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You are






You are







  • successful, soulful & resourceful, no question about that! you have proven it time & time again
  • your dedication to your purpose, your service & your freedom is unquestionable
  • yet you know it is time to re-design in a way that is MUCH much more sustainable, that leverages your genius, your strengths, so you can step into the REAL deal, the exact life you know you are meant for
  • you want to live your life & run your business in a way that is Bold yet Effortless, Significant yet Fun, Impactful yet Healthy




  • access new & highly actionable strategies for your life, your business, your mind & your health
  • perfectly align your business, your personal life, your physical health with your highest metaphysical authenticity, the MOST resonant version of yourself
  • step into your next level with clarity, with any remnant blocks uncovered and cleared, with sophistication strategies in place and with kind & powerful leadership
  • access High-Touch Support that is very High-Level, Intelligent and Results-Based
  • be surrounded by Intelligent Global Women Colleagues designing for the REAL DEAL



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Dr. Maruyama












Dr. Maruyama













I am a Deeply Passionate Women's Success Coach & an Integrative Naturopathic Doctor.

 I live in beautiful Hawaii, yet my dedication to helping Women design their lives is Global. 

In my many years in

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine


International Corporate & Entrepreneurial Wellness,

I have come to understand that a Woman's LIFE is multidimensional

and that ALL areas of her life deserve deep care & quality support. 


With blissDesigned, I have combined my expertise in Cutting-Edge Medicine with my passion for Business & Life design.

Your Business, Your dream Life, Your Consciousness & Your Physicality.

All of this is WOMAN. All of this is YOU. 

Your entire physical & metaphysical existence is my priority.

I am here for YOU. 

It is an honor to hold this place in your life. You can think of me as the

 sophisticated & metaphysically rich colleague

that is here to help you step into that Next Level

the Level where:

  • lack drops off & trust in yourself becomes indestructible
  • financial freedom becomes really well-designed, consistent & renewable 
  • intellectual, emotional & soul-sourced intelligence clearly sophisticate your every business & life decisions 
  • designing your heath & your physical body becomes very efficient & uncomplicated
  • bliss becomes the unwavering emotional quality that guides you in your decisions daily















A Deeply Unique

Coaching Experience with Me

Comprehensive In Totality 

Tailored To YOU


In this program

 we work Intimately

one on One

to set all Areas of your life into the Matrix of SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & bLISS. 


We achieve this together through 



"Women's Leadership is different. It is about becoming fully surrendered with the confidence that you can go BOLD when it's called-for. This is an empowered surrendering, backed by indestructible trust in your self, your wisdom & your highest self."

We work together to...

  • Deepen your confidence & trust that you've got what it takes, NOW
  • Create an indestructible trust in yourself, render it bold & unshaken by temporary set-backs
  • Go Pro, to be a leader that fuels inspiration in others, to lead yourself first
  • Depend your trust that abundance is truly unlimited and lack mentality is highly inefficient & unhelpful
  • Create value for your clients that is triple-fold and confidently charge what this value is worth – and get it! because it's a gift


" I am committed to women's financial freedom. Alignment is key here. Your business, your work, your life's profession must perfectly align to the woman you need to be to live, your authenticity. Financial wellness is based on you being YOU, you getting really good at being YOU. This is non-negotiable for a woman's success, for essentially ALL of woman."

We work together to...

  • Create services and offerings that harness the power of your genius and give you financial freedom
  • Polish your vision, your mission & your values so that they are perfectly aligned & your offerings astonish your clients
  • Get real clarity on your brand design, your business design & their impeccable alignment to your purposeful "WHY"
  • Identify who you serve best, how to organically attract more of your ideal clients so that making impact is a real joy
  • Simplify the systems, refine the process. We slice open all areas of your business to DESIGN for flow & ease


"Without health, there is no wealth. On all levels of the meaning. To be truly happy & at peace, to be deeply healthy, a woman must become aligned with her highest self, with her highest purpose, and live and work from that place boldly, yet effortlessly. On-demand unshakable bliss is the result, what else do we truly need, as enlightened women."

We work together to...

  • Clarify your ideal life & health, to a precision
  • Identify your pain points, what keeps you up at night, what worries you between your thoughts, what renders you physically & emotionally drained, overwhelmed, labile, foggy & stuck at times
  • Re-pair & Re-set physiology, so that the body and mind work FOR you, FOR your soul
  • Learn how to bio-design (feminine bio-hacking) & learn where to find the high quality answers swiftly


"Women are interconnecting beings. Enlightenment for the feminine never happens sitting on a cushion in the corner of a temple... it arises in deep relationships with other beings, directly or indirectly women are always in relation to another... that is the unique quality of the woman. "

We work together to...

  • Create a community of women and visionary leaders that have your back, that support you
  • Locate the key online platforms where your clients hangout & build a tribe that grows & that you love to lead
  • Harness the power of connection to fuel your clarity, your confidence & your online and offline visibility
  • Define in detail the impact you want to have in your own life and on the communities around you and in the world


"Deeply Intelligent, Sophisticated & Professional"

I am here for you, Let's talk


*Monthly installments available upon request

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The blissDesigned High-Level Mentorship PROGRAM Includes


  • A 30-page Welcome Compendium meticulously crafted to help us get clarity on exactly what you want & what we will accomplish in the 90 days to blissDesigned together.
  • A 2-hour Intensive Session get our time together started with a Bang! This session is a time to set us into your purpose vision, into your WHY, into what you truly want to live & execute in your life and our exact co-design strategy 
  • Twelve One-Hour Phone Sessions – Weekly sessions to help you be focused and be impactful to your life, your business & health
  • A 2-hour Intensive session at any point in the program, when you need a focused deep dive into an area of your business. 
  • Daily access to me via e-mail and Private FB group


You are Ready!