On saturdays, I share my expertise in anti-aging & regenerative medicine. 
I am a doctor turned high-level mentor, out of soul-sourced necessity.
Many of you know my story already. 
If not msg me and I am happy to personally share it with you. 

The unique expertise I hold in cutting-edge medicine should never go to waste. 
I KNOW what I offer is so needed for my women. 
I tailor-in the medicine in a relevant & sophisticated fashion into ALL my programs.

TODAY! Let's talk hormone testing.

Your hormones make or break your mindset, your manifestation & your success. We ALL know this intuitively. 

From April, all my One-One Private Coaching clients will be receiving a hormone testing kit, a $450 test complimentary! it's a done deal!

It's relatively useless to spend precious soul time on teasing out your mindset blocks, if the hormones are OFF. 
We keep spinning our wheels.

The regular blood tests or salivary tests you get at your doctor's office are not informative enough. They merely hint at what is going on physiologically, but these DO NOT tell us the precise story.

With my patients & clients, I use Serial Urine Testing ONLY. 
No use to waste time or precious money on any other testing. 

What you want to know is your free cortisol pattern, cortisol metabolites, estrogen metabolites, androgen metabolites, basic hormones and overnight melatonin. 
From there, you can begin
to reset  
to get your mindset
for success.

For your inherent significance, for your impact, for your bliss.

Straight-up love!

E-mail me at info(at)blissdesigned.com if you would like to know more about the programs. 🐚 I am here for us!

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