you hold a life in your hands

a Living Breathing person

the future you


I am a huge buff of the 'futures' dialogue, a relatively academic, philosophical and techladen area of futurism. You can call me a #softTranshumanist. To be honest, I do not see many of us gals - women - that love to dive deep into the convos with the intellectually engineered minds of the present futurists. In general, it appears that so far it's generally the guys that are drawn to this platform, for some odd reason.

But I am here, somehow, not able to pull away. Why, I ask myself often? You look at me and you would think, she is no metallicaCrafted CompEngineer. She is so, well, normal - 'feminine' gal. 

Precisely. The futures dialogue needs healthy awake feminine women with quality minds that can keep up with the technical & metaphysical convos shaping the future of our lives. The voice of the intelligent, educated, loving and highly intuitive woman must become a part of this.


Why? Because the future will fail us, if we fail it.


I invite any future conscious woman with an affinity to tackle the difficult content of sentience, transhumanism & #futureTech to step in and become intentional in this futures dialogue. I mean, the future of our bodies, our kids, our free will, the future of the race is in active design here. Singularity is set for 2030+ or so. We are either heading towards the greatest expansion of infinite abundance in human history or for a AI-driven evolutionary demise of sentience. Every detail adds up from here on.


Little by little, a person becomes evil

 as a water pot is filled by drops of water

Little by little, a person becomes good

as a water pot is filled by drops of water


- The Buddha


We are either falling into humanity- or ascending into humanity+. Same effort. Decision by decision we are shaping ourselves, our future. Every LUCID voice counts here.

I seem to be drawn to this dialogue simply because it really MATTERS. I am positively angled in general. I have faith in the former - Plus - reality. But as much as there is light, you must integrate the shadows, you must get educated or something ridiculous as #demagogues happens. We are dealing with that now, it's waking us yeah? 

I intuitively feel that the 'creative nurturing caring highly intelligent sentience-loving' feminine consciousness in every human being is what will save the future. The woman in every human. 


The World Will Be Saved By

the Western Woman


- The Dalai Lama


The western woman. The enlightened man. Folks like us. Simply put. 
Not because we have some unique loft sourced superpowers. It's simply because, as cosmopolitan educated women & men, fully actualized, balanced, we have the floor time to deal with this and bring in the heart, the benevolence, the leadership, the sanity. We have ALL the tools needed to veer the future in a positive direction.




A why is a why. It drives all you do. Make 'futures' a part of it. Reach in that deep, that long, that wide. If you don't know where to even begin dealing with the futures dialogue, let's start with where it matters most at this moment. Your FUTURE YOU.


Who is the one person in the world you have the

greatest power over?

It’s your future self. 

The more power you have over someone,

the greater your duty is to use that power benevolently.


- Rick Hanson



You in 5 mins, you tomorrow.

You in 3 years, in 20 years, in 100 years - given #superlongevity.

You begin with the design of YOU! Your personal humanity+.  You don't have that much control over your past, only in so far as you re-design your memories of it for your happiness and your sanity. You don't control your present, it's been already harvested by your past decisions. You do however have full design control over the future you.

Be kind to her. Design her right. Give her freedom. Give her power. Given her full alignment. Give her joy. Feed her kindness. Design for her true SIGNIFICANCE, her real IMPACT, her most grounded & intelligent BLISS. What if her consciousness is to be uploaded in the future. who is she meant to be? Design for her now.

Knowledge, Freedom, Power in the hands of an intelligent, creative, balanced, loved, aligned woman is bound to be pure goodness and be of great benefit to the world and to the FUTURE. Help steer humanity in a benevolent direction


Fill the futures cup

with lucid love

drop by drop


Thank you for the READ! So honored. I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a Mentor, Doctor, Designer, and a Writer. My work is a true union of Wisdom & Love.

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