanism we have in place and ironically the heaviest of all chains for the human - hands down

our strategy: if we close the heart, we will feel less pain, we will preserve safety, somehow

 the trouble with this strategy is that we usually do not, we in fact usually totally exhaust the life force this way - close, stagnate and hide from FLOW - life force, life flow, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, endocannabinoid system depletion - all come from the tremendous energy-depleting effort we spend on closing the heart - in the name of protection

solution - stop closing it, and when you feel like closing, open wider - huge step towards your freedom


The Gods designed gravity

for the body, not soul

Fly babe, Fly

So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are. 


I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

We are here to design our precious lives for real significance, for true impact and for that intelligent grounding completing bliss, the home frequency.  Feel free to get your free guide

γνῶθι σεαυτόν 


you can choose to live
who you are not
it's still you

KNOW THYSELF γνῶθι σεαυτόν - the Greek Poetess Phemonoe inscribed this at Temple of Apollo. A divine message of massive proportions.

'Knowing you' is a lifetime affair. We are born into this incarnation with a veil of forgetfulness and spend the majority of our lives fumbling in the dark, trying desperately to find answers, seeking clarity, the way. Some give up early on and just live 'as if in the moment' - day to day - with all the conditioning that allows survival, comfort. But there is a real pull to 'knowing' in us all, tugging at our core, daily. No human can deny this.

no matter how long it's been dark - you switch on the light, and the dark is

The process of awakening is most of the time not instantaneous like that - but the Sages point to the fact that it CAN BE! We just stall ourselves at every opportunity to leap - we are just simply so attached to our conditioned stories, that we hold on to the layers of the veil for dear life. Sweet kids. Inch by inch, we uncover truth, piece by piece. There are heightened moments where we rip off large pieces, but often we re/veil and keep at a steady pace. We run in all directions, but we always find ourselves back on the path - there is no greater pull, no greater bliss that 'waking up'.

the higher the calling
the greater the pull
to run
the deeper the love
the darker the shadow


The awakening process is written up in every religious text, in every philosophical work - in the TAO, the I Ching - in every poem. It's between every line of every newspaper article. The message is whispered-in every second of our lives. You are ONE and this vessel you are living here is a precise resonant frequency of the ONE. Your cosmic signature is unique in this incarnation - and you can have a glimpse through religious or shamanic revelations, through astrology, through human design and gene keys. But no matter the specific design of you here, you always return to the ONE, in between lifetimes - your soul contract is all about learning and evolving. It involves a ton of sifting through shadows and negativities - until the day you switch ON the light and know that there is only one purpose here for you in this lifetime - to choose love and life - unconditionally.  We've been given free will - so we can grow and choose, right (or wrong, it's free, this will). But really, best is to usher humanity towards compassion & wisdom - the Sages and your deep wisdom always advise - what the Law of One calls the 5th Density. So many paths to ascension - to your freedom, some arduous, some blissful - usually a mix of the whole spectrum. But only one direction in mind here - to keep turning darkness that comes, daily - into light, the pain - into freedom, the forsakenness - into belonging, all the non/love into love. Nothing else to be done.

discover you
and the non/you
the bliss and all the thousands shadows

and behave, my love
keep Keep returning non/love
into love


So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are. 

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

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A feeling

fully felt is


- Joseph Campbell


we are here together, as humans
we have incarnated in the same quantum field
how sweet

but why as bodies? these platforms, heavy receptacles
the pleiadians and intergalactic channels tell us
we've got these dense bodies to learn nothing other than COMPASSION
the universe is experiencing EMOTIONALITY through us
the Earth journey is

OK, then
if that's the case
I say, the compassion starts with the 37 trillion cells within our own bodies
each and one cell is a hologram of the entire
universe and yearns for your love


every cell of your body
longs to be loved
by you

- rensen


THAT is what we are here for
to learn love
and it starts with OUR own loving

health, wellness and regeneration of the human body starts with affection and self-care, period - not with water, food, supplements, hormones, meds - the basis of it all is COMPASSION
emotion is an epigenetic environment

which emotion we choose to experience - it essentially does not matter to the universe, as long as you experience it, fully

every human emotion shapes not only our internal environment, but also the world around us - not just mere perception of life but reality itself

studies are clear that our emotions alter our DNA, and the DNA in turn affects the arrangement of photons in physical reality, we create our time and space reality by choosing our feeling at every moment

so fascinating, emotion designing every physical piece of our reality

if bliss is a feeling fully felt - then all emotion is bliss, as long as fully seen, fully experienced

at every moment - choose emotion

love and above - ideally, these essentially hurt the least

but if you must suffer, feel it fully - it's the only way to transmute it to bliss to freedom, to abundance


an abundance of lack or 

abundance of abundance

that is the only choice we are essentially making in life


IMG_2490 copy.jpg

thank you for the swift read, these are simple shots of bliss 

i am Dr. Denisa Rensen and my mission in the world -

designing women's lives for BLISS - the zenith of living experience,

from a creative and professional angle

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Future Presence


the future belongs to those who can hear it coming


- david bowie


to those that can see it

taste it

feel it

especially to those who are willing to

give it a voice


- rensen


Oh, that voice.

I always like a good convo, a good dialogue between intelligent yet meticulously intuitive folks. This is the exchange I would have with David, if I were honored with his presence. 

On the topic of Presence. I am a huge fan of what you could call a 'future presence'. Yes, being in the moment is critical. Mindfulness is one of human's highest skills to cultivate. Yet, 'just the present moment' perpetuates the past, I feel. The precise present moment is in fact a vestige of all that you have been, all that you have lived, the harvest of seeds already sown. What we sink into 'in the moment' is in fact the past. We are drowning in the extinct. Sinking deeper and deeper in a cycle of the same story.

How about we come in resonance with a type of  'future presence'.

Look, I am fully available for all that comes in the moment, in non-resistance as much as I can muster up. I am not always successful with full acceptance of all that is, as is, but I keep my finger on the pulse here. No repulsion, no repudiation. All that is - it is as is - due to all that I have been thus far. And I have been perfectly humanly imperfect. 

At the same time as I am accepting 'all that is', I have my foot on the gas - not on the brake, so to speak. The moment is a static entity on its own, a still shot of life. But I naturally like to keep moving. There is an organic pull. It's a feeling coming from the heart. A yearning to motion. To keep creating. Designing an 'ahead'. Not pushing or pressuring the moment to go in some specific direction, but using the canvas of my heart and my imagination to create a next moment. The next moment that is a touch more expanded, a touch more evolved, grown. A touch more loving. We are the directors of this wonderful play called life. We get to choose! Imagination with heart is the design instrument. Always one step ahead in the dreamscape.

Perhaps this is 'The Moment' - making love to - 'Momentum'. Presence flirting with the next Presence. And the next and the next. A Future presence. It's a lot more fun progressing than looking back, as David Bowie would say - than just be looking 'in' - I say.


you can lie a lifetime

in a beautiful meadow, watching the clouds form

from moment to moment

but what good is that when the skies

long to sing your voice

dance your skin

run your bones




Thank you for the READ! So honored. I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a Coach, Doctor, Designer, and a Writer.

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Plein Air

Plein Air


Swimming en plein air

Once a recurring dream

Is now sincere reality


- rensen


At the root of personality - that sense that you are YOU - is fear. Fear of abandonment, fear of failure, fear of meaninglessness, fear of disintegration. 

This is very basic. Really well documented in all psychological texts. We are animals by nature and there is an instinct in us that drives us to want to survive no matter what. This is very sweet, very natural.

So we spend our lives building up a quality personality. We grab onto perspectives, impressions, standards, people and things and we built solid mansions in our subconscious psyche, out of wood and brick and metal and rock, so that they do not end up in a rubble at every wolf's blow - at every breeze of uncertainty, at every strong blow of fear, at the hurricanes that come in life from circumstances. And they come by the thousands. We know.

We build out our loving personalities to protect us. To give us a sense of control. Yet, we know that there is no gravity to consciousness. No ground here. Consciousness is pure emptiness. The awareness behind out thoughts is hollow, quiet, infinite.


Empty vast space.


We spend our entire lives building a solid personality in empty space. No wonder we are constantly struggling to 'keep it all together'. As soon as anything goes wrong, which it does often - it's what life brings in this metaphysical design - we dive in with our tools to keep the walls up, the windows from sliding out, the roof from falling through. We defend and rationalize this perfect modeled castle. We meticulously process each event, we fight to get our control back, at every blow. There is a structure to uphold, a meaning, a significance. This is serious business, daily! 

We perpetually defend. We perpetually design for ways to keep order. We perpetually try to keep the world and people straight to line up with our conceptual personality model of reality. Sweet little engineers & leaders we are. But we know, we have been building this entire civilization in mid-air.

So what do you do, once you realize that your entire energy resources are being used to assemble a house of cards in empty groundless formless infinite space? If we had unlimited energy resources, fine. Keep playing the game, assemble away. I mean architecture, engineering are all real good fun!

At some point, however, you are bound to come head to head with burnout. Especially if you are creating a very specific soul-sourced project in life, where EVERYTHING and ALL OF YOU is riding on getting REAL. In this design, this massive personality building project within the consciousness becomes a massive loss of fuel. Your personality is not built on quicksand. It's built on nothingness. All that energy usage to keep it UP!

When I realized this, I literally fell to my knees. No wonder I have become so tired. So so tired. Dear God. I have been genuinely building a loving, integrity filled, benevolent, hard-working, always show-up-kind-of-gal conceptual model. Really? Was this all just to protect myself from fear of 'XYZ'? All these decades? I've built an exquisite design piece. And I invited everyone in, always an open door. No wonder I am spinning.

The day I realized this, the house of cards fell to pieces almost in an instant. I was just there floating in empty space with all my fears with me. Thank God I was tired and did not try to muster up the design power to start solving this nothingness. It was quiet. I did not disintegrate. 


Still here, flesh and blood.


So now, I am floating, events are coming and I let them. I use my heart, my intuition, my intellect to deal with each moment as it ephemerally arrives. I use my deep care for my life to create a momentum. I use my gratitude to keep creating and adding beauty to the world. I use my power of focus and attention to get things done daily, in this quiet emptiness. I still have my passion if I want to shake things up. Somehow, it is all creating a physical life that is quite beautiful and powerful and kind. So so kind. So so alive. And I would begin to argue, much more useful to the world around me.

Once in a while, a storm arrives. I let it. I feel it all. The fear, the dread - the sense of incoming doom - as they call it.  But I have to say, this all gets neutralized more and more efficiently with every blow. I keep on existing still, somehow. Yes, my beautiful perfect design solid house is gone. But my home is expanding in this emptiness - consciousness.



I Float, I Fly  

Somersaults en plein air

And look

I am more useful than ever


- rensen



Thank you for the READ!  So honored.  

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE. I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a world-class Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer. Feel free to get your free guide

Art : Harry Holland

Abundance Designed - Part I - IDENTITY



Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it,

I must listen to my life telling me who I am.

- Parker J. Palmer, Writer, Center for Courage & Renewal


WHO am I?

This is a question that has occupied the mind of every human being that has ever been born into life. Even if they have not talked about it openly, written lengthy manuscripts or delivered TED talk speeches about, in the middle of turmoil, in that bottle neck of critical decisions in life, everyone has asked this exact question of themselves, whispered it in silence or shouted it out loud, pleading the heavens to give them an answer.


It is always the same: once you are liberated,

you are forced to ask who you are. 

- Jean Baudrillard, french philosopher


The question of Identity is universal to all humans. It's especially unleashed in turmoil. We try to answer it ourselves, the scientists try to answer it, the philosophers, the mystics. Every one has an angle on the answer. And everyone is right.


Who am I 


I am my personality - but I can still be me, if I change this up. I can become more open, less shy, more vulnerable. 

I am my name - but I am still me without it. I can change it anytime.

I am my genetic code - but if you clone me, my clone is no longer me, per say. 

I am my body - but I am still me if all the cell of the body regenerate, even if you transplant my brain into another organism, upload my consciousness to the cosmic web. 

I am my brain - but I am still me you upload my brain patterns onto the web and discard the organ. Find me under the hashtag #bliss #being #human #woman #lover #mother #denisa. Still good ol'me. 

I am my continuous flow of thought - but my memories can be redefined, my present perspective can be remolded, my future dreams can change. I am in essence still me without the apparent personal permanence.

This is where all empirical reason ends and where metaphysics takes over. Beyond reason, beyond the physics. 

Perhaps, I am the seer that sees all of the above - I am the higher mind, the soul, the awareness behind all that I am aware of. I am that which is aware of my thoughts, actions, physical circumstances. I am that presence behind all senses and thought constructs. I am awareness. Jean Paul Sartre, Alan Watts, Krishnamurti, the Buddha all point to this as being the Identity. 

What does this look like in practicality?

Sit for a moment, close your eyes and notice all the thoughts that arise. All that personal identity party. The endearing chatter of the physical mind. 

Then release the thoughts as best as you can. They will keep arriving, but give them no particular attention, let them chatter like little children in the background.

Now feel the silent buzz, a constant presence behind it all, surrounding it all. THAT is awareness. THAT is the presence of my consciousness. THAT is me.

Everything else, they say, is perspectives designed, chosen, imprinted on us. The true identity of our being rests in that ever present awareness bathing all out thoughts and feelings and perspectives. If you take the awareness away, all you have is either death or infinity, a vastness into which you dissolve and no longer feel as an entity identity. In that place you are in the ONE Absolute, as the cosmic metaphysicians & mystics say. 

So in this stage of my evolution, I choose awareness/presence as the basis of my identity. And the brilliant piece here is that this is the humming silence I share with ALL other beings - With my love, with my kids, with my cat, with the bird singing outside, with Elon Musk, with Madonna, with all of creation. We meet here, ALL of us. In this silent presence. We are one and the same consciousness basis. 


Our true reality is

in our identity and unity

with all life.

- Joseph Campbell, writer, mystic


This is where we are ONE. And this feels awesome! Truly. This is the true meaning of ONE - in the identity realm. Infinity is a whole other ball game. 

All of our personal identity and the physical manifestation that follows come from the particular perspectives we actively design from this Collective Presence/Awareness - from the silent hum.  


“The Value Of Identity Of Course Is That So Often With It Comes Purpose.”

 - Richard R. Grant, screen-writer, director


In Part II - we will dive into the blueprint, the cosmic signature that we each have, and how to design perspectives that will align us vibrationally so that this incarnated theme can come to REAL LIFE - what is called manifestation of our Highest purpose.



Here is a recommended AFFIRMATION SERIES on IDENTITY:

I am me.

I am my name. 

I am my genetic code. 

I am my body. 

I am my brain and all the organs that nourish me.

I am my thoughts, my feelings and my perspectives.

I am awareness.

I am the unconditional love that rests in awareness.

I create from awareness. I create new powerful perspectives everyday, from awareness.

I have a blueprint, a cosmic signature that calls me everyday, from awareness.

I share this awareness with all beings on the planet and the cosmos. 

I am not alone. 

I am loved and supported.

I am awareness and I am love.

We are awareness and we are love.



Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & true BLISS.

I am also Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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Photography: Megan Spelman



the REAL data

to follow

is on the #INNERnet


MindSet is everything. That is considered #truth in the high-performance human circles. The hard evidence of the reality of this matter comes knocking at our door daily. We cannot ignore it, if we are on a path to designing/creating something of REAL substance in our lives, we have to have our mind (and heart) in the game.

Taking the reigns and redesigning our entire metaphysical make-up is #1 priority if this authentic life-design is to go in our favour - in the Aligned direction, in what we truly deeply authentically yearn for.

Affirmations are what most mindset folks use daily to set into higher frequency. The etymology of affirmation comes from the latin roots ad/firmus, into/strong. To make strong, to decide upon with conviction, to declare. 

Affirmations are basically one to two sentence statements that you declare with a high emotional charge, statements that are positively charged with your core, highly aligned desires. These are powerful statements that flood your present reality with your preferred frequency. 

"I am loved. I receive effortlessly. My body is lean and healthy and full of energy. There is plenty time for all my desires in the day. I am abundant and wealthy in all areas of my life."

These are general affirmation statements. You can go into as much detail as you need to. The more specific you are, the higher the frequency, unless there are remnants of lack beliefs that raise subconscious doubt, and then you have to go back to the drawing board and un-mix those frequencies before you use specifics. 

For instance, an affirmation could be 'I consistently make 20K a month working with clients that I love and that appreciate me". A subconscious lack belief that would mix up this frequency could be: I have failed so many times, I hope this time I can pull it off. People have let me down in the past, I hope these clients are truly out there, so far they are, but they may be limited. etc... you can imagine, doubts by the 100s can come up in this. This we understand intimately. No doubt about that!

Neutralizing doubts and lack beliefs is the KEY daily endeavor. It's much like quenching the fire of inflammation in the body. The mitochondria are pumping out armies of anti-oxidants every second. It's a never ending process. At every stage of life and business, new doubts, fears and lack positions unearth. We have metaphysical mitochondria that neutralize lack. This is the job of cosmic metaphysics, a perfect union of love and wisdom bathed by the laws of the universe. There are certain laws that your higher mind/consciousness functions with. If you can set these laws into your daily metaphysical understanding, then you will accelerate the neutralization process swiftly. Positive manifestation follows.

Some of these laws are consciousness, abundance, attraction, unity, love. You encode these into your DNA, you become a master in positive aligned manifestation. Period.



Everything in the universe is made out of atoms & space. Atoms & space are made out of energy. Energy is created by consciousness. We are pure consciousness having a physical & circumstantial experience in space & time.  



All realities and futures are already in perfect existence. You choose, on a moment to moment basis which abundance you wish to make relevant in your life. Lack is simply and abundance of lack. 



Like attracts like, frequency attracts matching frequency, vibration pulls into your reality equal vibration. Abundance pulls in more abundance. Lack fuels lack. 



 we are one mind, a social memory complex, a collective consciousness, you are everything and everyone already, always were and always will be. Separation is a vestige of the physical mind. 



In the higher mind, in pure consciousness - there is only unconditional love, no other emotional frequency resides there. You are love. We are all simply love. Indifference, dislike, separation and hate stem from the physical mind's, your ego identity's fear and lack stance of reality, a perspective that we want to neutralize. 


Where does the evidence on all these 'laws' come from? It comes from cosmic metaphysics.  It comes from the sages and the mystics. The ontology philosophers and the poets. It comes from a reading of scientific literature and religious scriptures that is evolved, that sees each piece of data as a holographic piece of the puzzle. It comes from professionals & masters channeling with inter-dimensional higher density beings & social complexes that are constantly informing the collective consciousness on this planet. Yet, most powerfully, It comes from your own experiences in ascension, from your own inner wisdom acceleration. On a daily basis, it comes from an inner voice inside you, the voice of all that ever was and all that ever will be - the collective consciousness, the cosmic social complex, the voice of the universe speaking back to you through a telepathic mirror. It comes from your #INNERnet. 


The whispers you hear

are all of you and all of us

in ONE

it's the #REALdata

Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & true BLISS.

I am also Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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Photography: Sabine Schulte

LQ - The Light Quotient

It's Clear: 

Love Is The Land

Bliss Is The Compass

 and You are the Light

Go with it


There is a New Consciousness Paradigm coming into being in this time in human evolution. A consciousness rise of sorts, an Ascension in more and more sentient beings. An Acceleration. What many mystic communities are calling a Cosmic Shift to the Light Body. In other words, a moving away from feeling physical/material and realizing on a much wider scale that our physical body is a result of pure consciousness in motion. 

You have surely already met or read many spiritualists, light workers, new earth visionaries, sages, mystics. Their languaging is so intriguing and particularly esoteric, that unless you have been touched by the 'Gods', unless your veil has been lifted once or twice, you take in their work as New Age Poetics. I was certainly in this intrigued and interested phase for a long long time, not diving in.  

I am a highly-intuitive deeply-loving wisdom-based intellectual, you could say. I have been dealing with heightened perception experiences, Light Experiences, ever since early childhood. But they were swiftly quenched by my intellectually materially laden environment. I felt the pull nevertheless. I studied biology, philosophy, psychology, medicine. I became an avid seeker. Travelled the world, studied with many Teachers, Yogis, Masters, Senseis. From Japan to India to Jerusalem to Hawaii, all has always been pointing to a Lightness of Being, a LIGHT-ness.

Clarity is light. When you realize something that has been in the back of your mind, your heart, under the veil of forgetfulness, a LIGHT is switched on. Any ascension to new Wisdom is always referred to as a type of shedding of light. An EnLIGHTenment.




Much like the IQ intelligence quotient, the EQ emotional quotient, the PQ the positive quotient, there is an LQ - the LIGHT QUOTIENT. It's a gradient that mystics use to measure a sense of how much LIGHT a person absorbs, carries, emits, embodies. The higher the consciousness, the purer wisdom, the higher the vibrational frequency - the brighter, the deeper, the wider the LIGHT is absorbed and cast. It's as if you are gradually moving from experiencing life as a dense concentrated material body living in circumstances, to more and more of a non-physical consciousness that absorbs and emits LIGHT energy that is bright warm and clear. Enlightenment is essentially the creation of a #LIGHTbody. It is communicated in measurements of density. From 1st density to 'x'. 

There are various theories on the levels of ascension. Some sources state there are 7 densities to climb, others 12. It is just a metric used to communicate one and the same continuum from dense matter to pure LIGHT.  The densest being the lava rock or the heaviest elements of the periodic table. And the density begins to lift through various levels of consciousness evolution, like plants and animals, all the way through humans towards I AM consciousness to Infinity. I cannot even grasp THAT endpoint vastness. No one can in fact, they say, not that we know. But you can imagine as best as you can.

Humans in this day and age find themselves at the crossing of the 3rd and 4th density levels. If you see yourself as an individual with thoughts and feelings and dreams living in a world of matter, then you are considered to be vibrating at the 3rd density. If you are beginning to dissolve your ego and union with the collective consciousness of WE as ONE is setting in powerfully, you are transitioning into the 4th density, it is said. In this state you will feel a pull to service, to love, to deep understanding and connection with other beings and the earth, and the universe in fact. You will begin to understand the mystics much more profoundly from this level onwards, not on a merely intellectual level. 

Ascent has symptoms. Some of the symptoms of 3rd to 4th density ascension may be rough on many levels. These are cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual paradigm shifts happening all at once. You may experience stronger flus and headaches. Blurry vision, hearing troubles, chest pains. Karmic energetic blocks may come to surface and you may even get sick for some time. Do get medical help yet make sure to get energetic and spiritual support here simultaneously. You are not material essentially.   

Your intuition sharpens profoundly, if you pay close attention, and you will be drawn to listen to an inner calling. Soul-sourced journeys become non-negotiable here, you can no longer live life on automatic drive, no matter how much it makes circumstantial sense. You are waking, there is no turning back. You begin to change friends, environments, and different heterotopias begin to nourish you. This is a time to truly honor your senses, your true desires, your highest vision, your bliss and your pain. All are catalysts to this tremendous LIGHT QUOTIENT upgrade. 

Beyond here, the higher upgrades begin to tune you more and more into your inner senses for data. The outside environment, your circumstances gradually cease to hold value. You are always seeking to understand and make choices. You begin to take your CUE more and more via your inner senses. All the 'clair's begin to wake up - clairsentience, clairempathy, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance. You are becoming a master creator from this point forward. 

That final surrender to Highest Consciousness takes place in the higher levels and the human being becomes an instrument of the Divine, the I AM consciousness, Infinity. AND then what? For the purpose of helping the earth and your human community you become fully centered, connected, filled with a powerful purpose and serve in a way that moves ascension forward in others. The bodhisattvas. Others keep moving higher, but this is so so rare yet. 

In these highest stages of ascension, whether it is the 6th or 12th, the human experience as we know it is no longer recognizable. Much of what we 'know' about these stages comes from telepathic communications of master channelers with higher-dimensional beings, the RA for instance - in the Law of One. As much as this is a scientific report, it is hard to grasp how tenable this would be in the 3rd density academic circles. But it's tenability is not so relevant as of yet. It may become, if we begin to make contact with extra-terrestrial entities, which is said to happen in not so distant future, happening already for eaons in fact. Fascinating, in the higher densities actually. There are numerous ET communication circles here in Hawaii. Apparently there is a ton of sightings and inter-density activity, especially here on the Big Island. I have not felt any, but I have been touched by strong Ascension symptoms here, over the years, no doubt. 

For whatever Ascension is worth, it is here to stay and touch more and more human lives. We are spiraling upward, and the languaging of the mystics will become more and more accessible to more and more men and women and children in the world.

I must point out here that  ascension implies integration. You will always be human until you are not. A 12th density force still embodies wisdom learned in the first density. It's like much like growing up. You will always be a child, a girl, a woman, a lover, a mother. Ascension is like this. No bodies are disappearing on us here.

Keep on this powerful journey of your soul-sourced calling, hone in your meditation and intuition. Treat is as a critical language. You need high quality data to make powerful decisions in your life ahead. As a creator, you cannot take your cue from your circumstances anymore, you must set into design thinking, feeling, sourcing, manifesting. What better place to get high quality advice than from the Collective Consciousness, I AM consciousness, Infinity - so much brilliant data in there! 


some nights

God enters through the center of the palms


up through the arm bones

settles in the spine


you can tell the ones


got inoculated in this particular way

those jolly pillars with giving hands

receiving effortlessly




Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & true BLISS.

I am also Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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Photography: Denisa Rensen, | lit up girl |




withstand the heat with focused ease

with illogical grace

with an unguarded heart


By now you have understood and accepted your mission to ring in the new paradigm. In a world coming apart at the seams, you are finding yourself standing amongst the wreckage with arms wide open, calmly witnessing the chaos and destruction of the collective false Self - made manifest through lives poisoned by the illusion that is separation, knowing full well that everything is unfolding with precise perfection.




precise perfection


It is not easy to see the bigger picture in a time of limited, skewed and heavily manipulated viewpoints, because very few will understand your perspective. In fact, your perspective will seem insane to most people. Your unwavering unwillingness to judge, condemn, fear, control, or play by the iron rules of an outdated game will trigger confusion, outrage and concern from those closest to you. They will insist you get upset and be appalled at the "reality" of things - but you won't.

They will put extraordinary amounts of energy into defending their enslavement, their limiting beliefs about why they can't be empowered creators of their own realities. They will cling to their false securities and personas like a polar bear to a melting ice cap. That's okay. You're not here to convince anyone of anything.


you're simply here to hold the space

of unconditional love

 acceptance and joy for all


You are here to breathe life into that which you DO want, which is UNITY consciousness. You are here to fill the cracks, to paint the future with invisible strokes and care not whether anyone can see what is still un-seeable. You are here to mold reality like the mound of clay that it is, to know that even iron can be bent and rearranged when it glows hot enough. 

You are here to be able to withstand the heat with focused ease, with illogical grace, with an unguarded heart, and you have armies of support by your side. 

That is what you came here to do, and fulfilling this mission will push you to your limits, will make you question your sanity, will occasionally make you feel very, very misunderstood and alone. But you will embrace the challenges and you will thrive in the solitude, because you will know in your heart that you can never be alone, for you are all that is and ever was, and the very essence of your being is infinite.


the very essence




I am Melinda Cohen, a Spiritual Strategist.
I activate radical visionaries to unlock and embody their most sacred purpose.
I am a multidimensional storyteller.

Everything I do is an extension of me. I am learning what it means to live and breathe ART.

The masterpiece?


Exploration of ever expanding consciousness. Ever choosing to be present. Ever giving myself permission to be extraordinary.

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Gratitude is simply 

such a LUCID stance on life

even a mere inhale has rounded up trillions

of molecules and an army of Gods

to breathe itself



We are so keenly aware to be grateful for everything around us. Saying thank you everyday to numerous people, being thankful for the things we already have, for the life we already live. Gratitude is a core value to the entire humanity, thankfully. 

Let's take it deeper, tune in much deeper for fun.  Let's extract a kind of gratitude that can keep us tuned into this beautiful core value, even if all is falling apart around us. Let's dive into a deeper layer of extraordinary design. Our BODY. Our vessel in this particular incarnation. The sanctuary that carries all our earthly dreams, the platform of all our manifestations.




Every second,

50 million new cells are created in your ingenious body

2 million of these are blood cells, each bringing critical nutrients and repair to every crevice of your being

Each single cell produces over 2000 new proteins per second. Now,  there are there are 100 trillion of cells in your body, so I am not certain what the total number of proteins would even be called. 

10 million ATP energy molecules manufactured every second in every one of the 100 trillion cells, you are never out of energy!

Your brain cells transmit 750 million signals every second, scanning your inside and outside, making sure you survive the next second

Your sweet human eye, 10 million bits of information per second!

4 billion bits of information are exchanged between the left and right hemispheres, to keep you in genius mode.

Every inhale fills more than 300 million sacs in the lungs simultaneously, to flood trillions of oxygen molecules from the earth's air, into your core. 

All these extraordinary feats, every second of every day, so your SOUL can LIVE!


The body. Such benevolence. 


This is all on a cellular level. You can go even deeper and go to the molecular, quantum, energetic levels, and you will swiftly tune into the orchestration of a masterpiece. Your INNER LIFE.

Take care of your body as a sanctuary for it all. Here are some basic tenets of TLC:

1. ABUNDANCE - the mind creates the energetic flow in the body, which guides physiology. Make an abundance mindset your priority, everyday. This will help design a body that is flowing well and detoxing swiftly. 

2. LOVE - another mindset basic for cellular health. When you feel love, the nervous system shifts into regeneration and repair mode. The hormones balance, the detox mechanisms kick in, and you are on a smooth sail of cellular repair. 

3. NUTRIENTS - you cannot out-exercise a bad diet they say. This is so so true. Clean food and water are the cornerstone of cellular health. Filtered water. Organic vegetarian diet is the ultimate. Keep keep heading in that direction. Take small steps everyday.

4. MOVEMENT - the youthfulness of your body depends on CIRCULATION. Helping the heart pump the blood into the deepest corners to bring oxygen and nutrients in, take the toxins out. This is the critical piece. When you are planning an exercise routine, think circulation!!! Keep moving this vessel.

5. ENERGY - whatever you do in life, make sure it is about magnifying energy in YOU and in others. Do things that light you up, stay away from energy leaks, and inspire the world around you with empowering and positive endeavors and activities. AMPLIFY energy, wherever you go. Be the SOUL of the place. 

6. And most importantly,  look deep INSIDE and keep keep being grateful



WAKES you everyday

to life's unwavering Effervescence


Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE. I am a Mentor for High-Achieving Global Women. Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

I support women globally as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.

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Nocturnal BFF


Like a Best Friend

Sleep feeds the True Sweetness in Life

Be her Vessel

Yet, let her Be


Sleep is kind of like your high-maintenance, fussy best friend, who can be so challenging and yet you know that she has a heart of gold. Once she connects, she will do everything for the ones who are close to her.

Sleep is like that. When Sleep feels pressured or doesn’t feel welcomed she has a hard time cradling you in her arms. When she feels like that, she can’t be your ally. On the contrary, she will tease you and push you to the edge.

So, in order to welcome Sleep, you have to make sure the circumstances are right, that you hold a space for this genuine relationship. Be her vessel, yet let her just BE. 

You are the mold and she is the puzzle piece. If you are too stressed and try to force sleep into that puzzle mold, it won’t fit. So it is up to you to change your mindset and your lifestyle so that your mold will become more and more the shape it needs to be. Sleep is flexible so you don’t need to be perfect, but you have to try to make it as easy as possible for sleep to fit your unique mold.

Trouble is that this mold does not just consist of your state of mind or of your body, but rather it is a combo of the two! So even if you have applied all the recommendations of the world-class sleep hacks, be it their focus on environment, nutrition, and so forth, it might be that your mind stands in your way. Or it can be the other way around. You might be brilliant at meditating but some exterior factor is making it difficult for Sleep to embrace you at night.

There are a lot of different elements that can interfere with sleep, much like with friendship.


The Body


the mind


the heart


the soul




All of these elements can be stressed in a way that interferes with the harmony of sleep, or that soul friendship for that matter. Once you understand how these elements can work against the peace, you’ll be better able to welcome Sleep with open arms and have her work her magic on you so that come daytime, you are unstoppable.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is not an easy task and neither is true friendship.  There’s no one size fits all answer, as those puzzle molds are just as unique as fingerprints. It takes certain tweaks and lifestyle changes that will allow you to welcome sleep and that golden friend, in order to become a true vessel for it.

We will start with one basic but crucial mindset. There is one main component that is coming up again and again that is blocking your most determined efforts.


You WANT to control your sleep.

Yet you can't!


And the more you try the more Sleep will feel pressurized. So what you need to be able to do is to cut yourself some SLACK and to NOT EXPECT a perfect night. That sounds counterintuitive but it will set you free. Just think how that works with our gal. You cannot tame her. 

Remember that you have managed on not enough sleep time and time again and although it is not your desired outcome, it is doable to get through the next day. So relax about her.

This will take pressure off sleep and help you to destress and hence foster a much more harmonious relationship with sleep.


Like that BFF

Sleep Needs You to Cease your Expectations

She can be Capricious

Let her Be

See what happens


Christine Hansen works with adults and professionals who have chronic sleep issues to craft individualized solutions that allow them to permanently change their sleep habits and improve their sleep quality. Even if you've struggled for years, Christine's blend of deep mind coaching, external lifestyle coaching, and practical science methods make an easy, natural, predictable sleep routine possible for any woman.

Christine lives in beautiful Luxemburg with her sweet family and supports thousands through her podcast, Sleep Like a Boss, and her regular publications in the  Reader's Digest, Huffington, Brides Magazine and many more.

Learn more about her book, SLEEP LIKE A BOSS here

Featured Art by: Liza Feurtado, Daniel F Gerhartz



LACK is a warm 

mud bath

we tend to Soak in


lack in love, lack in resources, lack in opportunities, lack in protection, lack in respect, lack in safety, lack in meaning, lack in finances, lack in success, lack in direction, ALL that lack inside

The human mind is wired for this, to seek vigilance, discernment, to foresee danger, to be on look out for threats to survival. Women especially are touched by this. We evolved as hunters and gatherers and our nervous system is still wired for protection, safety and keeping the clan and children out of harm's way. Women especially are be wired for vigilance.

Women are intuitive, sensitive and embody their psychology and feelings so effortlessly. Lack beliefs always come bearing gifts for us, gifts of mental and emotional turmoil and some range of health issues, always. Never fails. The physiological mechanism is straight forward. Lack wires the nervous system for vigilance, which sets you into flight and fight mode on a chronic basis. You are perpetually, subconsciously on the look out for danger. You may not even register it consciously. But you are triggered left right and center. You are in vigilance mode. 

Adrenals take on the stress first. Even children suffer from adrenal dysfunction, which you can see as both hyperactive behavior or lethargy, depending on the body type and personality traits. Have your doctor check your DHEA-s levels and morning cortisol in you and your children. Or even better, do a serial urinary tests that will tell you exactly where the adrenals stand. A direct correlation to lack perspective is always found in adrenal burn out.

The thyroid follows. Women have a hard time losing weight when they are stressed or simply busy catching up with daily time constraints. Lack of time, space, freedom, no breathing room, and the belly fat packs on. Trying to lose it in this life design is close to impossible. The thyroid gland produces HEAT for your body to Burn energy. If it's function is low, you will be TOO COLD to burn the fat off. Take your first morning temperature. You may be surprised how LOW it is. You may feel warm, especially if you are Pitta Ayurvedic body type, but your inner heat, the ming fire of Chinese Diagnosis, will be burning cold. Empty Heat. You essentially do not have the inner heat to lose fat or to produce energy.

Once the Adrenals and Thyroid are off, the entire hormonal cascade gets convoluted, inflammation sets in, digestive tract goes leaky and you are on your way to chronic fatigue and autoimmune dysfunction and accelerated degeneration. Your brain is foggy, your body feels depleted, lack sets in even deeper. It's a simple physiological process that physicians can catch if they are operating from a functional medicine paradigm. You regular doctor will generally never do much for this. It's not their forte.

Lack. What do we do about this. How do we cease this LACK metaphysical stance from depleting our lives AND our bodies. The best way I have found is to 

expose Lack's falsity

Quantum physics has precisely delineated to us that the universe is simply infinite parallel realities. The big bang unleashed all possible realities, they all exist simultaneously as parallel universes. 

If that is the case, then all possibilities of your life are already in existence, all you have to do is step into that particular parallel universe of your choice, of your relevance.

Make some tea, pour a glass of wine and have a listen to this great Time Mechanics Lecture by Massaro. A true GEM. It will clear up Falsity of Lack in under 30 mins.


So technically, there is no lack in the universe.

Lack is metaphysically improbable.

All is abundance. Lack is simply an Abundance of ... Lack.


You may be living an ABUNDANCE of lack in love, in resources, in opportunities, in protection, in safety, in respect, in meaning, in finances, in success, in direction, an ABUNDANCE of lack inside yourself. Whatever the abundance you are choosing, it is an abundance. Perhaps choosing an abundance of abundance is the wisest direction for us to take, if we want freedom and joy.

Through subconscious restructuring techniques, you can rewire the lack beliefs little by little. You can use hypnosis, subliminal messaging, affirmations, mindfulness, Psych-K, ESM, EFT, EMDR, NLP. But if you really want to HACK LACK... my best suggestion is to: 

1. expose the falsity of lack, daily

2. reset all belief generation to abundance, of abundance

3. BIOHACK lack, eat clean, move and repair the body, daily

4. be STILL at key moments of the day, feel into abundance, let bliss in

5. LOVE, become relentlessly devoted to loving


abundance is like clear crisp waters

of a mountain lake

it wakes you 

to the actual kindness of reality



Thank you for the READ! So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the CEO and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I am a Mentor for High-Achieving Global Women. Radical Longevity Medicine Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor. An avid Designer & Poet. 

 I support women globally as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.

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Lets Not Pray to the God of Discipline Any Longer


Lets Not Pray to the God of Discipline Any Longer


more exploration

true connection to our inner self

LESS discipline

I am doing all my mantras, readings, and keeping my goals in front of me, but nothing is happening.
I am failing to keep up with my schedule
I am not getting results as I had before with same activities
I need to be held more accountable
My mind can’t keep a focus


Does this sound ALL to familiar to us all?
Instead of tightening the reign around our horse’s necks, isn’t it time to loosen them up? What have all the new philosophies of living, working, and connecting authentically to our purpose taught us? To be more disciplined, or to be more loving and more fun, even in the midst of work?

It’s the second one, contrary to popular belief. It seems we find it so hard to let go of some good old fashioned Protestant work ethic in our modern new ways of functioning. The God of Discipline will fall last. But it will fall.

Relying on discipline is actually hiding the real problem which is more difficult to tackle and leaves one more vulnerable. The problem is our wants and needs, and our beliefs as to how we can achieve them. It is the imperative quality of self-trust and internal motivation that is lacking, not discipline. Think of a time when something really interested you, you took every possible opportunity to do it, you didn’t need to be disciplined to do it.

Why is it so rare for us to clearly know what we like, what we want, and how we want to achieve it?

Here is why:

Society, it’s accepted norms and established traditions which define us from our childhood and erase the inherent self-trust we possess, makes us believe that they and everybody else outside of ourselves are the best judge of what good for us.

Let’s deconstruct discipline.

Its very, very predictable and people like predictability.
It produces visible and quantifiable results, which improve over time.
We as society love numbers and growth.
Loving discipline is also in the Bible and the Western civilization very much relies on Christian based values.
The disciplined ones don’t rebel and keep things status quo.
So discipline is predictable, quantifiable, supported by religion, and keeps masses manageable. Can we see now why it’s so admired by our “leaders”?

Let’s look at Wikipedia:

“Discipline is the suppression of base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with restraint and self-control. Self-discipline is to some extent a substitute for motivation. Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one's desires, which may be the opposite of excited.”

Do you want to live your life suppressing your desires, or do you want to express them? Instead of investigating the reasons for our lack of motivation, are we going to use discipline as a crutch? Has relying solely on reason to make decisions brought us happiness and fulfillment?


Do we want to sabotage our own expansion and growth

by doing opposite of what we desire?


No more I say! Let’s start waking up to our true motivations, and birth a new way of living. The key for us to zone in on is unearthing our true motivation and live authentically. And my personal and professional experience is only strengthening my belief that what we need is LESS discipline and more exploration and true connection to our inner self, our internal combustion engine that moves us, motivates us, and creates magnificence.


This motivation is built on self-trust

and the more we learn to trust our own heart and mind,

the stronger and more satisfied we become.

Dunja Radosavljevic is a 60 Minute Coach that helps revolutionary women business owners to breakthrough and release obstacles to up-leveing their business with love.
She teaches them to stand in their truth, while authentically integrating their feminine and masculine energies, to design the life and business they want, on their own terms.

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