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Welcome to the BlissDesigned MAGAZINE | PODCAST


My name is Dr. Denisa Rensen. I'm thrilled you are joining us for these key CONVOS!

I'm the founder and curator of the blissDesigned Movement for Global, High-Achieving, Innovative, Future-Conscious Loving Women. 

We are here to design our lives for Significance, for Impact and for Bliss. Yes!


This podcast is full of swift, to-the-point convos with the #futureFEMME

women professionals, designers, influencers, philosophers, visionaries, authors are joining me to Shed a light on

what is ahead for us | what we all need to be designing for

Shots of the LUCID | Shots of BLISS





Ilana Lea’s passion and life’s work is achieving and maintaining optimal health forever - literally forever!  Her exceptional success has been founded on blending enjoyment, intensity, and an appreciation for the beauty of every human body.  A highly respected trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona - she leads the movement in fitness and ageless living.

You can find her coordinating workshops and events with PEOPLE UNLIMITED and the annual RAAD FEST - revolution against aging and death. A true future FEMME, healthy, passionate and unlimited!



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Alexandra is a Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration strategist, Holistic Nutritionist, Healer and Teacher. Working for some of the top health spas in the world before diving deep into shamanism and holistic health, fasting and Cellular Regeneration, has made Alex an all round inspiring teacher and mentor to many.

LIVINGmucusFREE is the result of her 20 year journey of Liberation and creating a life of total freedom, vitality, and heart centered living. Fasting is truly the most direct way to superlongevity & cellular health. A true future FEMME. #luxuriousFasting




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Heather BRUCE Allison

"The Feminine is coming back and women are getting tapped on the shoulder to start remembering that lineage"

Divine mystic, cosmic shaman, golden goddess. Heather is one of the most enlightened women in the online space. Her ability to extract the most essential feminine qualities for empowerment and awakening are astounding. She is a true future FEMME in my books!

Energy + Alchemy Coach,
Divine Feminine Channel




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A highly innovative and courageous, environmental Scientist. By the age of 24, Anastasia founded three sustainability ventures, raising $60,000+ to seed those projects, and worked as a researcher for Canadian water policy. She was on a finalist team competing in the $20 million Carbon XPRIZE. I was recently selected as a Singularity University Fellow, at NASA Ames Research Centre. At NASA, she launched Majik Water, which harvests clean drinking water from air. Majik Water received the MIT Water Innovation Award and was recognized by Financial Times as one of 50 Ideas to Change the World. A true #futureFEMME. 




The #futureFEMME is VEGAN & she KNOWS her Wine! - with the fabulous NYC/based Norwegian/Vegan Sommelier - the elegant & genius Sunny Hjorthol Gandara

Sunny Gandara is a food, wine and vegan lifestyle consultant. She works virtually and in-person with private and corporate clients and helps them choose kinder, plant-based options in a safe, fun and healthy way. Leading with food, Sunny aims to demystify the term vegan, showing people how incredibly rich, tasty and exciting the world of plants can be.

A certified integrative health coach, wine educator, professionally trained chef, food blogger and specialist in plant-based nutrition with a background in marketing, Sunny has multiple passions that all intertwine and come back to one mission: becoming more compassionate and loving to all species on the planet and showing how this improves life everywhere for everyone.



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Kate Mulder has been recognized by the World Economic Forum and international media outlets for her pioneering approaches to economic development, impact leadership, blockchain impact solutions, and investment strategies. With experience as a global entrepreneur, angel investor, strategic specialist, executive coach, speaker, and facilitator, Kate's passion is making the 'cutting-edge' a reality. Kate has served as special advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank to help build a seed capital ecosystem in LATAM, spearheaded the Center for Global Entrepreneurship, and has driven business development and strategy for numerous tech-startups and social impact companies.




Dr. Francesca Ferrando PhD - Award Winning PostHuman Philosopher, TED TALK speaker

The Future Femme ✨ here we dive into the future of cognitive liberty/freewill, transhumanism, posthumanism, AI, embodiment, radical life extention, unlimited lifespans, non-ordinary states of consciousness, the spiral nature of space/time, the #futureFEMME and our place in the #lucidFutures dialogue.

Dr. Ferrando has published extensively on the topic of Post- and Transhumanism. US magazine “ORIGIN” named her one of the 100 Top Creatives making change in the world.



Erin is a leadership coach based in New York City, specializing in Human Design.
She helps leaders and teams step into their highest potential by offering them a blueprint to how they operate so they can perform at the top of their personal and professional game.
She consults for startups all over the world, has built companies supporting executives, partnerships and small teams to operate more harmoniously and effectively & conducted research on leadership challenges at 90+ early-stage companies.



Spiritual teacher, speaker and international #1 best selling co-author of The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM series, Sandra works with conscious leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to solve their seemingly unsolvable problems. By accessing hidden, unconscious structures in the matrix of your soul, Sandra can deactivate what’s been sabotaging you and facilitates instant shifts and provides a system to make them permanent.


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