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Just a few years ago, I was taking on EVERYTHING. Working as a high-level executive coach for Fortune 500 companies, the CEO and doctor of a successful integrative medical practice, chief everything officer & the sole breadwinner of a family. I was literally on call to life 24/7.

I don't even know how I came to carry ALL the load of living. I grew up as an intelligent yet very dreamy child. My family moved many countries as I grew up, yet uprooting never phased me. I felt free and light wherever I went. I traveled, studied and worked in many countries worldwide before I settled into a marriage at 32. I loved living adventurously, beautifully. The world was my oyster!

And then life LIFED me. I became responsible for every operation of every minute of a family life. Everything somehow insidiously fell on me. Finances, Bills, Mortgages, Loans, Professional life, Children, Foreign Visas, Decisions. ALL the decisions. ALL was all on me. All a whirl-wind... life was seriously living me by 39.

The turning point came when I moved my family to Hawaii. By this time, I had already been through hell & back. Hawaii was my saving grace. My desire for lightness of being was finally manifesting. I was going to get to LIVE ME again.

It took superhuman effort and a lot of finances for me to organize a very rare US E2 business visa. They do not make it effortless, even for Canadians. But OK! This was worth it! I was going 'home'. I pulled it all together strong, while working full-time, double-time and being CEO of Everything. By the time the D-day came and we gloriously landed in Hawaii, I was already spinning and worn out.

If any of you know what the Big Island of Hawaii stands for, you will know that the pressure did NOT let up in paradise. Nope.

This spiritually powerful volcanic island burns the ego hard. The Goddesses of this island will NOT let you live on automatic pilot. Nope. Here, on this island, you face YOU head on and you FALL hard before you get up. It is known that most people last living here one year, generally. And leave. This place in no regular paradise.

They also say that it is hardest place on the planet to build a business. But I was determined. I knew the value & the gifts I have. I believed in the benevolence & beauty of my work. I went ahead to build a successful business, all while doing complex & cognitively demanding medicine AND working full-time as a high-level executive coach. But I was still living by the old design and the Gods knew it.

And then life LIFED ME HARD.

...the fully story... still shaping up, here

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