My blissDesigned JOURNEY


it all started as all journeys Do — with a Genuine Intention, A Relentless Devotion, A Hard Fall, and a Resurrection


Just a few years ago, I was taking on EVERYTHING. Working as a high-level executive coach for Fortune 500 companies, the CEO and doctor of a successful integrative medical practice, chief everything officer & the sole breadwinner of a family. I was literally on call to life 24/7.

I don't even know how I came to carry ALL the load of living. I grew up as an intelligent yet very dreamy child. My family moved many countries as I grew up, yet uprooting never phased me. I felt free and light wherever I went. I traveled, studied and worked in many countries worldwide before I settled into a marriage at 32. I loved living adventurously, beautifully. Life was my oyster!

And then life LIFED me. I became responsible for every operation of every minute of a family life. Everything somehow insidiously fell on me. Finances, Bills, Mortgages, Loans, Professional life, Children, Foreign Visas, Decisions. ALL the decisions. ALL was all on me. All a whirl-wind... life was seriously living me by 39.

The turning point came when I moved my family to Hawaii. By this time, I had already been through hell & back. Hawaii was my saving grace. My desire for lightness of being was finally manifesting. I was going to get to LIVE ME again.

It took superhuman effort and a lot of finances for me to organize a very rare US E2 business visa. They do not make it effortless, even for Canadians. But OK! This was worth it! I was going 'home'. I pulled it all together strong, while working full-time, double-time and being CEO of Everything. By the time the D-day came and we gloriously landed in Hawaii, I was already spinning and worn out. 

If any of you know what the Big Island of Hawaii stands for, you will know that the pressure did NOT let up in paradise. Nope.

This spiritually powerful volcanic island burns the ego hard. The Goddesses of this island will NOT let you live on automatic pilot. Nope. Here, on this island, you face YOU head on and you FALL hard before you get up. It is known that most people last living here one year, generally. And leave. This place in no regular paradise.

They also say that it is hardest place on the planet to build a business. But I was determined. I knew the value & the gifts of my service to the world. I believed in the benevolence & beauty of my work. I went ahead to built a successful business, all while doing complex & cognitively demanding medicine AND working full-time as a high-level executive coach. Yet, I was still living by the old design and the Goddesses saw it.

And then life LIFED ME HARD, finally. My good colleagues left the business and I was suddenly left on my own with it all, covering very high overhead and holding up the fort for the family, all solo, solo again. I am a rock solid vessel, but my health finally gave in. I began to spin, literally vertigo everyday. I began to lose eyesight. Literally seeing black, seeing nothing. My adrenals were shot. My metabolism shut down, I came to a halt, bedridden, in HAWAII. Madness!

I was finally collapsing under the weight of a LOAD too heavy for ME to carry. For ME, a natural lightness of being.

This was a case of the FALLEN CARYATID.

Auguste Rodin's Fallen Caryatid is an exquisite sculpture. I used to walk the gardens of Rodin's museum for hours in my Paris years, sketching the angles of his broken women. Little did I know that DECADES later it would be Caryatid that would become the symbol for my heart, reminding me of the days I took on EVERYTHING.

This sweet young thing, Caryatid, looks so innocent, so kind. Still trying to shoulder her load, not blaming anyone, humble, renounced to her fate, defeated.

Well, I was not as innocent as her. I fought, I lamented. I tried to salvage it ALL. Then one day, I found myself on all fours face down at the doorstep, in tears. I folded under the weight.
I was not designed for THIS. 

I came to a halt. No one was here to take this load off. There was no rescue ship. I was forced to see MYSELF. I was the designer of my destiny. I had to take full responsibility, step into my sovereignty,  like no other time. It was time to re-design it ALL, for life, my life.

HOW does this happen to cosmopolitan, modern CONSCIOUS women as ourselves. 

I am intelligent, resourceful, tenacious as hell. I love gently & relentlessly.  I care madly and I show up.

What I have found over the years is that it is YOUR STRENGTHS that can get you carrying loads that you never would have foreseen. If you are not careful, somehow you are handed more and more, quietly it piles on, little by little, insidiously. 

Why? Well, because YOU CAN. You can handle it, you have the power, you are tenacious and you just DO it. And little you know, you end up on your knees. 

As I began to chip away at the load, I began to realize I have been living in servitude to others for many years. The very same POWER that I used to uphold other's lives is the power I needed to live my REAL, AUTHENTIC, ALIGNED life. It was ALL in my hands, I was serving noone in servitude. 

I got up off my knees. And I began to completely re-design LIFE. I closed the medical practice. I moved my existing patients to a concierge-style boutique premium packages model, and I began to fiercely design for what I TRULY want to do for the rest of my life'. To design, to travel, to live free.

I became fiercely unavailable for the Spinning, the Overwhelm, the Blame, the Burnout, the Servitude. I started to come alive. I began taking professional courses in Design, Internet Marketing & Business, Leadership and in Personal Development, things I LOVED. I became obsessed with unearthing the subconscious & eradicating limiting beliefs. I hired high level mentors & I was FULLY devoted to PURE CRISP AUTHENTIC LOVING ALIGNMENT. 

One fine night, I received a powerful relevation, ‘blissDesigned’ downloaded. It was a true gift from the collective consciousness, came down CLEAR as a message to Moses. Designing for BLISS is the highest goal of any service, this is the highest frequency 'state of being' for a woman. When a woman is aligned with her highest purpose, when she is awakened & lit up - she becomes a POWERFUL force of good in the world. 

"Successful women are more likely than successful men to own a business so they can pursue a personal passion and to make a positive impact on the world, according to 2013 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth." - Forbes Magazine Feb 2016

Yes we are. When we generate cash, we tend to recycle it yo!
No one is hoarding their coffers here.

We create it, we recycle it
for BLISS 


That is who we ARE. By design.

Nothing moves me, elevates me, lights me up more than to help women come to a place of perfect alignment and experience REAL success in their lives & in their financial freedom! It's so healthy for us and so good for the world!

This is the ONLY work in the world I am meant to do, I realized swiftly.

THIS is the true medicine, THIS is the true mentorship. 


If we are going to see 
real development in the world 
then our best investment 
is women 

- Desmond Tutu


I know that as a woman, I live most freely & most powerfully when I am aligned with what I love, with my highest calling, with my Bliss — in ALL areas of my life:

in my soul-sourced business

in my life

and in my physical & metaphysical wellness.

I know  YOU do too.

Being CLEAR on your desires, your values, on what fuels you deeply, on what you are meant for, on your mission in the world is the start. Good Design, Sovereignty, Leadership, Transformation, Pleasure, Love — all come next.

Our businesses, our professions are BUILT-INTO the life we love. We are the CEOs of our lives, not of our business or of our corporate positions. 

Nothing brings me more gratitude that seeing WOMEN build legacies in a way that is intelligent, soulful, artful, and filled with pleasure.

I am honored to have the experience, the expertise and the deep deep care to be here for women globally in this way.

The Fallen Caryatid is a powerful archetype for us WOMEN - and a benevolent reminder of our RELENTLESS PULL to FREEDOM, PLEASURE & LIGHTNESS OF BEING. We don't have to do this the hard way. We design well and we pull it off fully!

If this speaks to you and you are ready to take the next steps, let's talk.