like a woman, a girl child

i start new

with all that I know, with all that i feel


Can we truly start new. Can we truly start each minute, each day, each new stage as a newborn. Can we truly be clear of all our doubts and fears and maturities. Can we truly let go, forgive. Is each moment really new.

Starting over. Scary, intriguing. No doubt. You know you have pulled off great feats in the past, you know your value, you know your relentless desire to serve, to show up. But each new precipice never feels benign. Moreover, you know from all the previous times not to put your foot on the brake, but move it - even hesitantly - over to the right - on the gas, gently press. You know that all other bets are off.


i burn no sheep

no bridges

i just take all other options off the table

- rensen


So here I am starting over. Again. Not from new, not from scratch. I have been at this for years, just this time it's in full presence style. Anything that devotional is invariably terrifying to a light loving aquarian/piscean, to a relative novice of life - what is 43 years essentially. We are all immaturity in the bones. If you claim you are not, you've got it figured out, you are arrogant and perhaps a touch deluded. You'll never know what you'll never know. Forgive humans for their endearing perpetual adolescence. 


a presence, fully present

a way, fully weighed


So here I am, a professional. Having lived lifetimes, having served lifetimes, options clearly investigated - ready for the real deal. Ending a career, starting a legacy. Stripping her life away to do what is right. Diving into her humanity+.

It's like facing the twin flame, naked bare, vulnerable, dis-armed. Only LOVE in her hands. With the pain of all the mistakes, with the melancholies of all the loss - woven into her hair - forever. She stands there nevertheless. Despite all. Nothing else. No one to turn to, just the scorching heat in front of her - her Flame. A true test of faith.



women - like us -  

stand here - like this -


the universe Breathes a deep sigh of relief

finally chosen



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