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TO the blissDesigned MASTERCLASS on


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with Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder & CEO of blissDesigned

In this class, Denisa dives into the conceptS of Bliss & Eros

and Explores real life shifts To put in place to encode these esoteric frequencies into our bodies, our lives & our futures.

you will learn

what is bliss, from angles of wisdom traditions

what is eros, from angles of mystics, poets, psychoanalysts

the potency of these frequencies, in rejuvenation, age reversal, manifestation, leadership & success

key shifts you can make to ignite these frequencies in daily life

key practices to put in place to embody these high grade states, and turn them into lasting traits



Denisa Rensen is a true fusion of the renaissance woman and the future FEMME. Her expertise in anti-aging & regenerative functional medicine is beautifully fused with her passion for optimal living, consciousness expansion & futurism.

In the clinical setting, Dr. Denisa offers evidence-based and innovative medical solutions for functional longevity, hormones, menopause, fertility & ovarian rejuvenation, cognitive function & mood, cardiovascular, neurological & metabolic conditions, allergies & rheumatological conditions (LDA/LDI),  medically supervised weightloss, sports and exercise nutrition, IV nutrient & chelation therapy, and Platelet Enriched Plasma & Mesotherapy for Aesthetic Rejuvenation. Her expertise in Longevity is enriched with Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, A4M.

Denisa Rensen is the founder and CEO of ‘blissDesigned’ — a future-conscious, intelligent-luxe society for the Future Human. She designs Clinical & Virtual Rejuvenative Programs, curates Age Reversal Salon Experiences and Elegant Global Retreats – all in the goal of expanding lives for highest potential and deepest happiness. Ultimately, she designs human lives for bliss – the zenith of our physical and metaphysical experience.