MONEY is pure love




in the hands of an ALIGNED woman! 


Yes, cash is just a piece of paper yeah? 2.61 inch wide x 6.14 inch long x .0043 inch thick, a piece of paper that lasts less than 5 or so years before it is burned to ashes.

But we know it's ENERGETIC power intimately here.

It pays the bills, feeds our children, allows us a few moments of pleasure. But we KNOW what it is, ultimately. WOMEN know.

Vibrational energy, not a piece of paper, we just know. It simply transmutes itself into a material reality that either adds to our struggle and suffering or eases the pain and expands our deeply longing freedom. Most of the time, we do not even touch cash, we charge the credit card and hope it will somehow turn out.

How can we tell on which side of the ALIGNMENT equation we are. After all, ANY money helps!

Awareness and Embodiment are good gages.

First of all, get real intimate with your energy leaks. The signs. Money made in a fashion that is mis-aligned will deplete you. Cash made in a way that is in resonance with who you truly are meant to BE will energize you. 

The difference between service and servitude is felt at the physical and metaphysical level. There is a REAL difference between aligned and misaligned money. You body and your soul will be giving you the SIGNS daily.

PHYSICAL: When you are making your cash in a way that exhausts you, makes you or anyone suffer, you will feel and see it's evidence on your BODY. Your hormones will be off, your blood pressure will be fluctuating, high or low, your ability to run up a hill will be at best compromised.  Your passions and libido will be low. You will see the belly fat. You will get that gluten sensitivity and you WILL have an immune mess on your hands, inflammation and infections. Immune system is your authenticity gage, it is designed to keep the inauthentic OUT! You will be aging at a phenomenal rate.


In servitude, you feel depleted at the soul level, most of the day. You feel victimized and you see the world as having a certain level of control over you.  You fold into distractions and self-destructive behavior very organically at the end of the day.

You will allow yourself behaviors that indirectly destroy you or your relationships. It's a metaphysical pull to destruction of the ego. We do this subconsciously to bring us to the edge. And you WILL find yourself at the edge, in time.



What is authentic really. The definition of authenticity is so vast. REAL, GENUINE, not copied or false. True and accurate. To what? To our REAL SERVICE in the world. Not the servitude most of the world signs up for out of desperation or just simply lack of opportunities, vision and courage.

Where to begin redesigning this state of confusion? 


Start with your desires, your yearnings, your longing. These are your compass back to ALIGNMENT. If you can genuinely imagine it, it is meant for you. Make a clear LIST of these and take them very very seriously. Design concrete vision around this and place it in an impact-drive purpose. Work relentlessly to shift habits that lead to your goals. Action is everything.


Do ALL you can to shift your metaphysical stance from the victimhood into CREATOR.

YOU design your reality at every thought and feeling you choose. This takes diligence, willingness to feel EGO-PAIN and maturity. You may need real quality support. We are not taught this from your age, we must make this shift really consciously.

I DESIGN my OWN reality.

Whatever it takes, get there! There is an immense amount of support for you. At every step of the UNVEILING game! You can do this, You MUST do this. Period.

Look, there is a LOT of cash in the world. The statistics indicate it's in the trillions. And a lot of it is completely available to you. Dive into business or a new professional life that will allow you to DIRECT this money YOUR way while you are standing in FULL authenticity. You don't have to make the money, you just have to direct it your way. DESIGN THINKING and a TON of courage are KEY.


MONEY in the hands of an ALIGNED WOMAN

is pure goodness!

The battle is SO WORTH IT

for your PEACE and the world's.



Thank you for the READ! So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the CEO and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I am a Mentor for High-Achieving Global Women. Radical Longevity Medicine Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor. An avid Designer & Poet. 

 I support women globally as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.

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