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Money is so


This is a real belief I carried for a large portion of my life.

I mean
Who reads the finance section of the paper, EVER!
Come on, the moment the market news come on TV, 
you flip the channel as swiftly as swapping a fly. 

So un-stimulating. 
For years my bank statements ended up in the trash bag
So unmoved by THIS LITERATURE.

High quality disinterest, for decades.
Non merci.
I would rather read Heidegger... or some inscrutable Russian poet.

But NOW, I find myself in a different ERA of life.
Now money has a PULSE.

I have always worked in jobs that were stimulating and based in goodness. That was never the issue. The trouble I had was that I was not long-term stimulated, like in a marriage that is NICE but not it's not my TWIN FLAME. I was not MADLY in love nor stimulated to LOVE MADLY.

I was not CREATING from my true CORE in these positions. Teaching, executive coaching, medicine were all beautiful and benevolent but not DEEPLY CREATIVE enough. I was not using MY GENIUS FULLY! I was not in true LEADERSHIP of my life, of my GIFTS.

The metaphysics of this is clear. The universe is learning about itself THROUGH you. The Higher Intelligence has a real need for YOU to do something in particular. When you step into that parallel universe, you will know it!

Money becomes REAL INTERESTING in this realm.



Aligned money is



Thank you for the READ! So honored.

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