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0 – 250
• Highly dominated by 3rd Dimension (3D) / 3rd Density thinking, acting and being
• Lower mind / personality / ego is fully in control
• Greed, victim mentality, fight, struggle, domination, control, fear and blame energy is prevalent
• Primary focus is money, power, personal success, fame, sex, safety on all levels
• Only service-to-self oriented, all motivated for self and ego-based reality
• Physical, emotional and mental disease is common
• Low to no awareness or belief in Spirituality and Spirit; displayed knowledge is a mask
• Many energy vampires reside in this bandwidth

250 – 450
• Still dominated by 3rd Dimension / 3rd Density thinking, acting and being, but less intensely so
• The lower mind is still fully in control, but there is an awareness of the higher mind
• A knowledge, an interest and a gentle awareness of Spirituality and Spirit start emerging
• A general understanding of the connection between thoughts, emotions and health is present
• The service-to-self and ego-based reality still dominates, yet service-to-others shows up
• Energy vampires start becoming aware of their behavior and emotional entanglements
• A drive for self-healing emerges and creates growth in consciousness

450 – 550
• 5th Dimension (5D) / 4th Density awareness through thinking, acting, being is ignited
• More awareness around creating freedom in life and options for this open up
• Deeper self-love and love of life are experienced, increasing one’s already high Love Quotient
• Love & Knowledge based Spirituality more so than embodied wisdom
• The drive for self-healing is intensified and creates a growth in consciousness
• Spirituality in life and connection with the Spirit Realms and Mother Gaia grows
• A level of Mastery or status in areas of life is attained, leading to identity attachment &
• spiritual ego
• Divine Union, Masculine (Doing) & Feminine (Being) Energy balance, becomes of interest

550 – 600
• The 550 threshold is a strong barrier to break through called ‘The Guru Complex’
• To break through from 550 to 600, it takes a deep willingness & commitment to your Spirit,
• while letting go of 3D attachments: money, reputation, success, identity to an extent
• Many or most spiritual teachers & even very humble people dedicated to spiritual practice get
stuck at 550, as a very deep level of trust and surrender is necessary for a true “breaking”
through to the 600 level
• A deeper interest in freedom in all areas of life becomes apparent, coming to a place in the
heart where the need for freedom from expectations of the external world is the only option
moving forward
• Physical, mental and emotional healing is a primary focus and becomes a must
• Spirituality in life and a connection with the Spirit Realms, Mother Gaia and nature grows
• A deeper level of Divine Union, Masculine & Feminine Energy Balance, becomes a focus
• Energetic Management (holding, managing and claiming their energetic space), including
clearing & protection, becomes a focus
• Higher Communication abilities open up more strongly, even if already present
• Death of certain attachments in 3D; new beginnings, a whole new world opens up at the 600 level
• If the Soul does not listen to the messages from their Presence there may be many challenges
to assist them to “break” free of the ego’s fears, including disease, financial struggle, upheaval in relationships
Many leaps of faith are necessary to trust the journey of letting go

600 – 700
• Freedom in all areas of life is a primary objective, including stepping away from 9-to-5 jobs
• Detachment from the money, success, sex and slavery of the 3D matrix is sought
• A more permanent split between 3rd Density (3D) and 4th Density (5D) is created through
 clear choices, a deeper unplugging from 3D
• Choices to detach from certain family members and friends are made based on frequency
• Awareness of Pranic Nourishment and stronger interest in a vegetarian-vegan-raw food
• Holistic Natural Living, including living in nature, homeschooling children, eco-living
• A drive for simplification creates waves of decluttering and detachment in many areas of life,
including a clarification of true wants and needs for genuine fulfillment & joy
• A high level of Divine Union, Masculine & Feminine Energy balance, becomes a focus
• Higher level Energetic Management, including clearing & protection, becomes a focus
• Very high willingness to change and to learn new ways of being are necessary and vital to shift
through this consciousness bandwidth
• Higher Communication abilities open up more powerfully than already present
• The need to serve Humanity & the Earth deepens
• More Light Quotient (Universal Truth) grounds to balance with an already compassionate
heart, lessening martyrdom/self-sacrifice for others and maintaining clean energetic boundaries

700 – 900
• Reaching the 700 level is a gateway threshold for Ascension to 4th Density**
• A strongly 5th Dimension / 4th Density oriented life is created and lived everyday
• Pranic Nourishment becomes an option and a vegetarian-vegan lifestyle is the norm
• Choices to detach from family and friends based on frequency resonance to focus on the
Presence Path
• Holistic Natural Living, including living in natural eco settings, becomes the preferred option
• Deeper and more intense waves of decluttering and detachment, fears of lack & loss are
• Socializing becomes less frequent and only frequency resonant events are sought out
• Holistic Life is primarily Mission-based and service-to-others becomes most fulfilling & deeply
• A higher and higher level of Divine Union is achieved in one’s expressions and creations
• High level Energetic Management, including clearing & protection, is necessary
• Higher Communication abilities become more powerful and more of them open up
• Lucid states of Awareness and Consciousness as Time & Space and Space & Time start
• overlapping; including experiencing multiple timelines, timeline & future potentialities and
• feeling through the illusions of the Earth ‘bubble’ projections and reality
• The Initiation necessary to complete in this phase is trusting Light (Truth) & having a deep faith
• that they are fully supported with all their True Needs met, no matter how it appears
• Choices are made with full commitment to serve, listening to the Guidance from their
• Presence/Spirit
• A Soul/Spirit-Infused Personality (ego), working together in harmony, surrender, trust and faith
• High levels of mental, emotional and physical health
• Synchronicity, harmony, joy, peace, grace and bliss are experienced deeply and often

900 – 1000
• Alignment with Highest Potential Timeline as guided by Spirit, a deep excitement for life
• Many deep Blessings are experienced on a daily basis, including natural manifestation
• Living an Enlightened and Ascended Life fully guided and embodied by Spirit/God Presence
• Full Pranic Nourishment becomes an option, with the remembering that all can be received
• from Spirit and via Cosmic Energy
• Deep, full continual connection to Spirit and bringing one’s Mission into manifestation
• Life is lead simply in Service, with all True Needs always being met
• Socializing becomes less frequent and time is spent with frequency resonant Souls; the
• primary focus is embodying Presence in service as it brings the highest joy and fulfillment
• Life is Mission-based and is all about being the vessel for Spirit-guided creations
• Divine Union is the natural state of being within Self and within relationship
• Mastery of the state of BEing, embracing the powerful Feminine Presence
• Mastery level Energetic Management, including clearing & protection, is key
• Higher Communication abilities, powerfully anchored in this realm and ever-expanding
• Leaders and Teachers of the New 4th Density Earth

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