THANK YOU beautiful!


Dive into this 20min — CONCISE MASTERCLASS

with Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder & CEO of blissDesigned

In this class, Denisa EXPLORES the

physicality — metaphysicality — eros — legacy

of Bliss & Eros

and Delineates 24 real life shifts that

encode these esoteric frequencies into our bodies, our lives & our futures.



Denisa Rensen is a true fusion of the renaissance woman and the future FEMME. Her expertise in anti-aging & regenerative functional medicine is beautifully fused with her passion for optimal living, consciousness expansion & futurism.

In the clinical setting, Dr. Denisa offers evidence-based and innovative medical solutions for functional longevity, hormones, menopause, fertility & ovarian rejuvenation, cognitive function & mood, cardiovascular, neurological & metabolic conditions, allergies & rheumatological conditions (LDA/LDI),  medically supervised weightloss, sports and exercise nutrition, IV nutrient & chelation therapy, and Platelet Enriched Plasma & Mesotherapy for Aesthetic Rejuvenation. Her expertise in Longevity is enriched with Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, A4M.

Denisa Rensen is the founder and CEO of ‘blissDesigned’ — a future-conscious, intelligent-luxe society for the Future Human. She designs Clinical & Virtual Rejuvenative Programs, curates Age Reversal Salon Experiences and Elegant Global Retreats – all in the goal of expanding lives for highest potential and deepest happiness. Ultimately, she designs human lives for bliss – the zenith of our physical and metaphysical experience.