BE CLEAR, not clever.


The trouble with MASKS is that they always


The REAL DEAL is what I wanna see


If you are online to show-case your art or creative piece and just have FUN, be as creative and artful as you wish to be. Be obscure, esoteric and wild. Dazzle us, astonish us, insult us if you have to.

It’s open game.

But if you are online to make an impact, to create financial freedom for you and your loved ones, to build a business that brings in financial resources while making some kind of innovative dent in the universe, you need to ADD VALUE to the people in the online space. The kind of value that they will invest in financially.

It’s business.

Being creative yet RELEVANT is a fine balance to strike. Being artful and wild, yet making an impact in people’s complicated lives that they will INVEST IN.

It’s an ART in itself.

There is a MOTTO online that you should keep close at ALL TIMES, especially if you are an intellectual, artist, creative, poet, a whiz.


Whatever you create or communicate, run it through this filter at all times.

No, we are not muzzling you, shackling your creative genius. But business is not about YOU! It’s about the world, the people and the valuable impact you can bring into the digital medium.


Simply be relevant to the reader, to the client, to the world.

Are you being CLEAR with YOUR client base. Even beyond your artful edge, is your message crystal clear so they don’t wonder, what do you mean?

If your client base are moms struggling with life in a small town, then be clear in a way that connects them to you. Be relevant to their plight. Help them, do not confuse them.

If your clients are comic-driven astrophysicists that love stand-up comedy, then be clever in a helpful way and always clear in a way that moves them. You can be cognitively twisted and funny but ALWAYS BRING HOME the MESSAGE. Your solutions to their lives must be ON THE TABLE at all times.

It’s the ART of business.

CONNECT to their inner core beliefs and values, communicate to their heart. It’s about THEM and solving THEIR life’s challenges.

It’s the business of ART.

Nothing holding you down, just shift focus a touch.




Good filter to pass everything through. I use it daily. It’s not always easy, I am crazy creative & intellectual! Not easy, I admit that openly. Work in progress, ad infinitum.

I am so honored to be here with you. Thank you for the read!

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the CEO and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE. I am a Mentor for High-Achieving Global Women. Radical Longevity Medicine Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor. An avid Designer & Poet. 

 I support women globally as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.

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