Humility with a big H


You wanna be


Live YOU then


There is a Tsunami Evacuation Street Sign at the top of my street. The beautiful street where I tuck my children in at night, a quiet paradise right by the Pacific ocean.

On a night like this, this sign summons feelings of humility. Tonight they are calling a Tsunami possibly hitting this coastline.

As a child, my recurrent dream was being faced with a giant tsunami wave, and feeling completely powerless in the wake of it's deep blue magnificence.
That human powerlessness against cosmic enormity.

These kind of dreams are natural, and very pivotal as the consciousness evolves. Powerlessness is a stage many of us end up being stuck in for many decades of our lives. We can distract ourselves and justify our lives, yet underneath our powers are deflated by this. Culture rewards this type of masking, it rewards the content and the powerless.

Tonight, I sent my children up to the mountain, to be safe with daddy-o-adventure-style. And I sit here, candle light flickering across my comfy chair, I sit and I reflect on


What a grand fallacy, humility. It is a sweet, mischievous little thing. The grand viziers can weave all our fears into a Persian rug, and call it humility. Even the strong give-in to this lull.

Did you ever look up synonyms for “humble" in the thesaurus. They are all such sheepish terms… ordinary, polite, unambitious, supplicatory, submissive… and on and on. We admired this. For real!

At a close glance however, true humility is the exact opposite.

Humility is organically expansive, unsuppressed, voluminous.


Humility is that reverent explosive greatness of

facing the Universe with your resolve to simply be,

a pure being in line with integrity.


Evolved, mature, humbled not by fellow men, but by the vastness of the Vanadium Ocean Goddess. Cowering before her serves NO purpose, she will laugh in your courteousness. Fully, as-designed, in tears, as-meant, you face her, IN-FULL.

Is that courage? No. THIS is true meaning of humility.

So, sitting here at the candle light, if, when she arrives, I will run up the hill, and if she catches me, what am I to do… cower now? plan ahead? or be, as meant now, silent sitting at the candle light. Simply Woman. 
The black cat is here too.


I am so honored to be here with you. Thank you for the read!

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