How to Slip out of just about anything, yet still remain clothed!


Consciousness is a beautiful nude.

You can clothe her in all kinds of luxuries.

But she can slip out of anything, at anytime, as she wishes.


There are two intriguingly different approaches to mindset in the world.

The first is what I call the Western ANALYSIS model. We identify the problem, we go into the history of the problem, we work diligently to uproot the problem, to redefine it, to uncondition the mind and transmute old limiting beliefs and to remove any imprints left over. A process that moves backwards, unearths and redesigns.

The second is what I call the Eastern WITNESSING Model. In my 7-years living in Kyoto Japan, I learned firsthand the power & peace of resting in mere non-attached observation & non-identification. Things get complicated FAST when we closely IDENTIFY with our problems, with our struggles.

From the Eastern perspective the history, the present, the future, the analysis & unearthing do not matter AT ALL.

The root of suffering is that we tend to deeply connect with the problem. You FEEL angry, you FEEL hurt. You ARE anger, you ARE pain. Straight-up IDENTIFICATION.

The Witnessing approach is real good fun. You stand back and merely witness the problem passing through you. Like an observer. Your only job is to just let it pass through, let it ‘inform’ you just enough so you can adjust your sails. If it is lingering, you usher it along. You DESIGN for what you want to experience. Simple.

“You are pure consciousness. When the cloud of anger comes around you just watch it and remain alert so that you don’t get identified. The whole thing is how not to become identified with the problem.” — Osho

For example, you are angry, you have resistance, you are spinning.

There is no inherent ‘need’ to go unearth ‘why’ or ‘where’ it all stems from.

You can instantaneously become non-identified with the anger, the resistance, the overwhelm.

You can immediately step into peace, flow, focus. YOU design it. No need to go into any history or any lengthy deliberation about it.

Consciousness is sweet & smooth & slippery.

It can slip out of just about anything, at any moment. That is what is so beautifully freeing about it. It has no rules, no boundaries. YOU do what you wish with it.


Nothing has inherent meaning or relevance.

You design the significance of anything that comes at you or from within you.

Make it easy. Make it simple.

Simplicity is the TRUE sophistication.


I am so honored to be here with you. Thank you for the read!

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