The HEART: Are you living YOU?


Did you know that 1/2 of people who have had heart attacks have very normal cholesterol levels. That is 50%. Half. Completely NORMAL levels. 

High cholesterol itself DOES NOT cause a heart attack. 

Labs-wise, cholesterol panel is not in itself interesting.

The LABS that are MUCH MORE insightful are the following: 
Cholesterol Fractionation
C-reactive Protein
FibrinogenLAP A2
Hormone Panel, including DHEA-2, Cortisol & Thyroid Fractionation
Genetic Profile

In addition, a quality Chinese Medicine Diagnosis is highly insightful.

Cardiovascular disease shows up as a few brilliantly described patterns of energetic imbalance:
Heart Yang Deficiency with Coldness
Spleen Qi Deficiency with Phlegm
Heart Yang Deficiency with Coldness
Liver Qi Stagnation with Blood Stasis

These terms may sound esoteric, but they are actually really SOUND. 
We are bio-energetic beings not physiological merely. 
Energy RUNS the SHOW. 
Chinese Medicine is the MASTER FIELD of Energetic Diagnosis.

Mind-Body connection must also be uncovered.
Stress patterns & subconscious limiting belief patterns that block you from authentic living increase your sympathetic metabolism, rage inflammation in the body & corrode you. 

THOUGHTS & HEART COHERENCE are key factors in whether your circulation functions or stagnates or gets blocked.

Ask yourself: "Am I living the TRUE me?"

Are you in harmony, in coherence, in deep serenity with
all you DO
how you THINK
how you FEEL

Are you LIVING your life, or is life living YOU.

Answer these & you will know whether your circulation FLOWS or is in stasis.


I wrote this on a regenerative saturday. On saturdays, I cover the medicine side of blissDesigned, a benevolent kind of medicine for purpose-driven women like us, doing what we believe in.

I am an ALIGNMENT coach essentially. 
EVERY high-level mentor is!

without health, 
without your peace, there is no alignment, there is no YOU, 
there is no business.

Alignment must be set in ALL areas of our lives:
In our soul-sourced work
In our daily lives
In our physical & metaphysical wellness.
ALL are Pivotal.

The 'medicine' is tailored-into my work with my clients
in a very sophisticated & relevant fashion. 
I am an anti-aging & regenerative medicine doc and I can never forgo sharing my expertise with my women. What I know is so powerful and so missing in women's lives, that it must be brought in when needed. No question.

The priority, however, is ALIGNMENT. 
Freedom. Generosity. Love.
All these are THE TRUE MEDICINE!

This came up this weekend at the Metabolic Integrative Cardiology conference I attended in San Francisco. 
3 days of FULL-ON Cardiology, I was dying! 
I am a consciousness buff, no longer a mere physiology passionate... 
Well, I know the physiology SO WELL now that I do not get awe-struck.

But ONE lecture on neurophysiology on heart coherence lit me up. 
And it brought home the true point of cardiology.

Oxidative Stress
Metabolic and Hormonal Breakdown
the heart.

And all these physiological tragedies are due to INCOHERENCE.

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