Fallen Caryatid


Women carry the load

because we care

and we CAN

(Until we CAN NO MORE)


This was me not that long ago, collapsing under the weight of a load too heavy for me to carry.

Auguste Rodin's Fallen Caryatid is an exquisite sculpture. I used to walk the gardens of Rodin's museum for hours in my Paris years, sketching the angles of his broken women. Little did I know that DECADES later it would be Caryatid that would become the symbol for my heart, reminding me of the days I took on EVERYTHING.

This sweet young thing, Caryatid, looks so innocent, so kind. Still trying to shoulder her load, not blaming anyone, humble, renounced to her fate, defeated.

Well, I was not as innocent as her. I fought, I lamented. Then one day, I found myself on all fours face down at the doorstep, in tears. I folded under the weight.
To be FAIR, I was alive, with a beating heart & a young mind. She is cold stone and immortal.

How does this happen to cosmopolitan women as ourselves.

I am intelligent, resourceful, tenacious as hell. I love gently & relentlessly. 
I care madly and I show up.

What I have found over the years is that this strength can get you carrying loads that you never would have foreseen. Somehow you are handed more and more, quietly it piles on, little by little, insidiously. Why. Well, because YOU CAN. And little you know, you end up on your knees.

Caryatid is frozen in time, poor thing. 
I am deeply grateful I am not.
Between every crush I rose, I got up off my knees. And I began to chip away at the weight, one fall at a time, until the load became reasonable. What helped most? 

I am ALL for responsibility, benevolent duty & devotion. But I will never find myself under this boulder again. Never. Caryatid is my prayer. 

The Fallen Caryatid is a powerful archetype for us WOMEN, and a benevolent reminder of our




Thank you for the READ! So honored.

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