Your #LIFEline is your GENIUS

Your LIFE-line Is Your Genius.

find that #lifeLINE
your soul
your genius
stay real close


There is so many ways to live a life.

Much like there are so many ways to splash around in the ocean. We can just watch it from the shore, awe-stricken at it's beauty, immensity and power. We can get our feet wet, when it's not too cold, or too wild out there. We can just jump in here and there, enjoy the summer dips. We can ride some boards on the surface, small or big, glide along, We can take some PADI courses and let the equipment take us somewhat deep, the transhuman looking at the fish and the coral.

And for the few, perhaps the 1%, there is the DEEP fucking dive. One breath. Apnea.

Freediving is the Zenith of the Ocean experience. 

Setting the body into the mammalian reflex, preparing the mind to take over all life, and diving deep into the abyss on ONE breath. Knowing very well that the Ascent will be excrutiating. It takes Consciousness on Steroids. 

Much like diving into the REAL DEAL in life. The soul-sourced purpose, the mad-sourced innovation, a business, a legacy, a child, the twinFlame love. ANY complete dedication to LIFE takes full focus and undying devotion. Period.

Highest consciousness.

Like in the deep ocean dive, you must find that #lifeLINE, your soul, your genius.

In Freediving, that DROP-line that the divers set up, is your saviour.
After about 35m down in the deep ocean, the waters begin to get dark, REAL dark!  You cannot tell up from down. You might as well close your eyes. You are now diving deep into YOUR own Soul.
Add in the equalization, the pressure contractions, the physiological build up of CO2, the apnea. That line is your #LIFEline. Without it, the darkness, the currents could easily take you. The currents took one of the most incredible of WOMEN freedivers in IBIZA this year. Sweet soul girl. She did not strap on. God. So many don't strap on. 

On the surface, the #lifeLINE is your SOUL, your GENIUS. Knowing YOU, and staying really conscious of your values, vision, desires, passions, purpose, talents and skills. THAT is your Protection, the #lifeLine of TRUE freedom.

Find this so called #LIFEline, stay real close, clip your arms, your suit, your heart to it and then, only then LET GO. Surrender. Go as deep as your breath takes you. 


FREEDOM, true freedom

takes real planning

courage and devotion

this is not for the faint of heart

or the 'whatever' generation


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