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Welcome to the BlissDesigned MAGAZINE | PODCAST


My name is Dr. Denisa Rensen. I'm thrilled you are joining us for these key CONVOS!

I'm the founder and curator of the blissDesigned Movement for Global, High-Achieving, Innovative, Future-Conscious Loving Women. 

We are here to design our lives for Significance, for Impact and for Bliss. Yes!


This podcast is full of swift, to-the-point convos with the #futureFEMME

women professionals, designers, influencers, philosophers, visionaries, authors are joining me to Shed a light on

what is ahead for us | what we all need to be designing for

Shots of the LUCID | Shots of BLISS





Dr. Francesca Ferrando PhD - Award Winning PostHuman Philosopher, TED TALK speaker

The Future Femme ✨ here we dive into the future of cognitive liberty/freewill, transhumanism, posthumanism, AI, embodiment, radical life extention, unlimited lifespans, non-ordinary states of consciousness, the spiral nature of space/time, the #futureFEMME and our place in the #lucidFutures dialogue.

Dr. Ferrando has published extensively on the topic of Post- and Transhumanism. US magazine “ORIGIN” named her one of the 100 Top Creatives making change in the world.



Erin is a leadership coach based in New York City, specializing in Human Design.
She helps leaders and teams step into their highest potential by offering them a blueprint to how they operate so they can perform at the top of their personal and professional game.
She consults for startups all over the world, has built companies supporting executives, partnerships and small teams to operate more harmoniously and effectively & conducted research on leadership challenges at 90+ early-stage companies.



Spiritual teacher, speaker and international #1 best selling co-author of The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM series, Sandra works with conscious leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to solve their seemingly unsolvable problems. By accessing hidden, unconscious structures in the matrix of your soul, Sandra can deactivate what’s been sabotaging you and facilitates instant shifts and provides a system to make them permanent.


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