The antidote to a woman Aging is simple

Peace & Momentum in our Life and

Movement in the Body


This is one of my favorite places in the world, La Corse!
Corsica. A stunning mountain island in the midst of the mediterranean.

I used to go here in my teens. And my greatest memories were getting up early in the morning and go for a run, up and down the rugged hills. 

I still run here and there... I do triathlons, but I am not a fanatic. Whenever I feel like a race, I do it. Off the couch, if I have to. But the 40s are here, and it is becoming KEY that I make daily interval training, Corsica Style, a regular daily thing.

Aging for a woman is SO simple. 
It is simply an accumulation of damage due to simply BEING ALIVE! 
Now, our bodies have great tolerance for damage in general.
Kids can handle a TON of aging. 
But as we enter the 40s, it's time to support the repair mechanisms ACTIVELY. 
Everyone talks about self-care in the entrepreneurial circles, to prevent burn-out, to deepen self-love.
But to me, self-care is much deeper than that.

There are only 7 reasons why we hurt physiologically: 

1. cell loss
2. division obsessed cells
3. death resistant cells
4. mitochondrial mutations
5. intracellular junk
6. extracellular junk
7. stiffening of the matrix around your cells

Only 7 reasons WHY we age physically... THAT IS IT!

MOVEMENT, my loves, 
we know it, but yes this IS the #1 sure way to massively deccelerate ALL 7!

In our 40s, it becomes life saving!!! CRUCIAL. 

Movement is simple.

20 mins a day, 30 sec sprints - 3 min run - 1 min walk cycles, some push ups, some leg lifts... and you are cleaned up!
If you want to go fancier... train deeper, do yoga, swim... design it how YOU want.
I always do push ups against the kitchen counter as I wait for my coffee to percolate.

I am no fanatic. 
I like to do it all in a loving dreamy way. Corsica style. But I AM very SERIOUS about it... for us all.

I want this world FULL of

very wise loving

LIT UP women!!!

Thank you for the READ! So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the CEO and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I am a Mentor for High-Achieving Global Women. Radical Longevity Medicine Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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