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intimate convos with the #futureFEMME

the woman feels the future

shots of the LUCID | shots of BLISS


Welcome to the BlissDesigned MAGAZINE | PODCAST


My name is Dr. Denisa Rensen. I'm thrilled you are joining us for these key CONVOS!

I'm the founder and curator of the blissDesigned Movement for Global, High-Achieving, Innovative, Future-Conscious Loving Women. 

We are here to design our lives for Significance, for Impact and for Bliss. Yes!


This podcast is full of swift, to-the-point convos with the #futureFEMME

women professionals, designers, influencers, philosophers, visionaries, authors are joining me to Shed a light on

what is ahead for us | what we all need to be designing for

Shots of the LUCID | Shots of BLISS


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