A results-driven 30-day One-One

High Level mentorship VIA e-mail


I designed this mentorship program so that I can: 

1. Save you TIME

2. SAVE you money & MAKE you money

3. Have you be SUPER EMPOWERED! You HAVE a true EXECUTIVE MENTOR on your business team

4. IGNITE you to accelerate FAST & get things DONE with precision everyday

5. To make you ACCOUNTABLE to yourself & to me. Straight-up relentless support on a DAILY basis.


What's included in the Program

30-days of laser focused e-mail support.  

I am available every weekday to answer your questions, give you fresh perspective, look over your copy, check your business-design & launch progress, to help you push through any mindset & health blocks. I will be there every step of the way as your High-Level EXPERT making sure you are SWITCHED ON!

Daily accountability, a check in on WHAT you've DONE

You will have a CUSTOM-MADE google platform, that will serve as a CHECK-IN base. I will be checking in 5 days/week, making suggestions here as well and giving my FULL support for your relentless effort to SOAR!


'Success needs MOMENTUM

Momentum needs Expert ACCOUNTABILITY'



The program is TAILORED to YOU. We cover what YOU NEED!



"Lead Yourself First."

We work together to...

  • Deepen your confidence & trust that you've got what it takes, NOW
  • Create an indestructible trust in yourself, render it bold & unshaken by temporary set-backs
  • Go Pro, to be a leader that fuels inspiration in others, to lead yourself first
  • Depend your trust that abundance is truly unlimited and lack mentality is highly inefficient & unhelpful
  • Create value for your clients that is triple-fold and confidently charge what this value is worth – and get it! because it's a gift



 "Success in business depends entirely on you being you."

We work together to...

  • Create services and offerings that harness the power of your genius and give you financial freedom
  • Polish your vision, your mission & your values so that they are perfectly aligned & your offerings astonish your clients
  • Get real clarity on your brand design, your business design & their impeccable alignment to your purposeful "WHY"
  • Identify who you serve best, how to organically attract more of your ideal clients so that making impact is a real joy
  • Simplify the systems, refine the process. We slice open all areas of your business to DESIGN for flow & ease



"Without you, there is no business"

We work together to...

  • Clarify your ideal life & health, to a precision
  • Identify your pain points, what keeps you up at night, what worries you between your thoughts, what renders you physically & emotionally drained, overwhelmed, labile, foggy & stuck at times
  • Re-pair & Re-set physiology, so that the body and mind work FOR you, FOR your soul
  • Learn how to bio-design (feminine bio-hacking) & learn where to find the high quality answers swiftly



"Connection is the currency."

We work together to...

  • Create a community of women and visionary leaders that have your back, that support you 
  • Locate the key online platforms where your clients hangout & build a tribe that grows & that you love to lead
  • Harness the power of connection to fuel your clarity, your confidence & your online and offline visibility
  • Define in detail the impact you want to have in your own life and on the communities around you and in the world