The father of my children builds exquisite guitars & ukuleles.
This is one of them. A Hawaiian MANGO piece.

The craftsmanship it takes to build a custom, high-end, well-sounding instrument is phenomenal. 

NO different than what we are ALL doing here, us, purpose-driven global women, designing lives, businesses for quality & for benevolence.

To produce beautiful sound and move people, the instrument must be FINE-TUNED daily, almost hourly. 

Same with us ladies, self-care is non-negotiable.

Fine-tuning the mindset, the heart and the body to be in ALIGNMENT to the REAL in us is as pivotal as anything else.

Without your PEACE, there is no YOU.
Without you, there is NO business.

In my blissDesigned Mentorship Programs, I help women design their brands & their business powerfully, exquisitely, impactfully WITHOUT losing themselves to the 'work'. 

You are the CEO of your life, not merely of your business.

We set the business, the work, the life's masterpiece into the matrix of a really well-designed life that expands your time & energy. I also make sure, given my medicine expertise, that your body & your health are onboard to fuel your creative design. Your health should NOT be another full-time job. The medicine is tailored in as needed, but it is not the priority. ALIGNMENT is.
This is a framework that is CRUCIAL & indispensable, especially in light of the fact that Radical Life Extension is around the corner medically, and we may be running our soul-sourced businesses into the our 100s, literally. 
Life is LONG, and we are here to LIVE it really well. Fully. Benevolently.

THAT is what I do. So so honored to have the unique expertise & deep deep care to be here for women in this way.

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