can you handle me
uphold my always and my
not always
my forevers and all the
temporary i can give you infinitely

- rensen


we are all a living paradox, babes

beautiful and un/beautiful

worthy and deeply un/worthy

we are capable of anything and can absolutely choose nothing 

in this 3D design of human evolution, we live in polarities, contrast, dynamic tension of creation

it's what it is - and those that see it, accept it, no longer resist it

awaken swift, evolve exponentially, liberate themselves at the speed of light


an opposable knowing/ness is

 a sign of intelligence, humility, beauty, love, lucidity


you know you are amazing and so worth it, you feel an inherent human right to live and thrive

yet, you know your shames, your guilts, your failures intimately

not only yours, the whole of humanity is ashamed

all the damage being done are merely defences we all put up

to not feel all that pain

and you see it - and you forgive it, cause it's yours and everyone's cross


building defences, boundaries all around you is no longer your 'STRATEGEM'


you laugh at it all, knowing that the big brother is you

all the conspiracies you create, all the blames and contempts you lived

were all a rascalian play that your BEING has been playing with for EAONS

 to keep you on your toes, the universe expanding


i'm just as unworthy as you are

- rensen


at the end of the unveling you meet - not God

you meet - you


and that is the beautiful joke of it all

and then you see you truly are all infinite versions of you


you are a living paradox
be good with that
all this hyper/consistency
all that clinical integrity
set free
we can handle you!



So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are.

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