consciousness is not

an epiphenomenon of the brain

it’s an infinite intelligence

your heart is tuned into


Seasoned metaphysicians know that thoughts become things. What you think about ultimately becomes your physical reality.

This is potentially due to the quantum concept of parallel universes. But let’s leave that for another day.

What is KEY to know in practicality is that the thoughts must be dipped into pretty hot & intense emotionality, in order for the matrix to respond.

Thoughts ALONE do not become things, it’s the IGNITION of the HEART that creates ripples in the universe.

“I want 6-figure months in my business.” This thought alone is not robust enough. Infinite Intelligence will NOT understand this flat alphabetic language. The universe responds to energetic intensity.


I WANT her! I am MAD about her! I MUST have her!


Whatever the thought you are willing into reality, it must be a DIE-HARD emotional NECESSITY. Your pulse must rise above 100BPM for you to be heard by the Gods!

Should we be speaking of #heartSet, instead of merely mindset?


WAKE UP the heart!

Bathe your deliberations in WILD emotions!

You WILL be heard.


Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

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