SIGNIFICANCE is metaphysical FUEL


i never yawn anymore

it is something that has left me

everything is tediously interesting now


We are waking up to new fuel source. One that has always been there.

In physics, the strongest force in the universe is the quantum gravity between subatomic particles. This is where ALL of our next generation fuel will be sourced from. Combustion technology is highly unwise.

In metaphysics, the most powerful fuel source is Significance. This is the battery that charges everything in the human life. It charges love, it charges creativity, it charges innovation, it charges benevolence. Significance is the quantum gravity of your soul.

When you dig deep enough into human motivation & desires, you always arrive at Significance. It’s even more ingrained than love. The desire to matter, to be seen, to be relevant within the universal speck of time. The significance of being loved. We all know that a sense of insignificance is devastating to a human soul.

Once you tap into this limitless energy source, everything becomes possible. Everything in you WAKES UP!

We must keep in mind that from a metaphysical standpoint, nothing in particular has inherent meaning, inherent value, inherent importance. Significance is chosen, it is designed by YOU!

Look DEEP into your life, look at what you value most, look at who you are, what moves you to tears, to laughter and YOU design the significance.

KNOWING CLEARLY that something has deep relevance in your life, or that what you create is IMPACTFUL to others adds tremendous amount of FUEL into your action.

ACTION is everything.

Significance is a great muse. It is the energy behind your GENIUS, behind your success, behind all the LOVE you are here to give & to receive.

To get clear what is truly RELEVANT, MEANINGFUL & SIGNIFICANT for you:

Get clear on your DESIRES, your vision, your goals
Define your PURPOSE, you pivotal WHY
Design a soul-sourced MISSION for your life
And make sure to CHARGE them ALL up with your passion.

If you do this with lucid conviction,

you will wake a madly benevolent

fire breathing DRAGON in your heart!


I am so honored to be here with you. Thank you for the read!

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the CEO and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE. I am a Mentor for High-Achieving Global Women. Radical Longevity Medicine Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor. An avid Designer & Poet. 

 I support women globally as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. Feel free to get your free guide

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