Nocturnal BFF


Like a Best Friend

Sleep feeds the True Sweetness in Life

Be her Vessel

Yet, let her Be


Sleep is kind of like your high-maintenance, fussy best friend, who can be so challenging and yet you know that she has a heart of gold. Once she connects, she will do everything for the ones who are close to her.

Sleep is like that. When Sleep feels pressured or doesn’t feel welcomed she has a hard time cradling you in her arms. When she feels like that, she can’t be your ally. On the contrary, she will tease you and push you to the edge.

So, in order to welcome Sleep, you have to make sure the circumstances are right, that you hold a space for this genuine relationship. Be her vessel, yet let her just BE. 

You are the mold and she is the puzzle piece. If you are too stressed and try to force sleep into that puzzle mold, it won’t fit. So it is up to you to change your mindset and your lifestyle so that your mold will become more and more the shape it needs to be. Sleep is flexible so you don’t need to be perfect, but you have to try to make it as easy as possible for sleep to fit your unique mold.

Trouble is that this mold does not just consist of your state of mind or of your body, but rather it is a combo of the two! So even if you have applied all the recommendations of the world-class sleep hacks, be it their focus on environment, nutrition, and so forth, it might be that your mind stands in your way. Or it can be the other way around. You might be brilliant at meditating but some exterior factor is making it difficult for Sleep to embrace you at night.

There are a lot of different elements that can interfere with sleep, much like with friendship.


The Body


the mind


the heart


the soul




All of these elements can be stressed in a way that interferes with the harmony of sleep, or that soul friendship for that matter. Once you understand how these elements can work against the peace, you’ll be better able to welcome Sleep with open arms and have her work her magic on you so that come daytime, you are unstoppable.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is not an easy task and neither is true friendship.  There’s no one size fits all answer, as those puzzle molds are just as unique as fingerprints. It takes certain tweaks and lifestyle changes that will allow you to welcome sleep and that golden friend, in order to become a true vessel for it.

We will start with one basic but crucial mindset. There is one main component that is coming up again and again that is blocking your most determined efforts.


You WANT to control your sleep.

Yet you can't!


And the more you try the more Sleep will feel pressurized. So what you need to be able to do is to cut yourself some SLACK and to NOT EXPECT a perfect night. That sounds counterintuitive but it will set you free. Just think how that works with our gal. You cannot tame her. 

Remember that you have managed on not enough sleep time and time again and although it is not your desired outcome, it is doable to get through the next day. So relax about her.

This will take pressure off sleep and help you to destress and hence foster a much more harmonious relationship with sleep.


Like that BFF

Sleep Needs You to Cease your Expectations

She can be Capricious

Let her Be

See what happens


Christine Hansen works with adults and professionals who have chronic sleep issues to craft individualized solutions that allow them to permanently change their sleep habits and improve their sleep quality. Even if you've struggled for years, Christine's blend of deep mind coaching, external lifestyle coaching, and practical science methods make an easy, natural, predictable sleep routine possible for any woman.

Christine lives in beautiful Luxemburg with her sweet family and supports thousands through her podcast, Sleep Like a Boss, and her regular publications in the  Reader's Digest, Huffington, Brides Magazine and many more.

Learn more about her book, SLEEP LIKE A BOSS here

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