Accelerate the Mindset

I am back from the Deep Pacific,



RE-DESIGNED forever.


I moved past a myriad of serious 'UPPER' LIMITS this past week.
Faced 30m deep ocean dives on ONE BREATH, day in & day out.

Freediving is definitely one of the most soulful & MINDFULNESS generating of all sports.  
As you descend into the deep blue, you not only face your physiology & the increasing pressures of the waters, but you also face your DEEP WHY at EVERY MOMENT.

WHY descend, why on one breath, why not just get a damn tank and enjoy the water, why do this LIKE THIS?

Scuba is for sight-seeing.
Freediving is for GOING IN, into your soul.

As you descend into the pressures, as you face your urge to breathe, 
you go DEEP INSIDE and you've got to move past the blocks instantly, 
no time to be working through anything, nope.

The moment you move past the noise, you experience a PEACE like no other. The depth, the silence, the BLISS is unreal.

And then, the noise returns, and the cycle of SUPERSONIC CLEARING repeats... and bliss returns... cycle repeats itself ad infinitum. 

You face ALL OF YOU! from moment to moment to moment. 
Mindfulness ON STEROIDS.

But, once you surface, a superpower awakens!

You have just gained an INDESTRUCTIBLE TRUST in yourself, 
in the universe
and a deep loving trust in your colleagues,

in your tribe, in your team.