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for some, only the barren lands

are silent enough to hear


humans, sweet earth bound humanity

endearing rascals, creating and dissolving in a toroidal cycle of discovery

trials, so many errors that bring us to our knees, only to rise up the next day with investigative passion 

we destroy so much, sink it all at times

looks like on some days we seek these barren lands in order to hear better 

a creation of contrast, an expansion so excrutiating at times

why do we find ourselves in desolate situations at times, pressed to the wall, face down on our fours

they say, so much is in our hands, we create what we envision, it's all there - doable they agree

well, we are tension artists, always in the game of comparing knowing

savvy technicians of the GODS


we dissolve to reassemble

this is where self-destructive tendencies come from

we seem to have a need to liquefy

in order to precipitate something of substance



swift shots of bliss, it's all these pieces are

i'm denisa, simple to-the-point lucid love, anchoring bliss into lives

thank you for your short term attention on this, these are all super relevant to our lives, as we design for significance, impact & bliss - not much else there is to create in this incarnation, what do you say

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Photography One Ocean One Breath, Eusebio S D Santamaria,



I long to take a bike ride

with no destination

pas de passé , pas d'avenir


Telic - activites that have a finite end, a purpose of completion

Atelic - activities that have no finite end, no purpose of completion

How rare are those moments in life that are purely Atelic. Without a clear or not so evident purpose. Those drives you took as a teen - just because. Those mornings you took off for no reason - staring at the ceiling. I swear, I cannot recall many these at all moments. Telic - life is filled with them.

I grew up in a rather stoic family. Joyful, but immigrant, purpose-addicted. When you leave a past that is full of hardship and hopelessness, you instill in your children a real drive and focus purpose. 'do something valuable, time is money'. This is why the first generation of immigrant families are so so driven, so so full of will. 

That was me, growing up. Always up to some purpose. I had this inner urge to create one even out of a simple navel gazing. So exhausting to be honest. No wonder in my 20s I took off and travelled the world solo. Any excess leads to a deficiency. 

I always battled with purpose and the purposelessness of it all, simultaneously. My piscean/aquarian freedom loving heart beating within my ribcage,  I was a telic-grown woman - atelic in disguise. Always useful, always in use. 

After you've been squashed by the 30s - having children and marriage, the mid-40s halleluja! bring some lucid lessons home. Telic activities, full of meaning, significance and purpose - mean shit if not backed by the free flow inspirations that download in Atelic times. Rogue walks, deserted beach days, books off the side road shelf, baths for no reason. I pray for the day I just book a flight - not knowing where. Just a flight ahead, unknown destination, no hotel bookings.

I love to live syntelic. A synchrony of atelism and telism.  A fusion of inspired free-flow and down to earth purpose. Listening, receiving, being before any momentum, any action, any purpose/impact driven life. It's how I, as a genX woman, thrive most. 


Yin comes before


Receive first, Your love story

life, depends on it



thank you for the swift read, these are simple shots of bliss 

i am Dr. Denisa Rensen and my mission in the world -

designing women's lives for BLISS - the zenith of living experience,

from a creative and professional angle

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A feeling

fully felt is


- Joseph Campbell


we are here together, as humans
we have incarnated in the same quantum field
how sweet

but why as bodies? these platforms, heavy receptacles
the pleiadians and intergalactic channels tell us
we've got these dense bodies to learn nothing other than COMPASSION
the universe is experiencing EMOTIONALITY through us
the Earth journey is

OK, then
if that's the case
I say, the compassion starts with the 37 trillion cells within our own bodies
each and one cell is a hologram of the entire
universe and yearns for your love


every cell of your body
longs to be loved
by you

- rensen


THAT is what we are here for
to learn love
and it starts with OUR own loving

health, wellness and regeneration of the human body starts with affection and self-care, period - not with water, food, supplements, hormones, meds - the basis of it all is COMPASSION
emotion is an epigenetic environment

which emotion we choose to experience - it essentially does not matter to the universe, as long as you experience it, fully

every human emotion shapes not only our internal environment, but also the world around us - not just mere perception of life but reality itself

studies are clear that our emotions alter our DNA, and the DNA in turn affects the arrangement of photons in physical reality, we create our time and space reality by choosing our feeling at every moment

so fascinating, emotion designing every physical piece of our reality

if bliss is a feeling fully felt - then all emotion is bliss, as long as fully seen, fully experienced

at every moment - choose emotion

love and above - ideally, these essentially hurt the least

but if you must suffer, feel it fully - it's the only way to transmute it to bliss to freedom, to abundance


an abundance of lack or 

abundance of abundance

that is the only choice we are essentially making in life


IMG_2490 copy.jpg

thank you for the swift read, these are simple shots of bliss 

i am Dr. Denisa Rensen and my mission in the world -

designing women's lives for BLISS - the zenith of living experience,

from a creative and professional angle

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Toroidal Love

Bliss is a Frequency

that spins you into being

Light, Real


We are pure frequency. Every state of our being is a field of particular vibration. Whether smooth or twisted into kinks depends simply how close to source we area at a moment, how dense we live, how much com/passion flow through us, how well we have come to know our true selves, how coherent we are with our cosmic signature, essentially. When a woman is in close resonance with her so called home frequency, source-vicinity - what I call her -  bliss intelligence, bliss frequency - the resulting pattern is harmonic with the universe.

The pattern is perhaps TOROIDAL. 

It is well agreed that the Toroidal Fluid Dynamics are a fundamental aspect of the ubiquitous flow of the universe. Well, as far as we understand. If we use this model, then a fully-integrated self-actualized high-frequency source-vicinity human is potentially in flow much like the energetically flowing toroidal field.

Here is a graphic idea of the flow, a functional idea of the spin dynamics. The dots circulating may be the pieces of you, beliefs, ideas, concepts circulating in and out of presence consciousness, a relentlessly expanding and contracting human experience. In and out. Frequency.


Fun visuals. What is fascinating in this single model of toroidal spin is that we are forever expanding and contracting beings. At times we come into our center, fully heart focused in the moment, coherent close to source, in low entropy. Other times we move to the outskirts of our field and gather contrasting data from our past, future and environment, and then we take it all back into the moment. This is so much like our everyday metaphysical and physical experience. Coming in and out of ourselves, from density to light and back, to be with the world. To bring back intelligence, experience, data. So normal. Innocent. So real.

Fine, that is sweet to visualize. Now that we have a visual of how a single toroidal feels like - with the heart at the center of the toroidal field - we can extrapolate how a human relationship between two people can begin to form. A Double Toroidal Spin, possibly very much like Nassim describes here, in terms of solar and planetary scales.


Fun, a fusion of two frequencies forms a new entity, a love, an affinity, a bond, a meaningful encounter, a destiny of sorts, temporary or eternal. Relationships are prophecies, catalysts, the springwater to our seeds. We are essentially always in relation to another being, many beings all at once. But for the sake of focus, let's ask what makes a relationship remain in existence, as a resonant entity. Something that stands the test of time, of quantum fields.

Well, our soul is seeking harmony, flow, peace - source/vicinity. We are longing to come home. We meet many humans along the way and some we bond with. Some bonds are distorting and meant to serve as catalysts for exponential accelerated growth, contrast bonds. Some bonds are meant to stay and fuel our peace, uphold our bliss, lead us to that infinite vastness, light bonds. Let's look at both here.


When personal frequency is still in the process of synchronization, when many limiting and fear-based frequencies still reside, the resulting toroidal dynamics are energetically confused, mis-shaped, twisted, convoluted, complex, still untangling themselves from the general heaviness of 3rd density beingness and attempts at growing higher, genuine feats towards self-actualizing. 

Even if the human consciously makes effort to free him/herself from entanglements, any subconscious well-designed fears, doubts, scarcity dynamics will prevent bliss frequency from taking it's sweet resonant toroidal fluid shape. Now, this mis-shape here is quite beautiful, ALL is accepted as relevant, but if we are to bond with others in our lives, for real expansion, for real innovation, it's quite key to zone in on our frequency re-Design.


If two folks like this get together, the chemistry may be explosive at first, given that two frequencies that recognize each other - that need each other for exponential growth, healing, innovation - unite and find great affinity at first. But a relationship is looking to establish it's own home frequency, it's own design, it's own toroidal spin, it's own source. A frequency in full harmony with the two sovereign frequencies of each body and soul. A double toroidal field is trying to form, but the base frequencies are still organizing themselves, still in incomplete coherence.

The resulting effort can be a mess, yet a real fine 'effort'! Give the lovers credit. Sweethearts. Most humans in the world are genuinely trying to love and be loved. 



Feel into the design of this double toroidal field. This is beautiful harmony, two beings fully sovereign in their own home frequency, flowing in and out of the relationship much like the universe expands and contracts so organically. This shape shifts at all times, but the basic design is set. These folks know themselves, understand their journeys to source. Flow is switched on. Here to stay, essentially.

If we want a truly beautiful and robust double toroidal dynamic to form, we must design for awareness, com/passion, and keep moving towards the light/ness. Be patient and be really bold and courageous to face off with our own and each other's super-well-meaning protective-defeating frequencies. These are of course fed by fear, worry, scarcity, doubt, guard, and any and all the dense emotions of humanity. This is no rocket science. 


Fear is Forceful, It Demands, Distorts

Bliss is Graceful, It Guides, Creates



So honored you are here with me. Denisa here.

These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned being you already are. 

We are here to design our precious lives for real significance, for true impact and for that intelligent grounding completing bliss, the home frequency.

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I am Here

To Stay with You

Warm Your Bones, Unveil Soul


What makes a woman's message truly magnetic. Her work in the world drawing people in, naturally, organically. Never forced, never pushed. Her fragrance lingers. Her voice whispers in you, still. You want more of her. She knows something you've been trying to remember all your life. You want to encode her into your DNA. 

In experiencing women all my life -  as a student, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, a mentor, a doctor, a writer, a designer, a photographer, a mother - women all over the globe, women from all walks of life, I have teased out what has time and time again truly drawn me in - what has truly been magnetic to me. 

In teasing out the key elements of their magnetic presence, I have made a conscious effort to stay away from a narcissistic angle on affinity. What that means is that - anytime I felt attracted to a message or a person because they affirmed my version of reality or bias - I carefully extracted that piece out. Narcissistic love - or magnetism, for that matter - is all about loving THE WAY WE are loved, not loving the other in and of themselves. What I focused more on in this process is how I was trascended beyond any of my biases, a love for the magnetic being herself, a love for the magnetic process itself. Here are a few of my reflections on what allows a woman to hold magnetic presence.


An emptiness

Magnetism begins from a point zero. The woman is full yet completely empty. Her chalice has lifetimes of strength, yet inside, it is completely empty at a moment's notice. She continuously empties herself of ancient battle gear and resistance. And she is able to flush empty instantaneously, to create powerful space for others and for you. She is transparent and open. Empty and silent - even when she speaks.  


A presence

Magnetism begins in the now. The woman is here, in the moment, fully - you just feel it. Her attention holds a relaxed focus. Her presence, fully present. Not forced, it just is that way organically. She holds space, when space needs to be held. She leans in when doors need to open, to shine a light on any blind spots that are blinding. She responds swiftly to the calling of the human heart. Always, with ease. 


A warmth

Magnetism is a heart thing, no doubt. The woman is in full love frequency. Not a hello kitty 'I love you all' kind of light love. This is a deep care for herself and for being here with you, by you, for you. Her warmth is born of Kensho - hard-earned experience & Satori - a divine inspiration. It is a lucid love that embraces the entire beauty, power, humor and catastrophe of being. Her warmth envelops you, yet incapable of smothering anyone. 


A Knowing

Magnetism is grounded in a powerful knowing. The woman has excavated herself, doubt is now absent. You can tell she just knows, she knows a lot and has access to even more at a moment's notice metaphysically, intuitively. Her power is grounded in her sacrum, in her Hara, in her deepest center. She speaks depth, humility with an ever present conviction that makes multidimensional sense. She speaks to the core of any being, essentially. 


A sacredness

Magnetism is a cosmic force. The woman is shamanic, mystical, cosmic, without ever speaking any of those words. She is saint-like even if she curses. She is sacred even if she falls. She embodies the entire spectrum of your being within her, yet never owning any of it, always real with this. You feel ONE with this woman. You dissolve, disarm, breathe easier - around her. You are - as his Holiness The Dalai Lama puts it - in the company of the holy, in a sense.


A remembrance

Magnetism is a call home. The woman opens doors to all that you deeply know, one by one. Every word she speaks, every silence she offers, each an invisible Key to back to You. She unveils your soul at every turn. You remember who you are meant to live, your heart hurts a touch, a tear drops secretly when she drop a gentle bomb or two. You know she is a portal to all you already know. You remember You, being around her. And once you remember, she lets you go, remains forever your cosmic family.


She stands here

as empty as possible

as firm as love prescribes


So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are. 

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.  I am a Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

We are here to design our precious lives for real significance, for true impact and for that intelligent grounding completing bliss, the home frequency.  Feel free to get your free guide

Open Shadow Legacies




We chose a provocation

Not a Sleeping Pill

It's a good sign


So we've got ourselves an Open Shadow Legacy in power in the United States. There are thousands of others like these all around the world. Everywhere you turn, there are un-integrated demagogues in power. It's no fault of their own, in most cases. Evolution takes time and dedication - many of these folks just have spent time doing other things, perhaps surviving other demagogues, pushing the dark side of our soul deeper in, solidifying it, mirroring us all. There is so much we can do with a lifetime. I am not repulsed by anyone. We are all on a journey - and there is essentially nowhere to get. There is only a place to be.

The Liberals, the Leftists are all waking from the slumber and facing the shadows they have so eagerly stuffed into a well-designed closet. All the 'holier-than-god' meticulously crafted politically correct attitude is finding it's match, exposed bare right before of their eyes. A true opponent. Shadows always do this. They like to test whether you are FOR REAL. 

The shadow side of the American or shall we say the 'Self' Dream has been released. All the entitlement, the narcissism, the best in the world, the terrific, the money can buy all, the bully, the drive for fame and recognition. All of it is out of the bag. What a show. Shocking to see all our organs hanging on skin, guts fully exposed.

So now what.

Well, first of all, fear, sadness, disgust, anger must gently come off the table. It's a daily resolve. But let's be real with this. We are wired evolutionarily to discern safety from un-safety. The human brain is a "don't get killed" device. Over-ride is the only thing to do, daily mindfully with lucid humor. These very genuine emotions will solidify the shadows. Love and above is the focus, #LUCID love please, not more of the hello kitty. 

As a corollary, it is key for us to stop picking a side. Don't fall into a novel shade of the Stockholm. Every time we choose a defined tribal affinity, we are rejecting another. Rejection solidifies the opposite shadows even more, inevitably. INTEGRATE rather, bring down your walls. Open even more. Choose nothing, choose no one, go no where in particular, but be FULLY PRESENT and ready to design solutions from your zone of genius, from your purpose signature. Choose non-resistance. Choose love. Design LUCID and helpful solutions, no more principles and righteous collectives.

Show up for it ALL.

Show up open, show up with deep care.

As our society evolves, the devolution shows up in the same intensity, perhaps to test our resolve. Where there is a LOT of light, there is a LOT of darkness, testing for direction at every turn. It's basic physics. It's natural, nothing to be repulsed by. We've got everything we designed for. 


Whenever there is expansion, it's expansion in

ALL directions 

the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly 

It's a multi-dimensional spread

Please my love

open your arms wide

Hold all of me



Thank you for the READ! So honored. I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a Mentor, Doctor, Designer, and a Writer. My work is a true union of Wisdom & Love.

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Photography: Valentina Alexandrovna






you hold a life in your hands

a Living Breathing person

the future you


I am a huge buff of the 'futures' dialogue, a relatively academic, philosophical and techladen area of futurism. You can call me a #softTranshumanist. To be honest, I do not see many of us gals - women - that love to dive deep into the convos with the intellectually engineered minds of the present futurists. In general, it appears that so far it's generally the guys that are drawn to this platform, for some odd reason.

But I am here, somehow, not able to pull away. Why, I ask myself often? You look at me and you would think, she is no metallicaCrafted CompEngineer. She is so, well, normal - 'feminine' gal. 

Precisely. The futures dialogue needs healthy awake feminine women with quality minds that can keep up with the technical & metaphysical convos shaping the future of our lives. The voice of the intelligent, educated, loving and highly intuitive woman must become a part of this.


Why? Because the future will fail us, if we fail it.


I invite any future conscious woman with an affinity to tackle the difficult content of sentience, transhumanism & #futureTech to step in and become intentional in this futures dialogue. I mean, the future of our bodies, our kids, our free will, the future of the race is in active design here. Singularity is set for 2030+ or so. We are either heading towards the greatest expansion of infinite abundance in human history or for a AI-driven evolutionary demise of sentience. Every detail adds up from here on.


Little by little, a person becomes evil

 as a water pot is filled by drops of water

Little by little, a person becomes good

as a water pot is filled by drops of water


- The Buddha


We are either falling into humanity- or ascending into humanity+. Same effort. Decision by decision we are shaping ourselves, our future. Every LUCID voice counts here.

I seem to be drawn to this dialogue simply because it really MATTERS. I am positively angled in general. I have faith in the former - Plus - reality. But as much as there is light, you must integrate the shadows, you must get educated or something ridiculous as #demagogues happens. We are dealing with that now, it's waking us yeah? 

I intuitively feel that the 'creative nurturing caring highly intelligent sentience-loving' feminine consciousness in every human being is what will save the future. The woman in every human. 


The World Will Be Saved By

the Western Woman


- The Dalai Lama


The western woman. The enlightened man. Folks like us. Simply put. 
Not because we have some unique loft sourced superpowers. It's simply because, as cosmopolitan educated women & men, fully actualized, balanced, we have the floor time to deal with this and bring in the heart, the benevolence, the leadership, the sanity. We have ALL the tools needed to veer the future in a positive direction.




A why is a why. It drives all you do. Make 'futures' a part of it. Reach in that deep, that long, that wide. If you don't know where to even begin dealing with the futures dialogue, let's start with where it matters most at this moment. Your FUTURE YOU.


Who is the one person in the world you have the

greatest power over?

It’s your future self. 

The more power you have over someone,

the greater your duty is to use that power benevolently.


- Rick Hanson



You in 5 mins, you tomorrow.

You in 3 years, in 20 years, in 100 years - given #superlongevity.

You begin with the design of YOU! Your personal humanity+.  You don't have that much control over your past, only in so far as you re-design your memories of it for your happiness and your sanity. You don't control your present, it's been already harvested by your past decisions. You do however have full design control over the future you.

Be kind to her. Design her right. Give her freedom. Give her power. Given her full alignment. Give her joy. Feed her kindness. Design for her true SIGNIFICANCE, her real IMPACT, her most grounded & intelligent BLISS. What if her consciousness is to be uploaded in the future. who is she meant to be? Design for her now.

Knowledge, Freedom, Power in the hands of an intelligent, creative, balanced, loved, aligned woman is bound to be pure goodness and be of great benefit to the world and to the FUTURE. Help steer humanity in a benevolent direction


Fill the futures cup

with lucid love

drop by drop


Thank you for the READ! So honored. I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a Mentor, Doctor, Designer, and a Writer. My work is a true union of Wisdom & Love.

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like a woman, a girl child

i start new

with all that I know, with all that i feel


Can we truly start new. Can we truly start each minute, each day, each new stage as a newborn. Can we truly be clear of all our doubts and fears and maturities. Can we truly let go, forgive. Is each moment really new.

Starting over. Scary, intriguing. No doubt. You know you have pulled off great feats in the past, you know your value, you know your relentless desire to serve, to show up. But each new precipice never feels benign. Moreover, you know from all the previous times not to put your foot on the brake, but move it - even hesitantly - over to the right - on the gas, gently press. You know that all other bets are off.


i burn no sheep

no bridges

i just take all other options off the table

- rensen


So here I am starting over. Again. Not from new, not from scratch. I have been at this for years, just this time it's in full presence style. Anything that devotional is invariably terrifying to a light loving aquarian/piscean, to a relative novice of life - what is 43 years essentially. We are all immaturity in the bones. If you claim you are not, you've got it figured out, you are arrogant and perhaps a touch deluded. You'll never know what you'll never know. Forgive humans for their endearing perpetual adolescence. 


a presence, fully present

a way, fully weighed


So here I am, a professional. Having lived lifetimes, having served lifetimes, options clearly investigated - ready for the real deal. Ending a career, starting a legacy. Stripping her life away to do what is right. Diving into her humanity+.

It's like facing the twin flame, naked bare, vulnerable, dis-armed. Only LOVE in her hands. With the pain of all the mistakes, with the melancholies of all the loss - woven into her hair - forever. She stands there nevertheless. Despite all. Nothing else. No one to turn to, just the scorching heat in front of her - her Flame. A true test of faith.



women - like us -  

stand here - like this -


the universe Breathes a deep sigh of relief

finally chosen



Thank you for the READ! So honored. I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a Coach, Doctor, Designer, and a Writer. My work is a true union of Wisdom & Love.

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Future Presence


the future belongs to those who can hear it coming


- david bowie


to those that can see it

taste it

feel it

especially to those who are willing to

give it a voice


- rensen


Oh, that voice.

I always like a good convo, a good dialogue between intelligent yet meticulously intuitive folks. This is the exchange I would have with David, if I were honored with his presence. 

On the topic of Presence. I am a huge fan of what you could call a 'future presence'. Yes, being in the moment is critical. Mindfulness is one of human's highest skills to cultivate. Yet, 'just the present moment' perpetuates the past, I feel. The precise present moment is in fact a vestige of all that you have been, all that you have lived, the harvest of seeds already sown. What we sink into 'in the moment' is in fact the past. We are drowning in the extinct. Sinking deeper and deeper in a cycle of the same story.

How about we come in resonance with a type of  'future presence'.

Look, I am fully available for all that comes in the moment, in non-resistance as much as I can muster up. I am not always successful with full acceptance of all that is, as is, but I keep my finger on the pulse here. No repulsion, no repudiation. All that is - it is as is - due to all that I have been thus far. And I have been perfectly humanly imperfect. 

At the same time as I am accepting 'all that is', I have my foot on the gas - not on the brake, so to speak. The moment is a static entity on its own, a still shot of life. But I naturally like to keep moving. There is an organic pull. It's a feeling coming from the heart. A yearning to motion. To keep creating. Designing an 'ahead'. Not pushing or pressuring the moment to go in some specific direction, but using the canvas of my heart and my imagination to create a next moment. The next moment that is a touch more expanded, a touch more evolved, grown. A touch more loving. We are the directors of this wonderful play called life. We get to choose! Imagination with heart is the design instrument. Always one step ahead in the dreamscape.

Perhaps this is 'The Moment' - making love to - 'Momentum'. Presence flirting with the next Presence. And the next and the next. A Future presence. It's a lot more fun progressing than looking back, as David Bowie would say - than just be looking 'in' - I say.


you can lie a lifetime

in a beautiful meadow, watching the clouds form

from moment to moment

but what good is that when the skies

long to sing your voice

dance your skin

run your bones




Thank you for the READ! So honored. I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a Coach, Doctor, Designer, and a Writer.

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She knew she could not have reached this

white serenity

except as the sum of all the colors

of all the violence

she had known


- Ayn Rand


We all look for love, for peace. Chasing happiness around. Designing lives for goodness, for prosperity, for success. For the REAL DEAL. We are sweet little joy surfers. Wanting significance, to make a difference. No doubt, any intelligent, intuitive gal on the planet is now chasing the light, following bliss around, in some shape or form. 

Yet, true bliss is wholeness. All encompassing acceptance of everything 'that is'. No rejecting, no repressing, no renouncing, no repudiating. A full acceptance of all that comes at you at every moment. And LOTS comes, every moment. From within and from without. 


A feeling fully felt

A thought fully thought

A belief fully believed

A Presence fully present

A care fully cared

A love fully loved

A despise fully despised

A darkness fully dark


All fully accepted. All fully seen. All fully understood. THAT is bliss. THAT is the light. THAT is the white of the spectrum of color coming to life. White, as a color is simply the mix of ALL colors of the spectrum. ALL, not one shade must be missing. To get white, you must mix in every detail of every shade, every hue, every shadow. 


The shadow

the person you would rather not be

- Carl Jung


Yes, we have an entire palette of shadows to choose from in our lifetimes. And they surface everyday, in some shape or form, whether we like it or not. Seeing. Understanding. Accepting. That is what is being asked of us. If we are to be fully actualized, fully integrated, fully free, fully happy, we must SEE - UNDERSTAND - ACCEPT our shadows. Only then the Shadows cease to fuel fear, the disgust. Cease to be the kryptonite. 




Make a list of ALL the things you dislike about you, about life, about the world. Anything. Go all out. Expose all your displeasures.

Then ask your self "How am I being THAT?"

Expose ALL of you.

"How am I being that."

Identify. See it. Understand it.

Then let go, forgive, integrate, laugh, accept, untether.

Always laugh. Always untether. And repeat - ad infinitum.


This is the wonderful game

I like to play


Turning shadows into love


Thank you for the READ! So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a world-class Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

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Plein Air

Plein Air


Swimming en plein air

Once a recurring dream

Is now sincere reality


- rensen


At the root of personality - that sense that you are YOU - is fear. Fear of abandonment, fear of failure, fear of meaninglessness, fear of disintegration. 

This is very basic. Really well documented in all psychological texts. We are animals by nature and there is an instinct in us that drives us to want to survive no matter what. This is very sweet, very natural.

So we spend our lives building up a quality personality. We grab onto perspectives, impressions, standards, people and things and we built solid mansions in our subconscious psyche, out of wood and brick and metal and rock, so that they do not end up in a rubble at every wolf's blow - at every breeze of uncertainty, at every strong blow of fear, at the hurricanes that come in life from circumstances. And they come by the thousands. We know.

We build out our loving personalities to protect us. To give us a sense of control. Yet, we know that there is no gravity to consciousness. No ground here. Consciousness is pure emptiness. The awareness behind out thoughts is hollow, quiet, infinite.


Empty vast space.


We spend our entire lives building a solid personality in empty space. No wonder we are constantly struggling to 'keep it all together'. As soon as anything goes wrong, which it does often - it's what life brings in this metaphysical design - we dive in with our tools to keep the walls up, the windows from sliding out, the roof from falling through. We defend and rationalize this perfect modeled castle. We meticulously process each event, we fight to get our control back, at every blow. There is a structure to uphold, a meaning, a significance. This is serious business, daily! 

We perpetually defend. We perpetually design for ways to keep order. We perpetually try to keep the world and people straight to line up with our conceptual personality model of reality. Sweet little engineers & leaders we are. But we know, we have been building this entire civilization in mid-air.

So what do you do, once you realize that your entire energy resources are being used to assemble a house of cards in empty groundless formless infinite space? If we had unlimited energy resources, fine. Keep playing the game, assemble away. I mean architecture, engineering are all real good fun!

At some point, however, you are bound to come head to head with burnout. Especially if you are creating a very specific soul-sourced project in life, where EVERYTHING and ALL OF YOU is riding on getting REAL. In this design, this massive personality building project within the consciousness becomes a massive loss of fuel. Your personality is not built on quicksand. It's built on nothingness. All that energy usage to keep it UP!

When I realized this, I literally fell to my knees. No wonder I have become so tired. So so tired. Dear God. I have been genuinely building a loving, integrity filled, benevolent, hard-working, always show-up-kind-of-gal conceptual model. Really? Was this all just to protect myself from fear of 'XYZ'? All these decades? I've built an exquisite design piece. And I invited everyone in, always an open door. No wonder I am spinning.

The day I realized this, the house of cards fell to pieces almost in an instant. I was just there floating in empty space with all my fears with me. Thank God I was tired and did not try to muster up the design power to start solving this nothingness. It was quiet. I did not disintegrate. 


Still here, flesh and blood.


So now, I am floating, events are coming and I let them. I use my heart, my intuition, my intellect to deal with each moment as it ephemerally arrives. I use my deep care for my life to create a momentum. I use my gratitude to keep creating and adding beauty to the world. I use my power of focus and attention to get things done daily, in this quiet emptiness. I still have my passion if I want to shake things up. Somehow, it is all creating a physical life that is quite beautiful and powerful and kind. So so kind. So so alive. And I would begin to argue, much more useful to the world around me.

Once in a while, a storm arrives. I let it. I feel it all. The fear, the dread - the sense of incoming doom - as they call it.  But I have to say, this all gets neutralized more and more efficiently with every blow. I keep on existing still, somehow. Yes, my beautiful perfect design solid house is gone. But my home is expanding in this emptiness - consciousness.



I Float, I Fly  

Somersaults en plein air

And look

I am more useful than ever


- rensen



Thank you for the READ!  So honored.  

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE. I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a world-class Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer. Feel free to get your free guide

Art : Harry Holland




remind me of my humanity

make me weep

devastate me

never let me forget being flesh


- rensen


There are many gifts that 3rd density comes to bear. There is a reason why we are living in this limited physical pain-filled '3d' existence. There are a few key things we are learning here. It is not all in vain. There are critical GEMS here for cosmic understanding.

Compassion is one of those critical learning pieces. When you live in a 3rd density world of victimhood and perpetration, you have your eyes and your heart opened wide to injustice. Here you truly get to feel & learn compassion. When you witness innocent civilians being bombed, their children tortured and crushed in the rubble. When you read the history and the devastation of the human spirit. When you witness the suffering of a fellow human in pain or child in terminal illness. You get to really FEEL! You are broken to pieces. You FEEL the human palpable pain, the injustice, the suffering at the cellular level. Your brothers and sisters are victims, at the mercy of a ruthless ruler - at the mercy of life, society, a nation, of nature. There is no justice here. You awaken that Weltschmertz - that world pain.


here is where

we come to learn



In 5th density, however - an evolved advanced civilization consciousness design - compassion is NOT AS palpable. In '5d' all beings are creators of their own reality, each Being's consciousness designs it's own physical reality. Justice is essentially not an issue here. You do not come face to face with raw pain and dripping compassion.

You have come across this even here, I bet. Some evolved teachers, gurus, metaphysicians, mindset coaches that 'kind of do theoretically recognize' your pain, but do not FEEL your pain, they do not express or show their fleshly compassion. They see you as being fully responsible for your own reality and they usher you to move on. They waste no time in feeling with you, in outright pain union. We get why.  It is all well meaning. They truly want to exit you from the emotionality & victimhood, release you. The intention is pure goodness, yet you can sense they are not available to feel with you, like your '3d' colleagues would. Palpable compassion is '3d'. It feels like they have forgotten the visceral pain of evolution. Just like some elders that have outright forgotten what it's like to be a child.


3D compassion

never forget it 

a true GEM of humanity


If you sit with anyone that is still struggling with being at the mercy of life, receiving life instead of creating it. Pause for a moment. You CAN 'feel with' and still remain in high frequency. Do not look at them in pity. This is straight up spiritual arrogance. Be REAL, be HUMAN. Know they are learning what you are forgetting already. They are reminding you of your humanity. 


when you see me

in tears, feel me

no pity please, you pompous sage





Thank you for the READ! So honored. I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Innovative Loving Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a world-class Coach, a Doctor, a Designer, and a Writer.

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Photography: Jake Thacker




The Tao is empty, like the eye of a hurricane, 

it's power is it's emptiness. 

All things swirl around it, but it is unmoved. 


- michael singer


Presence, unmoved presence. We value this emptiness, no doubt. It helps focus. It preserves energy.  Being FULLY present. In non-resistance, non-judgement, a witnessing mind, a Zen angle on our moment to moment existence. So peaceful. 


But how does this non-doing presence create



In the Tao Te Ching, it is said that The TAO, this eye of the metaphysical hurricane, is the wisest place to be. Suspended in an ever present peace, a holding space of non-doing, non-polarity, in the midst of the middle path. Here, no matter what comes at you, you no longer oscillate between opposite polarities, judgements of good and bad. The car cuts you off, you just deal with it in the moment, attach no particular meaning to the event, and it's done. You can keep singing away to your mp3s. You live from moment to moment unaffected by the caprices of physical reality, the spinning & storms all around you.

What a place to be! Complete serenity, effortless flow. But why did I always feel this state was so static, so dispassionate. I loved the extremes, the intensity of motion, the burning fire! The highs, oh the highs! The ecstasy. The rapture. The tension of polarity. The lows. Well, I did not enjoy the lows that much, but luckily I was not gripped by them for too long at any particular time. I was easily ignitable. This was the creative tension I loved for so long! For very good reasons, to be fair. I felt that this is how momentum gets created, in the tension between the + and -. I always felt we can use a fire lit under our sweet a** to get things rolling! 

In the last two years, however, I am back to exploring they Eye of Tao again. Out of necessity, to be honest. On this journey to massive soul-sourced creation, I have found the extremes are starting to exhaust me. They do not necessarily create the high quality results I am drawn to. They have me spinning and, on some days, render me frankly useless. The worry, the fear, the overwhelm, the judgements on one end of the oscillation. The excitement, the mania, the fruitless imagination on the other. All these take up a TON of room in the day, a ton of energy.  I can easily get frozen for hours by frustration or worry. I can easily get carried away for days with a creative rapture. This is no judgement of any of these states, I am just making a key observation that the highs and the lows, when I get carried away by them, can distract me from The Path significantly. They take up a lot of my energy. I lose my focus. And I need all the energy and focus I can get!

So non-resistance, being in the moment, in the TAO, is the key practice these days. When worry arises, I give it no particular attention, no energy. I just witness. When excitement arises, I watch it like I would an excited child, in awe but I do not get taken into the spin as I naturally would. I just rest in peace and reverence with it. It's actually very very pleasant. And the results are phenomenal. 

Clarity is the first symptom of being in the TAO. The Eye of the hurricane, the center of the Way, the Middle way is really sharp. The wind, the dust, the fog are on the outskirts, not in the middle here. Here in the center, it's crisp clear fresh air! Perfect 20:20 vision.

The second major bonus of the TAO is momentum, the very thing I feared it would not generate. How ignorant I was. How arrogant, me! questioning the Tao. But to my naive credit, they were talking about non-doing. How does momentum get created in stillness?


The swirl of life draws it's energy from the center,

and the center draws it's energy from the swirl of life. 


- michael singer


So in fact, you are never static in the TAO, you are always MOVING in here. This is a momentum. An elegant intelligent graceful Focused 'Current'. A flow of energy in some cosmically designed direction. A direction of YOUR choice, your desire, your HIGHER design.

From my observation, the momentum gets going from a creative tension between love and attention, between a deep care for a direction and a devotional presence in that direction. The polarities still exist here, they do have a place, and they also enchantingly fuel the movement forward, but this time in a non-exhaustive way.

It's a fascinating design, the Eye of the Hurricane motif to momentum. I will keep teasing out the exact mechanism little by little. I do not have the full details figured out yet. But I have so much more clarity and energy now!


I am still

yet I am moving, 

my current flows

in the flow of my current 



- rensen


Thank you for the READ! So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS. I am a Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. A Mother, an avid Designer, a Poet, a Freediver. Our day to day life is the MASTERPIECE, n'est ce pas? 

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Art by Rafael Araujo


oregon-coast (1).jpg




You. Are. Here.


It’s all available to you.



What you do today, defines what will be here tomorrow. And another tomorrow. And another tomorrow.

Yes. It is that BIG. Yes. It is that BOLD. 

We wander through life, often hoping to find the very thing that is staring at us each morning in the mirror. We often overlook it. Though, it may be so clear to others.

We are designed to live out a Big, Bold Life. And yet, how many times do we fall back into our unconscious habits, we fall asleep.


we must be brave and courageous

to stay awake


Or we will miss it. Our very opportunity to live out our truth, our calling, our destiny….so we can leave behind our true, divine legacy.


Questioning, “who me?”

Yes. Life gives you a resounding YES! You have the power to define your life. You have the ability to make a change. You have the gifts to live BOLDY. You. Only You.

You must awaken. You must stop hiding. It is time, YOUR TIME.  Life isn’t waiting for you to get it all together. It is marching along with or without you. But you must. You must get it together. You must wake up to your power. You must remain awake, so you do not miss out.

What does it mean to be awake? What does it mean to embrace life to the fullest? Isn't it a blessing we can each define it soul-y for ourselves. Sometimes we can more easily define it when we are asleep. When we feel we are missing out. When we recognize lost opportunities.


you will know

you will have those moments of stark awareness


Like waking up from a bad dream. THAT - gorgeous - is a moment to remember. THAT - gorgeous - is a gift. THAT - gorgeous -  is a sign. Retrace your steps, retrace your days. When was that moment you drifted off? THAT gorgeous is where your divine work needs to begin. Explore that moment. The thoughts. The sounds. The feelings. The situation. Once you do this, then, oh, it is easier to understand what it means for YOU to be awake!

As for me, I feel most awake when I am challenged mentally or physically. Or when my daughter snuggles with me and I can smell the scent of her hair. Or when I jump in the cold water during a hike. Or when I make love and feel my soul and his swirl around the room. Your power lies in YOU being able to define it. You have the answer.


we live in this funny contrast of

opportunity and limitations 


How do you choose to see life? Your answer has been defining your life up. Until. This. Moment. 

Let me lovingly encourage you to wake up. Or if you need me to grab you by the shoulders and shake you, hear me. Wake UP. Wake UP, I say.  Today, make the decision that you are going to drink from this endless fountain of opportunity. You are going to squeeze life dry.


it’s really that simple

a single decision


Decisions are the doorway to your BIG, BOLD GLORIOUS LIFE. What could you decide today, in this very moment that would support you in staying awake? A ritual, a friend, a mentor, a new goal, a new dream, a list? Perhaps, a deep acknowledgement to the truth. You have the ANSWER you seek.

Every morning as you wake from your physical slumber, look into the mirror, acknowledge this, “I have the answer. Dear Universe, help me to stay awake when the day becomes busy and I become distracted. Universe remind me I have the answer.”

Hold it tight so it doesn’t slip away.






I believe in YOU!


Mary Bicknell has combined her years as a psychotherapist with her experience as a sales trainer to create a simple to follow way of building a Big, Bold Life & Biz. It's all about THE METHOD. Everyone can apply it.
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A Galactic Holiday


we long to be high

to be deep, to be wide

we so long to


- rensen


Today marks a true galactic holiday, a interplanetary Xmas of sorts, a true birthing of a new era. Today, 12-21 is understood by the cosmo-metaphysicians to be the culmination of a long and arduous awakening in human consciousness. Galactic Alignment Process, an event that occurs every 26,000 years, that is meant to find it's rightful evolutionary destination in 2021. 

This particular date 12-21, this particular 2016 winter solstice is meant to bring us a sigh of relief, that we are as a collective finally off our knees. Finally dedicated to following the calls of higher consciousness as a civilization. Up until this time, this has been something only individuals had to bare, or small tribes. From here on, however, it is going to be a collective pull to goodness, what they call the dawn of a new civilization.

Evolution is such a beautiful phenomenon. Expansion, elevation, the spiraling to 'Higher'. Love and above - is the saying. Meaning if we can as a collective begin embodying love as the highest value, unconditional love that is, then evolution will take a powerful turn and beautiful events in our individual lives and in the collective will begin showing up organically, through the law of attraction perhaps, or some higher law of the cosmos we have not yet delineated.

Wars, devastation of the environment, destruction of things as simple as drinking water for people. The demagogue politics. The abuses of human rights, animal rights, nature - of sentient beings that feel. So heartbreaking. All the shadows. ALL the shadows of humanity coming to the surface and being exposed, illuminated. They are more and more and more being seen as 'unacceptable', solutions as 'non-negotiable'.  The voice of love is becoming crisper and louder. 

This Galactic Alignment Process is meant to shine a light on all the delinquency and by 2021, our civilization is finally meant to be clear on what the heck matters! - and take real LUCID action on it! Goodness, Unity, Connection, Collaboration, Love, Care, Deep Deep Care. A dedication to love, wisdom and ascension.

The whole theory of galactic alignment is fascinating. I highly recommend expanding our view of identity & purpose including the data from this area. The reasons are self-explanatory. When you expand your sense of identity, expand your sense of purpose, the peaks and valleys of every day life, of earthly business will be much smoother with a greater understanding of how and where the earth is headed in the cosmos.

Identity is our being. Purpose is the fuel to our everyday frequency & decisions. Who we are being is based on some form of identity design, some form of belief system designing the frequency we emanate. Seeing our position in the cosmos, expanding the scale of understanding where we belong really quiets the whining, calms the nerves, don't you think?

Just look at where you belong! The LANIAKEA Supercluster.  Laniakea means "immeasurable heaven" in Hawaiian, lani - heaven and akea - spacious, immeasurable. Laniakea is the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way, the Solar System, Earth and YOU! Watch this 6 min video. A true HOME. A deeper sense of galactic belonging.



Keep redrawing the map of your universal home. Stay on top of what is going on, on a cosmic scale. It's a part of the data of your everyday benevolent design & decisions, as a sentient human, here and now. 


belong here


and over there too

just be/long

it's all it is


- rensen


Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.

I am a Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii, as well. A Mother, an avid Designer, a Poet, a Freediver. Our day to day life is the MASTERPIECE, n'est ce pas? 

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Connecting TIME


timelines meet

 they are drawn to each other 

気 is the magnetism


So much talk about collapsing timelines. But if you really reflect on it, you realize you cannot really collapse a thing. Timelines are like the mere still-frames of a movie, infinite separate unique versions of a reality that feels to us like a continuous flowing film. Yet when you break it down, it's a still-frame after a still-frame. If you were to stay in one particular timeline, all would freeze. Just like a photo. You cannot collapse two photos. You can make a collage, but  the result would be a separate photo itself, a unique piece of creative art. 

Time as a flowing reality, from past to present to future, is simply a creative agreement we have made with our senses. In actuality, we are an ever-changing series of realities. Each smallest Planck measure of a second, or roughly 10^-44 of a second, is a completely different reality. Our higher consciousness knows that timelines are separate static realities, side by side creating a seeming beautiful intriguing illusion of flow. A beautiful film called - MY life. 


time is a created thing

- lao tsu


Created, in our consciousness. 

We can leave it here then, as merely an interesting conversation piece, a theoretical vestige of our chosen perspectives. No need to deliberate about this necessarily, in regular circles.

But 'time' is really relevant to our journeys of creating something of VALUE in this particular life time, our physical world. Most women I know are sincerely designing for a life they believe is relevant to their own HIGHER SELF & to the plight of the world as we experience it. Time is of the essence in our lives. I mean we see things evolving along a time line, we watch our children grow along a time line. Time is highly relevant in our decision making. 

A more fruitful conversation to consider is 'connecting' timelines, creating 'relationships' between timelines that are relevant to the direction of movement we want to experience. Aligning frequencies so that timelines are attracted to each other. 


There is a saying in Japanese  気が合う , ' ki ga au ' - meaning 'the QIs MEET'. When you are letting someone know that there is a resonance between two people, a connection, a chemistry, you say 'our Qis have met'. 気 is frequency, life force energy. 合 'Au' means 'to meet'.

The energies, the frequencies literally MEET. Perhaps it's not about collapsing timelines, but creating a vibration that attracts a meeting of your desired timeline. A connection of sorts. A chemistry.  




Let's use an example. It's from a discussion I dove into yesterday, that illuminated the connection of timelines in the context of legacy creation.

For instance, you know you are meant to grow your mission in the world to a multi-million dollar company. This is not some egoic impulse you suddenly have.  You have meticulously considered the purpose for every single dollar you are 'calling in' to make this come to a real physical reality. You know that creating the impact this mission is meant to have, it will require considerable financial resources. Everything requires money, even humility does. We all know it took millions of dollars to keep Mother Teresa and Gandhi doing their benevolent missions. Everything in reality, at this stage of human evolution, requires some form of 'funding', some form of 'fuel'. Money is merely a form of energy that opens opportunities for expansion and acceleration. In this particular incarnation.

So let's say you are in a timeline, a physical reality where you only direct 6 figures a year into your business. This is admirable, yes! totally celebrate that! But limiting still on the larger vision. In order to reach your true impact, you need to 10x that at the very least, you can sense the pull. Of course, you have genuinely & benevolently crafted that number as 'necessary', goes without saying.  It's a genuine part of the mission design. 

So how to meet the multiple 7-figure timeline?  Vibrationally. With your frequency. Vibration is a result of the resonance of your belief systems, your WAY OF BEING in the world. 

Who are you being? And what is stopping you from BEING the BEING that designs for multiple 7-figures and truly makes the precise impact that she KNOWS she is meant to.

WHO are you BEING? 

WHO do you need to BE?


If you identify with precision the answers to these questions and begin to take very genuine & fearless action, then your timelines will begin to meet at an accelerated pace. Genuine & fearless are the operative words here. When aligned & devotional in your actions, you will be able to move through relevant timelines very swiftly to get to your destination! This can look like a collapse of timelines, but it is in actuality an acceleration of connection, meeting. A chemistry.


WHO are you BEING?

See where you are and BE with that, unconditionally. Do not resist, do not judge, just BE in full acceptance. The seed to momentum is planted in that surrender to 'what is'.

When I am spinning & lost, I stop and just stay with the spin & the void. It is not easy, omg. Not at all, I just want to get out of this place! But the chaos informs me powerfully.

'Accept fully, be All in' - is what I say to myself in times like these. This calms me, and after I stop losing my marbles,  I can see more clearly. I can hear the lessons. This is great data for the next move.


WHO do you need to BE?

Not that there is a 'need' per say, all is accepted. But your multiple 7 figure timeline requires you to be vibrating at a certain frequency, to have certain things in place, mindset wise. Design this FUTURE you (well not future, actually, she is already existing, just in that desired timeline), design this 'necessary' you. Have her as your vision board, and become her daily!

I ask myself the question, who do I need to be in order to FLOW? In order to be in BLISS. In order to be vibrating at the frequency that will magnetize the next timeline in swiftly. I am not interested in waiting years for happiness. I design for happiness right now in this moment. This is my daily, moment by moment game I play with my head/heart/spirit. It's real good fun. On some days, it's excrutiatingly hard, in moments only. I always flip the hard into the soft. It's a game I play. Best game ever! 


WHAT is stopping you?

We have heard this a million times. You would already be there, if you were not constantly stopping yourself. Yes yes. We get this. All realities are all simultaneously in existence. So why am I not where I desire to be? It's not rocket science. I am not there because I am blocking it, for good reasons, with all kinds of things. The blocks always serve some purpose. There are an infinite number of beliefs we can think up to block us. All that programming in my gorgeous rich dusty subconscious mind. Once we totally accept this and have a good laugh, we can begin to open the pandora's box and sequentially unearth, expose, thank & transmute the beliefs that are keeping our yearning higher frequencies at bay. 

I keep a journal around me. As soon as I feel the frequency of resistance, I stop for a minute, I accept it fully. Then I bust out a pencil and write WHY I feel the block is serving me. WHAT beliefs are running this show? Then I invite myself into reality and Expose the sweet Fallacies, Flip the Beliefs. This takes maturity, no doubt. A willingness to be raw and vulnerable and real. It's a never ending resolve, an eternal dedication to #truth, perhaps. Some days I am real good at this, some days I suck. I write those off. Start again the next day.

Oh, what a show! It's ALL much like LOVE. You can feel who is right for you. You KNOW. You recognize in you a PULL to him/her. Why are you not with that person now? You are not ready. You have listened to the experts and love coaches. BE the PERSON that they would resonate with, FIRST. Yup, connecting and meeting of the Qis, the chemistry. It's all about a matching frequency. Supreme love is so worth fighting for! So is supreme LIFE! Whatever that means to you. 


Timelines meet, they are drawn to each other.

気 - Frequency is the magnetism.

We are here to become the MASTERS of our own FREQUENCY.

That is the metaphysical human journey.


Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & BLISS.

I am a Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii, as well. A Mother, an avid Designer, a Poet, a Freediver. Our day to day life is the MASTERPIECE, n'est ce pas? 

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abundance Designed - Part V - CASH REALITY


| Abundance Designed |

The Sexy Metaphysics Of A Woman's Cash





if you want money more than anything,
you will be bought and sold

if you have a greed for food,
you will become a loaf of bread

this is a subtle truth.
whatever you love, you are

- Rumi




Who loves a good history lesson? Silence. 

Alright, I  will make it super brief. Chimposapiens did not naturally like to share their food with others. Only with their closest kin. However, they did like pleasure, and would trade bananas for sex. That is what the historians tell us about our earliest ancestors. Early form of bartner. #Funfact.

In the advent of homosapiens, trade, bartering became more prevalent and found meaning outside of mere pleasure, in safety & security. Rations were gathered, stored for later use in famine, or for exchange. This was the beginning of the concept of savings.

The Israeli 'shekel' was the first form of money, and referred to the weight of a silver coin. So money was first  '11 grams of silver' at a time, merely the weight of a valued precious metal. Each coin was stamped with a symbol, to assure it's accuracy, and TRUST was tailored into coins. Then as the need for DEPENDABILITY and TRUST became more and more widespread and societies and trade became more and more complex, paper money was introduced. 

"It’s easy to see how money caught on.  It was a much more efficient way to transact business than bartering one good for another.  Money was also a useful store of wealth, certainly more convenient than livestock or grains.  These two core functions—a medium of exchange and a store of value—still define money today."  - Forbes MAGAZINE

In 1971, something drastic happened. The value of the US dollar was untied to the value of precious metals, and all currencies became kind of symbolic derivatives of government whims. This is where volatility and hyperinflation was introduced. Money has no longer a standard physical value. If you look at what CHINA is doing now, accumulating physical GOLD at an exponential rate, you see how valuable precious tangible metals still are. 




Where is this all going. Money has no real tangible anchor in the physical world. Does it matter? Not so much, the future of currency is in the digital world anyhow. Cryptographic currencies are what is ahead for us. Bitcoin is the first of the series that is showing some relevance. An instant and ubiquitous vehicle for an alternative currency to today's fiat (non-anchored) money. It's super secure, processing is automatic and fees lowered substantially. 

"Bitcoins can only be created by mining, which is done by solving complicated mathematical problems. The supply of Bitcoin is also capped.  So no one, not even its inventor, can create unlimited Bitcoins. There’s no Federal Reserve or other central bank that can intervene." - Forbes Magazine

Now these cryptographic currencies are nowhere near being a reliable store of value yet. Algorithms are NOT YET better at managing currency than humans. The governments have not created structures to tax us through these. For digital currency to take hold, AI & technology must advance substantially and centralized powers must find a necessity for it. But once these glitches are solved, digital money has the potential to truly transform the world for us. It's decentralized, it's way more secure, it's cheap and it's super easily automated. 

For now, crowdfunding and micro-lending are two pieces of evidence that #digitalTech is making finance more and more democratic. People are able to design financing in a way that was never available before.

What we do know is that the cost of living is going to go down drastically in the next 30 years. Electricity will become free, technology will be next to free. What we will need cash for will drastically be altered. You will be able to live in an eco house that cost you 5K to build, and drive an solar powered vehicle for a few hundred bitcoins. The purpose for wealth creation will shift dramatically. That is, only as long as the OIL GIANTS step into #consciousTech.



Now let's pause for a moment and get REAL. All of the above is the history of human circumstances. Most of this history was based on survival, scarcity, suffering and incessant lack of freedom and opportunities. The entire anthology of HUMAN MONEY is written in the dark ink of LACK beliefs. That is natural and we must not reject this history. This was a part of a very organic natural evolution of unconscious beings. This was us, this was our family. Accept it with gratitude and let's open the gate to a NEW MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS.





You are the creator of your circumstances. You are consciousness and you have access to infinite perspectives to choose from at every moment of every day. 


each day is a fresh canvas

waiting to be painted


- Craig Sager


Will you choose your ancestral scarcity perspectives? Some will, everyday, because they feel they are receivers of life. They take their cue from their present circumstances, from their present reality in front of them. The debt, the fear, the insecurity. 

The NEW CONSCIOUSNESS, the 4th/5th density folks know that the circumstances are NOT to be used as the CUE for creation. Design thinking is based in imagination & being clear on our desires & our specific cosmic blueprint. What we #truly long for, what we #truly value, what we #truly envisage. We design the NEXT reality ahead at every moment of every day. 

Money in the bank is merely a particular circumstance. If you have 10K in there, it's because of certain choices you made a few months prior. If there is debt, it's because of decisions YOU stepped into with what you knew or felt. If it's a million dollars, congrats! you probably aligned to a real quality resonance with the number 1,000,000 of US currency. It's merely a circumstance, no different that the partner you are with or the car you drive or the health of your body.

Money does not exist outside of your consciousness, much like your circumstances. That means that you can redesign this just as much as you can redesign your relationship or the health of your body or anything in your life.

Where the challenge arises is when you carry everywhere the HUMAN LIBRARY of SCARCITY BELIEFS about money with you in your subconscious mind. These create your MONEY frequency and the law of attraction gives you exactly that, SCARCITY.  A sweet ABUNDANCE of LACK. 

Unearthing, Clearing & Transmuting lack beliefs around money is IMPERATIVE for the NEW MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS to kick in. Period. Please peak at PART 4 HERE to get a sense of what this process is. This is what we will be working on together throughout 2017.  

And the next process is not making, not attracting, but DIRECTING cash for our highest purpose. It's the only way it'll come in. Let's dive into that!




like energy

money cannot be ‘made’

it’s made already


How much CASH is there in the world?


That is multiples of this 1,000,000,000,000,000!

There is no need to ‘make’ money. It’s like energy, it cannot be ‘made’ anyways. It’s made ALREADY, quadrillions of it in the world.

Your job is to simply DESIGN to draw it in, to direct it, to align it to you.

Aligning with the already existing wealth in the world is such a more efficient and swift way to financial abundance. It is such a relief that we do not have to ‘make’ it. Don’t you think?

How do we align and direct the existing wealth in the world our way?

By precise design consciousness.

Aligned with our highest calling, our genius, our service, that cosmic signature. Any business venture we dive into, soul-sourced project, piece of art, will be relentless work. But if we design to be in our ZONE of genius, if we truly embody the work, if we are the work, if we design from passion, if we design to create REAL juicy solutions, if we design to connect and elevate our clients stories and lives… we will DIRECT MONEY OUR WAY.

Period. Guaranteed.

Coherence, Passion, Perseverance, and Good Design are the key pillars of your financial abundance. Our work is to wake them all! Daily.

And let's get real, no one is hoarding their coffers here. When we access cash, we redirect it back into the world in benevolent ways. For SIGNIFICANCE, for IMPACT, for GENEROSITY, for FREEDOM, for BLISS. So know, when you get aligned and clear and direct this healthy cash to you, you become a true source of goodness in the world. No doubt.


direct the wild wealth of the world to you

you will surely release it into the world

once again

in benevolent directions

n'est ce pas?


Thank you for the READ and LISTEN!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & true BLISS.

I am also Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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Artist: Bruno Verghauven, filtered 'Mauve' by Denisa Rensen


Abundance Designed Part IV - ACTIVATION


| Abundance Designed |

The Sexy Metaphysics Of A Woman's Cash





the sun

with all those planets revolving around it

and dependent on it

can still ripen a bunch of grapes

as if it had nothing else in the universe

to do


- Galileo Galilei


As if it had nothing better to do. Brilliant. So FUN. An inexhaustible energy source. For all beings, to grow and to wither. The bitter & sweet cycle of life. Yet, our lifespan may about to be turned on it's head. 

Listen, within 10 years, radical life extension therapies will roll out to the public. Now these are not your classic anti-aging regenerative therapies. This is life extension on steroids. #superLongevity

Within about 15-20 years, these therapies will become widely available to anyone with a regular income. 

What does this mean in #years, this radical type of extension? Well, you will have a chance to decide whether you want to live your life beyond 150, 200, 300… ok time to suspend ALL disbelief… to a 1000 perhaps.



the first human beings who will live

to 1000 years old have already been



— Aubrey de Grey, SENS foundation


OK, breathe.

Yes, this is highly provocative.

But so was ‘flight’ & the ‘internet’ once.

World-class Longevity researchers & advocates of Radical Life Extension are everywhere and they are getting louder. These folks are in the trenches of the research & this reality ahead. It’s all about to hit you.

Breathe with me.

Settle into it, gently. It’s not so bad.

Let’s just simply wrap our heads around the implications of this first.

When you stand at this shocking crossroads, at this gate, some day in the near future, you will surely be looking at your life and assessing its VALUE, its SIGNIFICANCE, it's TRUE PURPOSE from a very different angle.

Is it worth for me to invest in extending this life this much? Can I handle this radical length?

Pause & feel into this.

You will be diving deep into your REAL value

your place in the world

your happiness

all the people you love

your body

your impact

what about money

what am I going to do for work

You will be assessing the RELEVANCE, the MEANING and the DESIGN of your life like never before.

Am I worthy of this? What about the world & the numbers?

This is clearly ahead for us all. We will be facing our TRUE purpose, that cosmic signature we touched on in Part II, powerfully. It is easy to dismiss MEANING when life is short, but when you have to live it in great length, you realize suffering is not an option. Default living is not palatable.




If SUPER LONGEVITY is not enough to activate you into LIFE LONG CRISP AUTHENTIC DESIGN, then let's dive into some other areas to illuminate some more subtle strategies.

YOUR WHY is key. Your purpose, your true resonance, the story that the universe is trying to live through you. It is high time to invite it in, to uncover it, to clear a path for it, to give it some TLC, to activate it. Despite super longevity, we are in an ascension stage that is asking lucid authenticity of us. We feel this on a collective scale.

How do we activate this cosmic signature. How do we pledge allegiance to our most beautiful purpose. 

As we discussed in Part III, there are so many distractions, so many beliefs in the subconscious mind to keep us hidden, in resistance. 


the higher the calling 

the greater the pull to run

the higher the love

the darker the shadow



All the fear of failure. All the aversion to responsibility. How do we rise above all these obstacles and activate this path. Magnetize the #REALgood life to us.

The trouble is, the physical mind - our ego - has free will. The Adolescent in us can choose it's destiny freely, at any moment. The Adolescent is unfortunately tormented & confused, by design. The purpose of this evolutionary stage is to uphold a personality that will be socially rewarded. And, by design, finds effort and responsibility heavy, tiring, unpalatable.

How many times in the day you hear yourself: 

I don't actually feel like it.

I'm tired, exhausted. 

It's not that fun.

And you avert some thing or two from this Adolescent voice.

But the truth is, before we can feel the BLISS of FLOW, there must be a ton of restructuring & effort put into our evolution and building of mastery. 


no pain

no gain


This statement is of course simply exaggerating to prove a point. A touch of discomfort always preceeds FLOW STATES. It takes some level of devotion or being pushed to the edge. It's not effortless.





Today, a spiritual strategist I particularly like pulled a card. Now, I am not a card pulling kind of gal, but this piece totally illuminated the ACTIVATION piece. The only thing that pushes us out of the aloof & evading Adolescent phase is pain, discomfort, suffering or in rare cases just plain surrender & illumination. Getting aligned and taking some healthy dose of responsibility is actually a relief, freeing, infuses us with energy. Indifference can be so exhausting. A default life withers us so fast.


This was the commentary on the MATURITY Card pulled, written by Osho:  

This figure stands alone, silent and yet alert. The inner being is filled with flowers–that carry the quality of springtime and regenerate wherever he goes.

This inner flowering and the wholeness that he feels affords the possibility of unlimited movement. He can move in any direction–within and without it makes no difference as his joy and and maturity cannot be diminished by externals.

He has come to a time of centeredness and expansiveness–the white glow around the figure is his protection and his light. All of life’s experiences have brought him to this time of perfection.

When you draw this card, know well this moment carries a gift–for hard work well done. Your base is solid now and success and good fortune are yours for they are the outcome of what has already been experienced within.






inner flowering

a spiritual springtime


Maturing is so exquisite. Ripening is so sweet. Unlimited potential stems from this place. An open heart awakens, unhelpful limiting stories begin to leave us naturally. It is so so worth ACTIVATING this stage fully. It is a choice, a decision.




Here are some straight-up helpful remembrances on this journey of ACTIVATION.

BE CLEAR - keep uncovering who you are, at the core, and WHY you are on this journey

BE KIND - be sweet, soft with yourself & all beings, through this activation process

BE BOLD - a cosmic humility, a love based conviction is so helpful

BE FOCUSED - preserve your energy & time, let go of distractions

BE RELENTLESS - with your love & your core desires, do not give up

BE A WITNESS - embrace & let go of all that comes at you, do not react, do not reject, witness gently

BE PROVOCATIVE - you are here to usher a new civilization, unearth the old paradigms

BE CREATIVE - take your cue from your imagination, not merely from your circumstances

BE BOUNDLESS - flood your circumstances with your preferences, overwhelm them 

BE EXPANSIVE - expand your WHY to superLongevity - living to beyond 150, it's highly probable

BE EXPONENTIAL - linear thinking is becoming outdated, innovate exponentially, rest deeply

BE IN SURRENDER to love, abundance and limitless perspectives

BE PRESENT - show up everyday, ad infinitum

BE FUN - none of this is of any use if not LIT UP! breathe #FUN, be the #FUN

and most importantly...


you can't depend on your eyes

when your imagination is

out of focus


- Mark Twain



In Part 5, we will dive into how this ALL relates to our CASH & financial abundance.

Feel free to join me in the group blissDesigned for this finale. 


Thank you for the READ and LISTEN!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & true BLISS.

I am also Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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Abundance Designed Part III - CLEARING & TRANSMUTATION


| Abundance Designed |

The Sexy Metaphysics of a Woman's Cash




In Part I of the Series, we dropped into Awareness.

In Part II, we highlighted our Cosmic Signature.

In Part III, we are diving into what is in the way of HIGHER MIND MANIFESTATION and how to clear the skies. 


Rule of thumb:

The more important a call or action is

to our soul's evolution

the greater the Resistance we will feel

toward pursuing it


- Steven Pressfield


We all want to live a life we LOVE. Every single human being on the planet. Any sentient being that has reflective capacity wants to move towards something better, higher, deeper, more meaningful, more expansive. Naturally! Even the universe is expanding!

Yet something always gets in the way. 

How to connect the HIGHER MIND - the non-physical mind - that holds the vision of our cosmic signature, to full blown physical manifestation that we can step into on a daily basis. That HIGHER MIND MANIFESTATION. If only we can get THIS piece clear. 

Yes! Something must be in the way, because only very few human beings are living fully their highest calling, very few men and women and children are in full bliss & illumination.




The depository of millennia of beliefs, the attic full of memorial interpretations of our life events. The subconscious mind is FULL. And for most of us, it is filled with clutter and an abundance of 'scarcity-lack' beliefs. RESISTANCE CRITTERS at their finest.

So many lack beliefs. Countless. Just look at the history of philosophy, theology, science. Libraries FULL of Lack discourse. No wonder.

Lack Beliefs that stem from our collective archives.

Lack beliefs that stem from our life interpretations, bathed in the collective cautions & fears.

Lack beliefs that hold us hidden and apparently 'safe'. 


Your HIGHER MIND knows what you desire, what you prefer. Your subconscious mind analyzes it, sifts through it, and spews out feelings and thoughts to the consciousness that mix up everything. And a convoluted physical reality gets created, through the law of attraction. 

The creation process of you physical reality is dependent on what you've got going on in the subconscious mind, the content & quality. This is clear even to Jung and Freud. What you deeply believe about life, about you and about the possibilities of bringing TO LIFE your legacy, what you deeply believe - you will get. 

So MINDSET work is all about either 1. clearing or 2. transmuting the subconscious mind of all the beliefs that are unsupportive, non-resonant to your true calling, the ones that are mixing up, contradicting, confusing your frequencies.




What if we were to do a complete reset of your subconscious mind. Here is my challenge:

If we were to completely

delete your subconscious memory

of all your beliefs

and upload only 3 fresh beliefs

that would serve you for the rest of your human life, 

which 3 beliefs would you choose?





All is LOVE.



- for instance, these are mine -


You DESIGN your own 3 beliefs, and keep those only. The rest, press delete. Empty Trash. Incinerate. Discard. Do a clearing ceremony prior, to give thanks, if you feel inclined. 





And perhaps, after all the clearing, you may not want to add in any new beliefs at all. You may want the subconscious to remain a WHITE CANVAS, a clear slate. That is also possible.

Yet in my experience, it's tricky to move through the physical reality this way, without some anchor. Have you ever met those folks that seem like they have no clear stance, no memory? They are completely blank, flow through life without a single preconceived idea of what things are and what they should be. A blank canvas. My Sensei in Japan, a Priest and Aikido master was like this. Devoid of beliefs about anything. Just present and ready to deal with all from an innocent mind. It was a real trip being around him. Now I get it. He cleared up the attic early on. Yet he was a touch odd to talk to. Just watch for this. It may or may not happen to you. Stay #REAL.





Clearing is a neat idea. A complete reset. But it has it's weaknesses. You see, if you delete anything, you are essentially rejecting it. And if your reject anything, it always comes to haunt you at some point, in some permutation.

The true test of illumination, of ascension, of enlightenment is that you accept all that is, AS IS. Resistance breeds more resistance. So yes, you can clear, but you also must have in place a stance that if anything were to raise its little head, you can let it pass, witness it and transmute it, transform it.  Transcends the unhelpful (yet fully accepted) belief into a higher helpful belief, an abundance of abundance belief for instance.

Resistance creates a divide within you, a fragmentation. So use your 3 CORE BELIEFS you chose above to transmute all subconscious stories, all the subconscious programming that may come up as you are growing, getting clear and ascending.

The whole point of CLEARING & TRANSMUTATION is to build a laser beam path straight from your HIGHER MIND to your physical reality. We want HIGHER MIND MANIFESTATION!


We need clear skies

for this!



Thank you for the READ and LISTEN!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & true BLISS.

I am also Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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Abundance Designed - Part II - Alignment


align yourself with the cosmic rhythm

of your heart


In Part I of the series, we dove into Identity. We used the socratic method to arrive at a metaphysically & mystically based conclusion - I am awareness.

Awareness is that silent hum behind all your perceptions, thoughts and feelings. It is a place that you drop into when you suspend thought. A presence you share will all beings on the planet and perhaps even with extra-planetary inter-dimensional beings. Awareness - Presence. Your higher-mind. The observer.


Awareness is a blank canvas, at every second of existence. It is an unconditionally loving platform from which you can design any perspective you wish. Unconditionally loving, preferring no particular stance itself. The point of view you choose is up to you. You have FREE WILL to choose.

Awareness is unconditionally loving. You have free will.

So what perspectives should you choose. I am already feeling the vertigo of freedom coming on.  This is where ALIGNMENT comes in, to bring us in, set us into powerful choices.



life is a string of choices,

congruent decisions being life's pearls.


Congruent is the operative word here. Aligned, authentic, real, resonant, preferred, harmonious, true to YOU. True to your best self, true to your HIGHER MIND.

Choices and decisions that feel right, good, resonant, pleasurable, blissful in the INTUITIVE body, the EMOTIONAL body, the ENERGETIC body and the PHYSICAL body. 

How do you know that your interpretations are SPOT ON? There is a precise strategy to keeping-on-task. 

Let's dive into this today, in Part II of the abundanceDesigned 5-Part Series.




Let's get some background. 

Although God is a metaphor that cannot be clothed in language, per say, let's give it a go anyway. Humor me. Even Lao Tsu went for it.


from the One came the two,

came the three,

came the 10,000 myriad of things


 - The Tao Te Ching


We can still write of the unspeakable. Language is a metaphor itself. Let's at the very least point to it.

INFINITY,  the ONE, the AbsoluteONE, the HigherMIND, the God - may very well be at the basis of all creation.

By definition, INFINITY has infinite choice.
It has no reference, it has infinite preference. 
It can easily decide to want to express itself, or not.

One of the infinite ways it chooses expression is via Awareness.
This is the metaphysical bath, we - as human beings with consciousness and physical realities - soak in.

Our experience of life and personal identity begins in Awareness. Most mystics, sages, poets and cosmological metaphysicians tend to concur on this. I tend to resonate with this. 


meditation is the dissolution of thoughts

in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness

without objectification

knowing without thinking

merging finitude in infinity


- Voltaire, french philosopher


Awareness is that silent hum we rest in when we suspend all thought. It's a presence we share with all beings, same one, all of us. This is where intuition stems from. All the downloads.
From this blank Awareness Canvas we design our beliefs, ideas and our physical realities. We choose a design option every moment of every day. 

So how do we choose which perspectives to go with? How do we align to what is TRUE to us?


the universe is looking back at itself

learning about itself

through you.

you matter.

- Nassim Harammein, physicist


There is a yearning inside each and every one of us, a yearning in some direction - to be free, to be loved, to be safe, to be inspired, to get to live OURSELVES. This is evidence enough that there is a cosmic tendency to BLISS for each and every human soul that is born on this planet. And this inclination to selfhood, to authentic expression, is very different for each and everyone of us. It's as if we are each a holographic mirror, the universe looking back at itself, learning about itself, designing itself through you. 

Every human experience has a sense of some pull, some purpose, some preference.


i am an insatiable tendency
a ceaseless pull
i am that mischievous tug
to bliss

- rensen


There is something drawing us in a certain direction. And as we wake from the default slumber in life, from the somnolence of collective fear and declare to live #forREAL, this journey of uncovering this life's purpose is relentless. We are all on it here. But it's no easy feat.


Trying to define yourself is like trying

to bite your own teeth.

- Alan Watts


This is not a noetic exploration. You must come at this through the energy of your desires & your through the inspirational power of your bliss. Period. 




Your desires are your yearnings. Your values are what you believe in, stand for. 

The two are not always synchronous. They meet only when you have done the long arduous process of cleaning out the subconscious attic. A lot of desires and values are borrowed from your upbringing and the society.


most people are other people

their thoughts are someone else's opinions

their lives a mimicry

their passions a quotation

- Oscar Wilde


We are ALL guilty of this impersonation at early points in life. Forgive us. We are social animals, endearingly following the tribe's needs and expectations, keeping up, taking on all it's learnings, fears and insecurities. It's who we are by design, sweet children, until we wake up. It's called growth, evolution, ascension. It's a process. Please remain compassionate and kind when you see it coming at you. Never forget when you were blind and deaf. Never forget when you were mere child.  

Get out of the noise, out of the attic and drop into your desires, your longings, your deepest yearnings. It's in this magical pain-infused bliss-designed place that you begin to see and extract patterns of your soul signature.


happiness is a wish


- Arthur Schopenhauer, german philosopher


Get clear on what you do not want, first. That is the socratic method. It works really well. You get clear really fast. Then take all your displeasures and flip them 180 degrees into your #trueCore non-negotiable wants, desires, declarations. And then you can begin redesigning your value statements from this place. From that deeply authentic pull to YOU, the real YOU. #trueDESIRES, #trueVALUES




There are three guiding mechanisms I speak of in my work with women in the world. The INTUITIVE compass, the EMOTIONAL compass, the ENERGETIC compass, and the PHYSICAL compass. All three inform your path, your calibration powerfully. You can employ them all at once, or reach out to a specific one, depending on what you are crystalizing out of your experience.


the EMOTIONAL compass


Follow your bliss. This says it all. Always check in how you are feeling. There are only two essential emotions to guide you - feeling good or feeling not-so-good. If it's not a HELL-YES, then it's a NO for now. Your emotional feelings are a brilliant guide to your blueprint. 



the INTUITIVE compass


Follow your gut. Go with your intuition. This is clear to many women who have fully embraced the non-noetic experience of life. We share Awareness with all beings on the planet and perhaps with all beings in all timelines, the past, the future, alternate parallel realities, the esoteric and the extra-planetary inter-dimensional beings. When we tap into this collective consciousness, the data we have access to is brilliant. We download instantaneous answers and off-the-wall inspirations. Make sure to keep close to LOVE, unconditional LOVE, so that you receive your intuitive guidance from positive compassionate helpful frequencies.


the ENERGETIC compass


The human vessel is energetic by design. We've got meridians, chakras, nadis and all our sensations that are brilliant data for alignment. Learning to listen to the energetic cues takes a certain focus and practice, but it's like riding the bicycle. Once you feel it, you feel it forever. There are many sensations & chakra scanning methods I use. I dive into these in detail in the abundanceDesigned course & book. I certainly always recommend Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Japanese Aiki to fine tune our connection to meridianal flow and signs of energetic harmony or imbalance. We are looking for circulation & FLOW here.


the PHYSICAL compass

The material body is an ingenious machine. It receives billions of bits of information from multi-dimensional sources and ALWAYS, ALWAYS responds. If you are not getting intuitive hits, if you are not feeling an emotional reaction, if you are energetically neutral, drop into your physical body. Where is the muscle tension, where is the joint pain, how is the digestion going, any diarrhea, any constipation. Are you bloated or feeling sharp and lean. How is that brain fog, any headaches, any vision problems. Even your lab values can tell a LOT about your Alignment. I get into specifics in the abundanceDesigned course & book on this. It's a fascinating angle.



Love is the land

Bliss is the compass

YOU are the light



Thank you for the READ!

So honored.

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen, the Founder and Curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE.

I work with Global Visionary Loving Innovative Future-Conscious Women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT & true BLISS.

I am also Radical Longevity Expert & Anti-Aging Doctor based in Hawaii. An avid Designer & Poet. 

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