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Burnout is totally normal.

The adrenals, the thyroid, the sex hormones, the metabolism overall is not designed for ongoing stress.
Overt stress OR subconscious/SOUL stress: the nervous system does not care. Same.
If it's long... you burnout.

We evolved as hunters and gatherers for tens of thousands of years. 

Your nervous system is designed to protect you. If it senses that on a conscious or subconscious level you feel

1. unsafe

2. you are losing control over your destiny or environment

3. you have no tribe that has your back

Your physiology will go into overt or chronic flight & fight mode. Over time, you burnout the fuel. 

Basic biochemistry. Very normal.

And over years, especially after the 30s, this will show up as a cumulative effect of hormone depletion. A biochemical mess.

Hormones take years to reset properly.

This is why the medicine is baked into my programs, 

only if it needs to be, only where relevant of course.

ALL the incredible work we do must not be undermined by the cumulative effects of your past physiology and burnouts.

Sometimes clients write to me just for the hormones, and I do have a 'hidden' program called 


that I offer to a very select few women, who already have coaches and just need the hormone/burnout piece sorted out. 

LMK if you are interested to know about this particular 'secret' program. I will send you a link. Msg me.

In the end, 

we live in this VESSEL and the vessel is run by hormones. 

By our metabolic & energetic design.

For this NEW LIFE you are designing, you also need to have NEW ARCHITECTURE, babe...

How are your hormones treating you? Do you have any questions? Msg me here.


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