The WHY behind your Self Care


The WHY behind your SELF CARE

goes deep

much deeper than we usually take it

The WHYs behind your WHYs


We hear about self-care ALL OVER the web here.

Imperative, no doubt.

But backed by what.
To Feel refreshed? Feel rested? To feel healthy and thriving? To Avoid burnout? To feel you?
So many reasons to schedule-in self-care into the day.

Are these reasons ROBUST enough for you though, to keep them going?

Research shows that it's the avoidance of pain that is the greatest impetus for lasting action (not pleasure).

OK, so let's look at this. 

Me for example. An intelligent, creative, active woman, a mother, a doctor, a global coach to incredible women world-wide.

What would move me to self-care.

It should be being a great example, yeah? 

Well, it is not that clear cut & obvious at first.

Personally, I find that I can live really powerfully NOT feeling great.

I can handle a lot of pain & a good amount of toxic build-up just fine.

And I am still a pretty good person & of good service not feeling up-to-par.

I am not a foodie.

I am not a fanatic of anything fitness in particular. 

I run when I run, yoga when I yoga. 

I freedive on one breath in the deep ocean, but not every weekend. 

I do triathlons, sometimes off the couch. 

I like it flowing.

I have faced really bad burnouts. Yet I always bounce back.

So what MOVES a woman like me to SUSTAINED action!

Existential Shock.

In about 10 years, we will have a shocking choice to make.

Whether to live regular to 90 or allow a few injections turn back the clock & possibly choose how long we wish to take life. 

Radical Life Extension is here, and babe, I am not sure if I'll take that road, but I feel this will be a critical existential question we will ALL face in our lifetime.

A thriving Physical Body AND an Extraordinary Mindset of Immortality & Benevolence will come into play powerfully at that cross roads.

Self-care is so multifaceted. 

Here, in this community, I want you to go further.

Dig deeper and deeper into your WHYs for good health.


1. feeling good

2. being healthy

3. avoiding pain

4. preventing terminal illness 

5. being of service

6. ...

7. ...


How deep are you taking your WHYs in this?


give us your 7!


I am so honored to be here with you. Thank you for the read!

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the CEO and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE. I am a Mentor for High-Achieving Global Women. Radical Longevity Medicine Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor. An avid Designer & Poet. 

 I support women globally as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.

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