The most thriving, successful & healthiest women I have come across in my years in

 Executive & Entrepreneurial High-Level Mentorship & Women's Anti-Aging Integrative Medicine


actively living their Highest authentic purpose

Whether it's through their entrepreneurship, professional titles, or relationships, they are fueled by a soul-sourced purpose.

 elegantly surrendered in their own inner Inspired Leadership

They are fully at peace with the Leadership role in all areas, they are the Divine Feminine Bold CEOs of their lives. 

building a legacy by Designing meaningful change in lives 

Deep inside, they know they are meant for greatness and they actively harness consciousness to inspire & help others.

running businesses & family lives with a dedicated practice of self care 

They have clear structures in place for staying healthy and avoiding the overwhelm & burnout. 

Harnessing the power of intellectual, emotional and Sensual intelligence 

Their minds are sharp, their hearts are full and they use quality sensual intelligence to sophisticate all they do.



Now, those are healthy thriving women.

Profound success!

How do you know you are there?

You intimately understand Your Inherent significance

&  the impact you make on lives. 

And You experience on-demand Bliss.

Now, let's be clear, this is NOT a Hello-Kitty Joy-Surfing Erotic Tantra type of Bliss.

This is a Bliss grounded in deep care for your soul, for the people around you and for the world at large. 

This is a Bliss born of Kensho (hard-earned experience) & Satori (divine inspiration).

This is a deeply grounded intelligent Bliss that permeates your smile, your laughter, your tears, your pleasure & your pain.

It's grounded in your soul-sourced purpose, fueled by your life mission and housed in a vibrant body.

This is a Bliss unshaken by circumstance. It flows in your bloodstream, it is stored deep in your bones. 

These women are living fully!

And This is YOU!

This is the blissDesigned you!

Fully-Actualized, Clear & Vibrantly Healthy.

Nothing brings me more deep satisfaction & joy than to see a woman's life become designed for bliss. 


 In the BlissDesigned™ SALON, MASTERMIND and ONE-ONE Programs

we enter an Intimately Sophisticated journey into

your life, your business & your consciousness