Wishes, Desires, Reality

As I was browsing through airbnb on the weekend, looking for boutiqueART space for San Fran, I came across this piece http://www.mnn.com/…/airbnb-users-can-now-sleep-inside-van-…

Now, I love this, for the sole reason that folks are
dislodging the mind
adding POETRY to the regularities

Definitely -wishlisted- this room. Now will I GET this room? NO
not going to Chicago, not relevant, just a wish in the name of ingenuity

but those WISHES turned DESIRES turned REALITY
that is a whole other ART FORM

When we decide something is a FULL-ON
there is a killer PROCESS for materializing it:

1. believe it
'people unlimited' type of stance yo! NO restraints

2. define it with laser PRECISION
hazy opaque goals go nowhere

3. emotionally FORTIFY it
thinking is not robust enough

4. visualize it, SEE it, use 3D optics
the mind & the matrix respond to neuronal art, to visuals

5. repeat repeat it, scream it from EVERY roof top
insane repetition encodes it into the subconscious

only once these 5 are SET IN STONE, your consciousness begins to
that help you ACT on
to PULL OFF these goals

6. be BOLD, relentless, ACT when you are called
make this effortless

7. wrap it ALL up in gratitude, every minute of it

Any other addendum to the list? 
Let's bring it up to 10! 
What else would you add?

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