Your Everyday Wilderness


On saturdays, I cover the blissDesigned medicine side of things. 
Today we dive into the WILDERNESS.

Thematically, as entrepreneurs, we face a kind of 'wild' everyday.
An awe-inspiring, gruelling terrain. Day in, day out.

What does the ACTUAL wilderness have to do with us?
Bear with me ('xcuse the pun).

I love the wild as much as I love intelligent luxe. Equally.
This weekend, I am attending the National Conference in Wilderness Medicine.
Medical colleagues from all over the world are here tackling the fascinating topic of wilderness rescue.
Anything from surviving the unexpected night out, to K2-style altitude rescue, to shark attacks, to snake envenomation, to global warming and how that will affect our health and survival. Astonishing topics.
This is no run-of-the-mill medicine.

Now what is striking me MOST out of all the topics is the utmost crucial place of the MINDSET
and the ADRENALS
to our survival.
You've got those two on board and you can move mountains!

When you find yourself in a sudden survival situation in life, like in the wild, there is a sudden tunnel perspective that comes on. Your nervous system goes into flight & fight, your adrenals flood you with survival hormones and you are in a highly challenged yet focused cognitive and emotional state.

You are suddenly ONE with mortality.

I've been there not long ago, in the midst of the ocean trying to save my 9-year old son as he was being pulled out by a strong current to sea into giant 12 ft waves. 
I cannot describe the sudden focus and power that came out of me. What I remember is a focused tunnel vision, a high energy like no other... followed drastically by an exhaustion like never before. I did not have the physical power to pull it off. 
Oh thank GOD, a few brave folks saved us both. But I was broken about it, I was so deeply humbled. 
I understood how we can lose our lives so swiftly in the ocean... the energy drain is FAST if our adrenals do not have the power, the resources. 
Mine were burned out already. Could have been tragic. Such deep gratitude for the rescue. A real wake up call.

The ADRENAL glands are our rechargeable batteries. They must be powered up DAILY. 
Supporting these glands is primary in any challenged state in life. Burn out is basically 'adrenal' burnout. The glands do not have the reserves to sustain you. 
Entrepreneurs should ALL know their adrenal status and support these glands religiously with high-potency nutrients and lifestyle, daily.
Adrenal assessment is in my hormones testing kit, period.

MINDSET is the other face of the coin.
In the wild. You may be in an expedition of 20 folks, but when it comes to ultimate survival, you feel deep inside ALONE. 
It's that tunnel vision, the flight & fight that creates this separation.
In the end, your nervous system is only capable of saving you!
It's actually your SOUL that can save the entire crew.

The case is not that different as you are building your soul-sourced business in the world. You are thrown into the wild, solo with your vision, solo with your power to create & survive. You must save yourSELF yet find the SOUL to be of true service to others.

ALONENESS is not robust enough. The MINDSET that saves the day has much wider parameters. 
An indestructible trust in ourselves is matched equally by an indestructible trust in LIFE and the UNIVERSE. 
THAT is the foundation of wilderness survival.

Powerful journey, a kind of freshness, awe-inspiring.
This pivotal MINDSET
and charged up ADRENALS
save the day,
In the wild and in business & life.

What do you think?

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