Aligned Life is the true medicine.

The month of March was truly revolutionary for my life & my business.
It was one of those super concentrated, illuminating months
that will go down in history for me.

These kind of times are crucial for us.
Refinement, espresso-style.
Concentrated, pivotal.

I attended 3 conferences and a 3 live-stream seminars that really brough a laser focus to my work and to my service in the world.

I had powerful convos with many clients that are seeing a significant shift in the way they DO business, in the way they design their everyday lives, in the way they treat their time, their energy and their body.
There is a NEW way to do business and it is highly conscious & expansive.

I treated patients in clinic that are looking for more than medicine, more than high-dose nutrient cocktails & hormones. Life & their work is at the crux of most ailments and medicine is essentially about powerful and inspired life design.

I am seeing a true bridge between the cutting-edge regenerative medicine I have been doing in clinic for years, the executive coaching I have done in the corporate sector AND the now well-refined high-level mentorship I am doing with incredible entrepreneurial women globally.

Who is it that I am truly lit up working with?
high-achieving entrepreneurial women

We are bold yet gentle, 
brave yet vulnerable, 
confident yet humble, 
focused yet open, 
intelligent yet evolving, 
relentless yet flexible, 
straight-up yet deep loving.
Just my kind of gals, no question. 
Powerful yet so deeply caring.

I am totally magnetized by this bold endeavor called entrepreneurship.
It is the bravest, the scariest thing to face, designing your
SOUL-powered work.
It is like meeting your twin flame. 
Your mirror. 
Looking into it, you see ALL of you. 
The good, the bad and the ugly.
And you must keep loving.
You face it, full on
head on, bravely
and you go deeper
no other way.

The woman we become in the process is extraordinary.
Refined, significant, impactful.

ALIGNED LIFE is the true medicine!

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