MASTERY, a book précis


An indestructible trust in yourself, that's what's going to keep you above water as the sweet storms of life come and go. I take this kind of trust, this kind of evolved love, this powerful benevolent self-efficacy very seriously! I work diligently with my clients to set THIS HIGHER TRUST into their BONES!

Building MASTERY is a key piece of this pivotal trust. Mastery, that higher meta-knowledge, that relentlessly refined skill.

No book explores this area more thoroughly than MASTERY by Robert Greene. Here are some of the KEY GEMS from the book.


Leonardo Da Vinci tells us that we must master ourselves first and foremost.

“You cannot make anything worthwhile in this world unless you have first developed and transformed yourself. The first move toward mastery is always inward— learning who you really are and reconnecting with that innate force” -Greene

Knowing yourself deeply is the foundation of this benevolent deepening journey. You must dig into the essence of our unique calling, your “life’s task”. Without this introspective intelligence, you will be battling and you may fall real hard. Ouch.

Entrepreneurial women know ALL about this. Finding our soul-sourced, divinely inspired voice, listening to it with love every day is what we DO! Unearthing the subconscious, transmuting limiting beliefs is step ONE.

Greene comforts us that initial spinning and impatience of the early days will gradually settle into focus & discipline. By the end of this transformative phase of MASTERY, you will find yourself in a new powerful & settled reality.


This journey is NOT straight, it is all about well-informed trial and error, twists and turns. As you go deeper and wider into your work, you will begin for feel the flaws in the design and you will begin an intelligent & wisdom-guided, soul-powered process of course correction.

"What you are trying to create will not magically take off after a few creative bursts of inspiration, but must be slowly evolved through a step-by-step process as you correct the flaws. In the end, you win through superior craftsmanship, not marketing. The craftsmanship involves creating something with an elegant, simple structure —a high form of creativity.” - Greene


An ode to the creative process!


“The road to mastery requires patience. You will have to keep your focus on five or ten years down the road, when you will reap the rewards of your efforts... In the end, the money and success that truly last come not to those who focus on such things as goals, but rather to those who focus on mastery and fulfilling their Life’s Task.” - Greene

Feel into it, it takes 10,000-20,000 hours to build expertise in a field. That’s what it takes!

How do you feel about that?

Are you intimidated or are you inspired!

Greene recommends INSPIRATION! Get excited!

With tenacity & passion, anyone can become a master! All you have to do is set your priorities for it. Design chunks of DEEP WORK in the day! And it’s DONE!

In the end, the significance of it will bring unmatched deep satisfaction, well-designed Bliss!


“Like Proust, you must also maintain a sense of destiny, and feel continuously connected to it. You are unique, and there is a purpose to your uniqueness. " - Greene

In order to master a field and see success, you’ve got to love, no sorry, ADORE! what you are diving into, you must feel a PROFOUND CONNECTION with it. The path is not straight or easy, but it is a luscious labor of quiet ecstacy. As you persist and keep your finger on the pulse, the mastery will be magnetized to you.

“You must understand the following: In order to master a field, you must love the subject and feel a profound connection to it. Your interest must transcend the field itself and border on the religious.” - Greene

Pay divine reverence to your masterpiece. Reframe all challenges as SEEDS, as messengers on the journey. Nothing can sway you off this course!


You must be relentless, passionate, obsessive about all this.

The emotional intensity and the characters tenacity are FUEL to you mastery.

Be MAD about every part of the journey. Almost an evangelical stance on your craft, it's what it takes.

"Supreme Tenacity" is the name of the game, according to Greene.


“Mastery is not a question of genetics or luck, but of following your natural inclinations and the deep desire that stirs you from within. Everyone has such inclinations. This desire within you is not motivated by egotism or sheer ambition for power, both of which are emotions that get in the way of mastery. It is instead a deep expression of something natural, something that marked you at birth as unique" - Greene

Following your bliss, your true desire is actually HIGHLY benevolent. It is a service to the world. We have an inherent pull to self-actualize. If we do not follow it, we will suffer and the society around us will suffer from our anger & frustration.

"In following your inclinations and moving toward mastery, you make a great contribution to society, enriching it with discoveries and insights, and making the most of the diversity in nature and among human society. It is in fact the height of selfishness to merely consume what others create and to retreat into a shell of limited goals and immediate pleasures. Alienating yourself from your inclinations can only lead to pain and disappointment in the long run, and a sense that you have wasted something unique. This pain will be expressed in bitterness and envy, and you will not recognize the true source of your depression.” -Greene

MASTERY is so worth of our devotion.

Now, if I told you that you were going to life to beyond 150 years old, how would this accelerate your dedication to mastery. Radical Life Extension is totally probable, given gene therapy ahead. We will be living beyond 150, 200... What do you want to master for such a LONG lifetime?

For me it’s the profession, the mentorship, the medicine, the writing, the poetry, the tango, the freediving, the soul-sourced love.

What is it for you?

Let’s get ignited! Get excited for it! Mastery, so worth the deep dive, the perseverance.


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