One Life

How would THIS change up 'how' you design your days ahead?

I personally do not have a clear stance on reincarnation, but what this question asks is
whether you are living THIS lifetime UP TO PAR.
In a way that would be WORTH doing over and over again.

This is a question posed by philosophers for centuries. 

Nietzsche put it this way:

“Live so that you may desire to live again
that is your duty
for in any case you will live again!”

A contemporary NY-based philosopher Catherine Collautt wrote about it extensively in her recent essay 'On Having One Life':

"if we are going to be doing this again, that is all the more reason to make sure it is something good. Something we want to do again – like being fulfilled, instead of yearning for fulfillment. We shouldn’t delude ourselves into passivity and complacency by thinking that because it is another one it will be new, and different, and better. Much better to provoke ourselves with the shocking thought that if it is again – it is again: the same, again."

Lights a fire in the belly.

Shall we get to this ladies?
Let me know what this ignites in you.

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